This place has zero moderation right now. Way worse things than me are coming. Jow Forums is beyond dead...

This place has zero moderation right now. Way worse things than me are coming. Jow Forums is beyond dead, you goddamn redditors. You deserve it you filthy narcissists and manipulators.

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dont act like you're not part of the problem. how many bans have you evaded?

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Look at how accepting these subhuman troglodytes are. Aren't you disgusted?

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Please remove all the sexism, racism, and gore from Jow Forums, please.

Jow Forums shouldnt have any rules other than

1: dont post illegal shit
2: all posts should be original posts

thats how Jow Forums was until 2017 and then the board took a nosedive in quality after they added a ton of shit rules, no wonder the board is dead, everyone left because it simply isnt fun anymore.

ive been coming here since 2008 when r9k was still robot 9000 and i know my shit

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This place had become /soc/ 2.0 and now it is /discord/
If there are not rules its just /b/ with "originality"

You're part of the problem too you spamming tranny.

Go back to red'dit.

the whole point of r9ks creation was for it to be like /b/ with originality

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Why do I and this guy who goes as far as posting pics of himself get so many (you)s? This place is full of zoomer redditors with zero regard for anonimity. They love le epic novelty accounts.

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>looking up definitions for Jow Forums boards
holy cringe

>definition is from 2008 and has existed longer than you've even been coming here

deal with it nerd

>he hasnt been posting on Jow Forums since 06
Dont let the door hit you on the way out newfag

not an argument retard. feel free to try again

Well the exodus of robots have been going on for a long fucking time.

I'm a newfag that has been here for about a year, robits already said that 9k was dead then.

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>t. 21 yo zoomer

>t. memebase redditor

>t. cannot stop avatarfagging

>inb4 le baited xD

Normalfags and roasties keep driving robots away. The only safe places are deeply hobby centered boards but the average robot was already boring and dumb enough to be hardcore into any hobby. For now and the foreseeable future he remains homeless, even "loser" culture has been taken over by dumb self-labeling incel redditors who at worst are failed normalfags (like OP).

I think it's a pretty good argument. You're a literal fucking newfag.

any sufficiently moderated platform is just a blog

nice samefag bro, but you're a fucking retard. end of story. that urbandictionary post is as old as Jow Forums itself, because Jow Forums was created in 2008.

might as well kill yourself

lmao fucking poorfag

make sure to call your sugar daddy tonight so you can earn some cash