Conspiracy theories you believe

>the world is run by splinter governments (intelligence agencies) and centralized banking that control figure heads through blackmail
>MLK Jr was astroturfed as the safer alternative to black nationalism and was assassinated by the government to enshrine him as a Saint figure before he could destroy his own reputation by acting like a nigger
>the 6 million dead jews number is some esoteric zionist number magic BS meant to meet the conditions for some weird religious prophecy
>9/11 was an operation spear headed by mossad with the compliance of their Saudi lapdogs and American intelligence
>jews have a biological drive to subvert the self-determination and group cohesion of whatever host nation they find themselves in

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We could've had the CIA abolished by now, but unfortunately nazi retards like you had to take the charge with conspiracies.

imagine not being antisemitic and calling anyone a retard
good luck fighting a war on the wrong battlefield

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Wait, these are conspirac theories?

I do believe these and some others, but the truth is, who cares? You won't make a difference in the end. Just live your small life and make your close ones as (truthfully) fullfilled as you can, and try to keep them and yourself away from corruption.

the one about jews using nepotism to control the world and stuff

conspiracies =/= wrong
it's a time tested fact that morally bankrupt elites will conspire for power and that the longer a system stands the more the elite faction fills up with these subversive leaches
elites have gaslighted us into thinking that healthy pattern recognition makes you a crazy, stupid or otherwise bad person

I do my small part by helping my family and friends understand some aspect of the corrupt world we live in and I think that's the duty of any redpilled person
obviously we have to be tactical about what pills we dish out and in what order but trust in the system is at an all time low and I think if enough of us do our part maybe we can live to see change for the better
that's a big maybe but it's something I think we should at least try to work towards

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You're a good one. I think you already know and I don't judge but you should get off this terrible site, I will take my own advice and do it right now. Good luck, never forget that you're not alone!

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I come here every day and every single time there is some retard who non stop bitches about jews. It's fucking annoying. Gas yourself

The elite is made of so much Jews it's ridiculous, and their mythology and traditions are frankly quite worrying, and that's not hen menionning their history.

oh shit I hope my thread didn't kill a tranny or eceleb thread
this thread is open to any conspiracies you might believe so if your not interested in jews then maybe add something you do care about
or maybe you can stop being a retard and just ignore threads you're not interested in

good luck in the real world

Everyone heard this a billion times, your autistic friends don't have to spam this everywhere on the site. Fuck off

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there's a lot to bitch about so no surprise there.

There are forbidden technologies, science and devices which are too dangerous to be allowed to exist anywhere but some technical archive under some mountain. One of the main goals of the NSA/global surveillance state, search bubbling by search engines, behavior shaping, prediction & modification and blackops domestic spy intelligence firms is actually a system to predict who may be on their way to stumble onto these secrets and undetectable social engineering to steer them away through subterfuge or "spontaneous" events like home burglaries stealing computer equipment, unexpected bills, new job opportunities to keep them busy on something else and matchmaking where both partners are unaware the match is orchestrated by these entities to timesink or permanently distract high potential individuals possesing the undesirable philosophies into long relationships and becoming family men who have more important responsibilities than being on the bleeding edge.

Seems paranoid as hell but it's easier than ever to influence people with just some facebook feeds and hot tinder matches

Yeah explaining it for what I guess is the millionth time probably wasn't the best answer. My bad.

I have a believe this but slightly different, it's not from some obscure elite but from separate corporations who don't even know what they're actually doing. What's happening isn't the deliberate work of some men but an expression of the collective unconscious. I think this is the ultimate redpill.

flat earth is real. the world is actually 2D the 3rd dimension is a illusion.

FELINE OVEZRLORDS MANG! theyve been worshiped al throughout history and did you know they are the only house animals that were NEVER DOMESTICATED BY HUMANS BEINGS. They also release BRAIN ALTERING PARASITES which I believe has been making us abnormally GREEDY and RAPEY and WARHUNGRY in order to acquire more resources for our HOUSECATS.

also Jewish conspiracy theories are dumb as shit.

I don't really buy the forbidden technologies thing but I haven't really researched it enough to give a confident answer
I do think that some powerful influencers work with intelligence agencies to direct people away from wrongthink or into false opposition as a way to socially engineer people, although I think this is largely unnecessary because the corporate framework already does a pretty good job of doing this by themselves

I think the idea of opportunistic small actors having a significant role in engineering and enforcing the systems of control has a lot of merit
In many ways I think the adaptive nature of competing groups is why large capital beat out the heavy handed and top down nature of how the communist tried to control their population

I was going to make my own thread for this. It's not really a conspiracy, just something you can't notice unless your brain is a certain way.

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>MLK Jr was astroturfed as the safer alternative to black nationalism and was assassinated by the government to enshrine him as a Saint figure before he could destroy his own reputation by acting like a nigger
I actually think he was legitimate in his belief that black people should assimilate, with the full belief that it could happen, but then he started to see that most black people are actually just like that by default and was going to metaphorically "lead black people into a burning building" (pretty sure he actually said that), but then the CIA assassinated him to make him into a messianic figure for black people.
Which would never have occurred if Woodrow Wilson had never been elected, given that black people had more rights before Wilson instituted segregationist policies. It would have just happened, and blacks wouldn't have this artificial god to rally around and against other races of people. That's why they have this persecution complex, it's because of a racial religious belief, even if most black people don't see MLK as a prophet/messiah/god, that's where he is in their heads. I've noticed that many religious beliefs centered around race inspire radicalism, almost genocidal in nature. That's part of why the Jews are the way they are. Christianity had a moment like that in the past due to the system inspiring greater fervor, but it all falls apart without the race aspect guiding it on, and it usually means to convert rather than slay all who are different than you. Islam was calming down, but then came Wahhabism, which is essentially Arab nationalism.

