Dude just wageslave for 50 years

>dude just wageslave for 50 years

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>3 months in
Only (at least) 49 years and 9 months left for me, bros!

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>thinks anyone but boomers gets to retire

and by the time you get to retire you will be old and ridden with illnesses
you spent to prime years of your life slaving away so that the rich elite can live as kings

bro just wageslave and save up for retirement so you can enjoy life, oh wait a minute you mean your body is going to be shit by that point and you'll most likely have a difficult time even walking a mile or two? fuck

My parents retired in their 60s last year, sure they aren't in the greatest health/shape ever but they are healthy enough to travel anywhere they want to and they have their remaining few decades to do so honk honk

If you're at all good with money and don't live a debaucherously extravagant lifestyle, you should be able to retire in your 30's, at least your 40's.

people die in their 50s in my country so good for you

>They are healthy enough to travel anywhere they want to and they have their remaining few decades
They have maybe 10 years.
So we should expect people to wait till they are fucking 60 years old to actually do something they want to do?

>implying I am retiring
>implying I would be able to get some of the social security tit
I just plan on doing a bunch of random shit in my life from deckhand/ship stuff to being a security guard and see how all of that goes.

Doesn't really help if you're in your early twenties and looking at decades of miserable wageslaving before you. Boomers cope by starting families, but if you don't want that you're screwed

I have to agree. All your previous troubles go away because you don't even have time to think about them. All that's on your mind is to provide for your kids, keep them healthy, constantly worry what to do if you lose your job. You stop thinking about how you've made the same amount of money each year for 15 years in a row despite inflation, company growing and you getting more experience.
It's actually a fat big mac with two patties of distraction - it works on boomers and their parents at the same time. So they also stop thinking about their wasted life, now they focus on ruining their grandkids.

>t. NEET that's going to kill himself in 5

Yeah, you need some kind of sense of purpose to not be miserable in life. If there previous structures of community or nationhood disintegrated, the only thing you're left with is your family, and if you don't have that you're left with nothing.

just get a good job?

>jUst GEt a gOOd joB
Neck yourself retard

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The human condition is suffering, one way or another. We don't have to fight predators or hunt for survival anymore, we just have to fight the existential pointlessness. In the past, things were tougher just to get by, and took more effort, but at least then you kept the fruits of your labor. Today, you toil and toil, far more than humans of the past, all to get the tiny crumbs of what your company owner takes in from your efforts.

We're animals that became too intelligent for our own happiness, even if it made us incredibly fit to survive as a species

it's literally that simple

>be doctor
>12 years of school and all kinds of debt
>have depression because of adderall taken to get through school

>be girl
>play video games
>show tits
>make 200k per year

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>so when are you giving me grandkids?
>you'll have to look after me when I'm old and grey!
>it's easy you've just gotta climb the housing ladder dude
>just give him a firm handshake

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>tfw I retire I will collect the following
>mutual fund bux
>company pension
>union pension
>social security
>rental income

But fuck that man I will work until I can't walk anymore. I absolutely love my job.

Don't guys do the exact same thing? Isn't most male donators that feed them attention and money?

>dude just be a normal person after having a shitty sub-par childhood

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>Dude it's not your fault but it is your responsibility.

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>be white
>ask for beer money
>get a million dollars

>be me
>start working ass off from a young age
>get noped out of existence

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Couldnt have said it better.
Beautiful speech user

>Implying our social security nets will not break under boomers and migrants and spark a civil war

Start joining radical unions.

>they have maybe 10years
That is an odd assumption to make with little or no knowledge of my family's medical history. My grandmother lived nearly 101 full years, most of my family lives well into their 80s and 90s
Start a family user. My parents didn't start their until 35 and 30 anyways

>getting a good job

the honk pil is the truest pill

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>10 good years
You know, before all the health problems start and the dementia sets in. Hopefully working 50+ years was work the 10 years of "ok" health

Original pill

I don't think you fully understand how society works or what is expected of you as an able bodied man. You don't wanna be 30 and have no health care, Don't say I didn't warn you

What? What does anything you said have to do with anything I said? Did you reply to the wrong person?

No I definitely replied to the same person I meant to. Read what you wrote, then read what I wrote, then try to understand it. It isn't very hard to understand at all it is actually very straightforward and if you don't understand it still I'm afraid I can't help you