Shower/bath frequency?

How often do you take a shower/bath?

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Every other day.
Wash my ass everyday though.

Most days, mostly baths

i fucking hate baths. you just sit in your own shit sweat and piss for an hour

Maybe don't shit and piss into the bath then


About 5 times a week. For the first half of year it was about once a week.

How do you wash your ass without showering?

Shallow bath just enough to wash my ass and balls.

I do 2 cold showers a day, once after gym in the morning and once before going to sleep.

Being super cold before jumping into a warm bed is dope.

I used to do it daily before going to work. Lately I do it one or twice a week, my coworkers are assholes and I don't really give a fuck if I smell.

Used to be once or twice a month at critical depression level.
Now I've quit alcohol and cut down on weed and the anti-depressants are working, I have a bath or shower every 2 days.
Just got out the bath actually, feeling fucking fantastic.

once a week the entire body, every other day I wash my armpits, legs and perhaps crotch. I have long hair so a proper bath takes a while.

Try to do it at least once a week, at most try to do it when nearing four or three weeks, when it starts getting uncomfy.

Two times a day

every other day a body shower and every 2-3 showers my hair, since you dont have to wash long hair so often if you brush it regularly and dont get it sweaty

I get in the bath maybe once or twice a day but I usually just lay there on my phone and dont use soap

I used to wash like once a week but then I got an abscess and that shit sucked.

Be careful Anons.

it's seriously like once a week now. i just don't want to spend the half hour or so, even though i waste like 10 hours a day just dicking around on the internet (living the neet life). although i'm a little scared to shower when my friend isn't home because i suffer from panic attacks and i'm afraid i'll have one in the shower and pass out and die of hypothermia or just hit my head on the tub. stupid anxiety and panic.

fucking DUH. why is everyone in this board a disgusting smelly weird fuck?


also, when im in the shower i like to clench my butt cheeks and fart and it sounds like KWEHK!

Every day because I'm not a savage.

1-2 times per week. Used to shower every day like a normalfag because I thought you would smell bad if you didn't shower but turns out that's a meme, at least for me. No one has ever said that I smelled at all. And I have asked people about it too. How you smell largely depends on genetics. There are people that constantly smell like shit no matter what. Then there are people like me that take around a month to start smelling bad.

Bath two times a week and use deodorant, never noticed any smell.

last time was 7 months ago

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just buy a bidet

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everyday, i like nice relaxing baths,, with the shower running.

No more than twice a day, no less than once every other day. Always been the case.

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I wash my arse after every dump together with various other hot-spots.

Actual showers wherein I let my hair get wet: I kid you not probably once every two weeks.

Just came back from sporting, sweating and all, still no actual shower wherein I let my hair get wet, because my hair takes hours to dry; it's annoying.

woah boyo, you smell like literal feces! since you have no self awareness, ask someone else you trust for how bad you smell!

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I shower at least once a day, sometimes more if I've gotten sweaty or dirty. I'm cripplingly insecure about my appearance and the thought of being seen in a gross or disheveled form is enough to give me massive panic attacks. I shower, shave, and put on nice clean clothes even on days where I don't leave the house because I can't stand it otherwise.

I almost never take baths because I don't have a tub (just a stand-up shower), I think the last time I had one was when I was in Japan a few years ago and the AirBnB I stayed in had a really nice huge tub.

About 3 times a month.

Once in the morning and once after returning from the gym. If I'm going out I'll shower again.

Minimum twice a day, longest Ive gone after waking up without a shower is an hour. I just feel oily and shit.

If you don't shower daily you have a mental illness.

I'm overly conscious about my hygiene so I used to shower 3 times a day. I shower once or twice a day now, sometimes I'll skip a day and shower the next morning if I don't need to go anywhere or be around people but even then I get really uncomfortable.

every other day. my hair is really long and stays wet for several hours, so if i got it wet every day it would be wet for like 40% of the time and fall out probably.
however, if i work out or forget to wear deodorant, ill shower on an "off" day with a shower cap.
i have dry skin and dont sweat too much.

Once a month. Once a week during summer since I can smell myself pretty fast then.

every ten or so days when i have to head out to do something

It's been a few weeks since my last shower, and that was mainly just washing out loose hair from a haircut

Can someone add to this pic, I've run dry on ideas for text

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I showed whenever I have to leave the house for something unless it's a chore. I don't shower before doing laundry or going grocery shopping, bullshit tasks like that.

But if I'm going to a friend's house, job, gym, sports, or whatever, then I'll make sure I shower and brush teeth. Otherwise I'll just wash my dick, balls, and ass in the sink with a rag. 1 rag for washing body/dick and balls and 1 rag for my face.

Depends what kind of guys I'm seeing.
I often go Tudor style, months without a shower, just cleaning my ass and pits, and changing fabric interfaces which get high temperature washed and bleached. I smell my worst about 16 hours after a shower, when the microbial power vacuum allows the smelly ones to be active on feast on the high sebum output of agitated skin.

Yeah, I bet you spend your whole day in the bathtub too. I bet you're one of those idiots who don't use soap but once a week, but you claim to be showering twice a day. You fool nobody.

Basically this. Also, nice trips.

Only when I'm leaving the house. So like once or twice a week on average. It's pronably unhygenic but I'm clean whenever people see/interact with me so who cares. Also the cold water in my shower doesn't work so i have to burn my skin with scalding hot water if i want to bathe.

Do most of y'all just blindly rub dry paper on your ass and then leave dried shit there for several hours and not even wash it in the shower, just wash your hair and pretend everything else washes itself?

I've heard straight white guys do that.

Around every third day.

These are the real robots. The rest of y'all some normalfaggots.

Everyday. I care about my hygiene.

Every 2 weeks. I shower right before my therapy sessions

1 out of every 3 or 4 days, work from home and don't need to go upstairs too often

When I had a girlfriend I would shower 2 times a day once in the morning before work and then again when I got home. Now that she left and I quit my job due to terrible depression I shower like once a month I just dont care about anything anymore

Every day before going to sleep, I feel like shit if I don't shower daily

Is your therapist hot though?

No and she's pretty old. I think she's in her 60's

Sure sounds like it if it's a "she". Unless he just does it out of courtesy to not make his job harder. If it's a "he".

I beat you by double that

Every time i go out, so once a week, and when i shower i want to get really clean so i spend half an hour or longer