Do you hate where you live?

Do you hate where you live?

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i hate it everywhere

yes i do hate shithuania

hell no. live in bumfuck middle of nowhere in the deep south. went to chicago on a business trip once and the memes are true. literal kikes, coalburners, feminists, fags, etc on literally every corner of the street.

Other than it getting hot sometimes I love living in SWFL.

Yes because of the gipsies and the le 56% look-alikes

No. I miss black sea tho

I did growing up because it was a chav infested shithole with multiple gangs and lots and lots of crime and violence.
Now I'm older it's not so bad, still no shops at all in town though apart from charity shops, card shops, coffee shops and Polish supermarkets.

The one thing I do really hate about the town is it's where the game Rugby was invented so it's super popular here... and I fucking HATE the sport.
More of a footie lad.

I live in Los Angeles, so yes.

Is there anything worse than living in a small boring town without a car?

I do, but it could be much, much worse. I'm grateful for even this, and I hope I will be able to escape soon.

Yes. I wish I could move back to Dallas County. Tarrant County is shit.

Yes. I live in the urban-rural fringe in a shitty ramshackle cottage full of spiders and the entire street smells awful because there's a farm right behind it where the owner seems to keep having a fucking anal blowout. I want to move to an urban metropolis already instead of slumming it in this shithole.

I live in a shithole where you get triple taxed to keep your retarded French part afloat.

the nature is nice though

yes its a fucking dump and its full of heroin

Strange how rugby was the prototype for American football then Americans turned around and called real football "soccer".

It's full of hicks. Fields. Jesus freaks, Gypsies. Cultists. Drunks. Teenage-vandals. Bears. One part of town is like Mordor that is plagued with meth.

On plus side. Dense forests, lakes, rivers. Few occasional foreigners.

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Scotland and I fucking love it here. Yeah the cities are dirty and full of junkies but once you get outside its just bountiful beautiful peaceful countryside. And unlike burgers you dont have to worry about stumbling across a grizzly bear or a meth lab everytime you go on a hike. No paki rape gangs either.

I do. It's too fucking hot here. I just want to live somewhere where it's not 90+ for like 9 months of the year.

I bet you motherfuckers all think where you live sucks, well it's fucking nothing compared to where I live. Two fucking words:
>suburban purgatory
No decent jobs. No good people. And I don't even have the benefit of being rich like everyone else. I graduated early and now I just have to suffer through meaningless job after meaningless job before I can actually afford college. Suburban areas are the worst of both worlds, the only thing here is entitled rich kids and "good" schools, and good means that they give the kids ridiculous amounts of work and force them to get good grades with a complete disregard for anything else, if you're not getting good grades or just not being a homogeneous cog then they will either classify as special needs or expel you. Cities have large and diverse populations, there's always someone into what you're into. Rural areas have nearly unbridled freedom, nobody cares what you do in the middle of a field at night no matter how illegal as long as it's less severe than cooking crystal. Suburban areas systematically trap you and squeeze any spark of originality or subversiveness out of you until you're the perfect boring person they con ship off into the world, in other words, stay the fuck away from mount olive. (Read entry three: Olive )

Yes. I hate Atlanta. But if I go back to DC, I hate it there too. I just want to build a house in the woods and be left the fuck alone.

>Despite critical acclaim, he remained a cult figure. He normally played small venues (often to crowds of fewer than fifty people) but began to move towards playing larger venues (and even made a handful of television appearances) during the 1990s. For much of the 1970s, he lived a reclusive life outside of Nashville in a tin-roofed, bare-boards shack with no heat, plumbing or telephone, occasionally appearing in town to play shows.[21]

Also I want to remain on the east coast. I have never been to Connecticut, but I think I want to go there. Idk. Just fucking hate the heat, humidity, culture, people, all of it. At least in Virginia the roads arent shit. Driving in the Atlanta area and in the city is literally the fucking worst, holy shit.

Mount Olive is a place located in a suburb of a suburb of yet another suburb in northern NJ where the best thing to do on a friday night is to hang out in the dunkin donuts parkin lot. Probably the worst place on earth because the cops have nothing better to do but harrass everyone who isn't at dunkin donuts. Oh and its filled with quite possibly the worst people in the world because if your not at dunkin donuts, your not cool apparently. And if you are from Mount Olive and under the age of 18 apparently you have to act like your hard and from the ghetto because its not like your upper middle class kids.

Fuck that place. I feel for a nigga. Damn

I hate where i live and myself

>Do you hate where you live?
no I love where I live.
I hate the fact that I might to move to away from here if I want to continue to pursue my goals.

I live in suburban Wisconsin. It's not that great but I wouldn't say I hate it. There's far worse places I could be.

>>Is there anything worse than living in a small boring town without a car?
Years ago I knew a guy who lived in Chicago, a few blocks away from where all the gang-war housing projects were, before they tore the high-rises down. Break-ins and shootings were everyday occurrences. I'd say that's a lot worse.

The suburbs of the Midwest always seem nice. I haven't been to Wisconsion but I enjoyed the Chicago suburbs (I travelled between Naperville and Palatine so quite a few little townships) and the not-Detriot areas of Michigan.

wherever you go, there you are. moving won't necessarily fix anything

Pretty sure this applies to 90% of people here.

i live in delaware so yes

>mfw Houston fag
You people dont know misery

Yes, very much so. Hate the politics and people around where I live. Feel kind of isolated as a result. Homeless people looking for handouts, polarized hipsters who know nothing and act self-righteously smug, or ghetto trash everywhere. Not much crime, but it's not far off and spills over more and more. Wealth disparity is very apparent.

I'd rather live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere or a small town. Preferably where it is cold. Unfortunately, there's no work out there. I can't afford to move to the suburbs or far from where I currently work to at least get away from the urban shithole.

I love living in the Pacific Northwest.