He has a cat what an autist

>he has a cat what an autist

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why do women and gay men love cats so much ?

hot girls on instagram message me to tell me how cute my cat is

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not only gays, but all introverted people seem to love them. I will probably never understand why. Many good friends are otherwise pretty based but then they like cats. Cats serve no purpose.

reminder that cats are for chads

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heres the girl btw


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>calling animals with people pronouns or implying to be a parent to an animal

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>being upset that people love their cats more than anyone will ever love you

>hurr why
You have to walk dogs. Who wants to go outside and be forced to talk to people constantly out there?

i love my cat fuck you

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>my lil goofy son

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nice cope, i got nudes from her lol

don't molest your "son" buddy

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just remember, cats are for chads

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t. brave single father

Cat's dont bark like lunatics and when they are annoying it's easier to tolerate them. Plus I visually find cats cuter and they don't smell like shit and piss.
Also I like Goth Women and Egyptian shit so that helps

>they are useless leeches
>disloyal and usually untrainable
>many are allergic to them
>natural habitat is in the countryside hunting mice
Kill 'em all for all I care. They are like the jews of the fauna.

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>waaah why wont this cat listen to me

>waaah why am i too dumb to train this cat


cats are pretty easy to train actually

>disloyal, useless leeches


I love your cat too, fuck you too.

t. virgin cat owner
Cherrypicking. Dogs are thousand times more useful than disgusting cats. They are not social animals, living in packs like we humans and dogs do. They are weak and useless, only decorations for boring people.

cope more retard, stop being a whiny, nitpicking autismo and let people enjoy things.

also i love how you conveniently leave out the fact that dogs are responsible for 6000 to 13,000 hospitalizations each year.

but you're not cherrypicking at all, right?


if cats are the jews of the animal world, then dogs are the niggers.

tranny triggered. are you mad? your post screams plebbit, you have to go back there and dilate, tranny.

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I love my bitch and pussy thank you.

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>no argument whatsoever

>muh reddit

dogfuckers on suicide watch

>the jews of the fauna.
No those are rats.
Dogs are niggers.

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>...heh... another debate won over the internet
>flawless argumented my good chap upvoted!
>*tips fedora* ahh in this moment I am euphoric

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lmfao, damn he's really going all out

are all dog owners this cringy?

Today they will be reminded

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>Cat people
Gypsies, trannies, untouchables
>Dog people
Chads, Leaders, Ubermensch