Anybody want to request a song? I'm not very good but I'll try

anybody want to request a song? I'm not very good but I'll try

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Spacer's Home by Leslie Fish.

where is my mind :)
it's easy! only 6 chords :)

guthrie govan fives
you wont

smoke on the water

I thought I had more time anons i'll be back later tonight

Maybe tomorrow by Nightingale cummins. Its an easy one.

far beyond sun protip: you can't

Solo to freebird.

nice to see someone actually trying something on this board

Jesus' tod, surf edition
an approximation

Something from Feelshead maybe?

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This is for
I'll try to stick around but anybody else who wants to take over feel free

>oh user you play guitar? that's so cool!
>can you play my favorite song? it's called perpetual burn! that would be so cool

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This with the littlest hobo lyrics?

Yep, that's some real music right there.

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Play a flawless Tang En Skai followed by a
flawless Campanas del Alba and I produce for you a girlfriend literally made of tits and a private mansion to live in high in the hills of California.

alright here some tricky songs:

American Football - Never Meant
Weezer - The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
Alex G - Memory
Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma (that guitar solo around 1:50)
Chon - Suda

kek'd, good shit

Scarborough fair?

really want to hear this too op

Necrophagist - Stabwound