Why do so many white girls want to look black?

Why do so many white girls want to look black?

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because they think they'll be able to get more of us that way.

They wanna fuck black men so they use this to attract them. Most instathots date niggers.

Dyed black hair is revolting except on qt goth girls.

You're revolting, user.

because they look like men otherwise

Black hair dye increases your risk of cancer, roastie.

user, you can pretend I'm a female all you want. It won't make you any less revolting.

Not him but incels like you should die, that's all

Tan white girl with black hair is not really black
Right also looks more fuccable desu
T. Whitey

>white girls want to look black
>black girls want to look white
>boys wanting to be girls
>girls wanting to act masculine

what the hell is going on?

user, you can pretend you're a different person all you want. It won't make you any less revolting.
Also, the poster count didn't change.

Almost like there is something exploiting your insecurities.

get with the times old xir

If only Black girls looked anything at all like that. I think NY would be a much more pleasant place to live.

White girls are just weeaboos for black "culture"

Funny how theres no (you) then isnt it, retard. I hope your mom gets raped by a nigger.

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>>black girls want to look white
No they don't

Why do so many black girls straighten their hair and wear colored contacts then?

The weave and straight hair are just hair styles and I've never seen a black girl in colored contacts. They try to look like light skinned women, not white women

Funny how easy it is to edit out a (You), isn't it, user?

every girl post 2010's wants to look like Kim Kardashian or does their makeup to look like them, and I'm not even American. I do not understand why they think it looks good.

Holy shit, is that really the same person?

fuck naomi was so cute

isnt she cuban? its more she was made to look white for porn

she's Puetro Rican a spic

to attract blacks

Because black women are perfection, just like black men

Because the jews feed them lies.

betting this comment aint original