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Goddamn, I miss her.

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She will never come back, sadly. I miss her.

I miss her so much. So cute and pure and so much heart went into her content. I really wished she continued doing song covers because they were so charming.

Me too, Anons, me too.

Maybe not, luckily we have an almost complete archive.

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its over gentlemen. find peace

Leave her alone. She took the initiative to stop. Let her have peace.

Not yet. We are going to make an Aggie egregore.
We aren't bothering her. She doesn't even lurk Jow Forums for her to even know that these threads exist.

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>tfw no Agatha gf to cook for you

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The invite has expired anons...

Try again.
The link says it never expires.

I wish I was Pam.

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Blessed thread. Gone but not forgotten...

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a literal lesbian

We shall never forget her. Even after the sun dies out, leaving the sky dark as night, we shall not forget.

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We don't talk about that here, go away

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You treat it as a bad thing. Consider the fact that since she is a lesbian she will never take Chad's dick.

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She's not a lesbian since she's not a girl anymore.
She cut her hair and is gonna have an operation for her dick

Yeah idk what I would do if one day I saw her posing in front of a yellow lambbo with some mexican.

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Wrong. She has only ever mentioned 'top' surgery.

How they massacred my poor girl...

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>nuagatha hates men
>wants to become one

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It really makes you think, don't it.

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There will never be another girl like Agatha. Welcome to full clown world.

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She looks so damn sad, it kills me to see these pictures. I hope she gets better.

The only close is Katie but she is too popular