By the way, the "coomer" and the "doomer" are the same character. Why's the coomer bad? Because he is smiling.

If you are male, your happiness, the very fact of it, is repulsive.

all of your points except the jews one. being biologically predisposed to kikery is an easy answer but seems too far fetched for me. seems much more likely that they just have a culturally enshrined idea of their own supremacy to the "goyim" and care for the rest of the world as a human farmer cares for a cow in a factory farm, that is, they will milk dry every last resource from the goyim and only care about a group of goyim insofar as they are useful to the ZOG agenda.

I believe that some kind of toxins or chemicals are being put in water sources to make us less aggressive and more passive to certain issues, I believe this is the reason why there haven't been any huge-scale riots due to the consistent delays to Brexit in my country.
Another one is that while I don't believe they are keeping ayylmaos at Area 51, I do believe that it's a secret weapon's development facility.

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He also knew just ending segregation wouldn't be the end-all solution to African Americans and might be dangerous for them instead of safer (hence "burning building ") . There were some perks with segregation, blacks stayed within their own communities, with that they buy and sell within their own and kept black businesses afloat. Blacks migrating to white areas hurt black businesses at a point many of them ran out of business. What's also a pain is that when blacks look for work in a white area, many of their applications will be rejected. Many young black had to fight in 'Nam to provide for themselves or their families, even the war was really shitty. MLK wanted to prevent all this and wanted a more assertive movement like Malcolm X, but he was assassinated for it. And now its jammed in our heads to remind us how peaceful he was.
Fuck the liberals.

Culture is generally and emergent property of biological tendencies
the biological lineage of jews is being an enclave in someone else's society that you don't share the same genetic interests with and abusing the host until they eventually revolt and kick you out
Kikes that didn't share in this behavior were more likely to be excommunicated from the tribe or otherwise assimilate into white society and have their genes diluted and subsumed into the much larger goyim genetic mass

we can see the massive gap in selective pressures between jews and goys through the large discrepancy of trait distribution
mainly the massive linguistic tilt in their IQ that is radically abnormal compared to any other population on earth

Here's a few i believe
>there's a small enclave of absurdly rich people running the planet (largely jewish) and actively work to enslave humanity
>theres a pedo sex traficing ring (epstein etc)
>trump shouldn't have won 2016, it's just unnatural, tho hillary winning wouldve destroyed the west so there's so benevolent outside force acting
>gas/oil execs knew about global warming for decades and did nothing (actually not even a conspiracy, just a fact)
>social media giants actively suppress narratives they dislike
>western youth are being exposed to sex at earlier and earlier ages to destroy the family unit

Lots more too

i think we agree on this, but we just have different conclusions on how they got to where they are now. while i agree that culture is downstream from biology and all that, i just think that their culture created a unique feedback loop within their biology which rewards "jewish traits" with reproduction and "goyim traits" with exile and genetic dilution, and that feedback loop has allowed them to take such an upper hand in places like the banking system, because while the goys were just doing what they could to survive, the jews were doing that plus the centuries of subversion. regardless of how they got to that position though, it's important that we recognize their position and make whatever attempt we can outside of outright genocide to dismantle their system of usury. personally, i think if we ever hope to win, we have to jew the jew.

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I think youre exactly right about the culture+biology being part of a self reinforcing feedback loop and that it's a chicken and egg question to ask which takes priority as an explanation
my problem with relying too highly on the cultural end is a practical issue about how we move forward. calling it a cultural issue gives off the false impression that it's something that could be fixed by moving their own overton window whereas I see the solution to be nothing short of separation.

this is all putting the carriage before the horse tho and before we can talk about solutions we need to first recognize the problem as a collective people

Eh, I'd say Malcolm X had a different stance altogether. Whereas MLK wanted to get rid of segregation, Malcolm X wanted to take it even further and fully separate blacks and whites by making a black ethnostate. For this purpose he was allied with many neo-Nazi groups that had the same idea of making a white ethnostate, they had mutually beneficial goals.
>And now its jammed in our heads to remind us how peaceful he was.
It goes both ways. Being a demi-religious figure, MLK is often portrayed in different ways. It's harder to portray given that there is no real literature of this racial belief, at least nothing akin to a holy book, so things he said and did are often misinterpreted and even made up or forgotten about. Who he was and what he did doesn't matter anymore, he's a god for them to interpret according to the times. For example, I've seen black people online claim MLK wanted to kill all white people and such, but they can't point to any speech or quote or anything that proves this. It's like a klan member saying Jesus commanded them to kill all black people, but then they can't name any scripture to back up this claim.
Following that vein of thought, blacks seem mostly unable to comprehend that religion doesn't have to be based in race. I've seen many blacks say something like
>yo, why tf all the people in the Bible have white names?
>white religion was pushed on us! We must reject white people entirely and destroy their whole culture!
They don't understand at all. It's all a fight to kill anyone not like them for most of them, destroy all they've built and burn all their books.

As an addendum, I think this is why blacks in the past had biblical names but now they're almost always named Jaquarius or Tyquise. They hate white people so much that they've mostly left what is effectively a trans-racial religion they are a part of.

There is a benevolent smear campaign against red meat and dairy products. It's meant to try to encourage people to switch to foods that are really not better for you at all, but possibly better for the environment.

Imagine being a bugman that thinks red meat is the problem and not industrial society, low IQ overpopulation and the welfare state

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