Whoa if you sit alone at lunch, don't talk, don't have any friends, and are a target for bullies...

Whoa if you sit alone at lunch, don't talk, don't have any friends, and are a target for bullies. That makes you a dangerous person.

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theyre the ones dead and not me so get rekt normans

Unfortunately, the people who end up doing mass shootings make all robots look bad. It's the same with black people and cops. One chimps out and society says they're all like that.

>if you sit alone at lunch, don't talk, don't have any friends, and are a target for bullies. That makes you a dangerous person
In this day and age, I can definitely see why someone would come to that conclusion. Especially when looking at what self professed loner robots here say. I feel like I'm the only friendless loser who isn't also a repressed homicidal maniac.

>implying niggers and cops are usually ok people for a robot to want to be around

ha funny joke

>Ewww that quiet creepy guy looked at me. Hold me Tyrone.
>*Tyrone kills her a week later.*

What did she mean by this?

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Not what I implied at all. I said that a minority of people can fuck up how people view the majority.

>pSyCHoLoGiCaL hELp
>tell someone
Yeah okay, now kids who already picked on and bullied will be further ostracized when dumbshit kids tattle on them for sitting alone at lunch and minding their own fucking business. Great strategy, dickwits.

Black women are more likely to be abused by black men

Hispanic women are more likely to be abused by Hispanic men.

White women are more likely to be abused by white men.

Asian women are more likely to be abused by white men.

Really makes ya think, don't it?

It's too hard for people to not be a cunt to someone... so yeah, it's all that kid's fault that got bullied.
What an absolute fucking load of wank.

Delete your reply and repost it quoting , because I didn't say anything involving niggers.


Have we really arrived here?

>gets bulled
>Gets called a school shooter
Instead of fixing bullying, let's victim blame instead!

Maybe these kids should toughen the fuck up and not allow themselves to be bullied.

We tell bully victims to stand up for themselves but when they fight back we get mad at them. What exactly do we want from them?

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that long face, uncanny

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They do toughen up and fight back. By shooting up the school. Great job retard, we've come full circle

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it honestly goes BOTH ways, fren.
Kids that get bullied don't exactly try to hide how much of a sperg they are. They wear it on their sleeve with pride. Thank god I had an asshole bigger brother that would smack me on the side of the head every time I'd say some dork-ass shit. He taught me the valuable lesson of "not everything that pops into your head needs to be said out loud". Kids that get bullied NEED to learn this shit.

honestly, schools should have a quarterly vote for which students should be euthanized for being too weird. kids who get bullied don't deserve to live.

Easy to say when you arent on the chopping block.

I'm sure the Jews didn't want to be gassed but that doesn't mean it wasn't the right thing to do

To make them go insane I guess


Who the fuck says fourths, and not quarters

normalfag alert
It actually is easy to say- sorry you can't acknowledge your own inferiorities and need others to point them out for you

I have a right to life wether you like it or not,bugman.
Not the same thing. Jews actually have it coming to them.b

Ok. Let's start with retards that think this is a good idea.

>instead of making loners feel more welcome in society so they won't turn insane and kill people, let's ostracize them more and even punish them for not having friends and being bullied and such!
why are normalfags so fucking retarded? is it really that hard to just be nice to people who look like they may be struggling to fit in

fucking asians ruining the world, why can't they just be peaceful like blacks

oh sweet now we have even MORE Incentive to bully them and then get shot

>not everything that pops into your head needs to be said out loud
you do realize most shooters and spergs, including the one in OPs pic, learn this lesson as children and then are perpetually quiet, thus inadvertently marking themselves as weird outsiders? either you talk and reveal your power level or you don't talk and they still sniff you out as abnormal. despite being irrational and retarded most of the time, normies are incredulous when it comes to social norms

bullies never actually do you the courtesy of pointing them out though. they aren't like "people don't like it when you go on and on about starcraft" or something, they just bully you or ignore you without ever alluding to why

>and are a target for bullies
That's more or less how normie morality works though. Evil was commited when the victim was bullied, said evil "surrounds" the victim for the most part, so the victim needs to pay a price for all that Sin around him.

cho went full retard and still got the high score (i'm pretty sure it was the high score, at least in the US)

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>tfw being a blackbot cop
Damn, I guess I won't make friends here, isn't it?

WE hAvE to sTOP THE daNgerOUs LONer ThATS getTInG bULlIed And nOt the BUllieS TheMSElvEs

>The Victim is mor suspicius than the bully
>Whistleblowers are a threat; people spying on their own people are not
>The poor need to be taxed the shit out of; The rich get a free ride

Gee, It's almost like 'Murica is a shithole overflowing with double standards all from the left to the right, with filthy centrists sucking up the worst of both.

In the UK, being antisocial is actually a crime.


no it isn't
>drunken or threatening behaviour
>vandalism and graffiti
>playing loud music at night

Black and Hispanic people will like you, as long as you're fair.

"Oh shit Brad we better stop wedgiyng that nerd from room 209 or he put one between our eyes"

"You're right Ethan, let's buy him a pizza."

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>tfw no asian gf to abuse

Unfortunately that is usually always the case.

Every single mass shooter has had those traits.

They're alerting the adults so they can call out the bullies. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

learn to read idiot


the bullied kids are now terrorists. As if being a target for bullies and social outcast wasnt bad enough.

Serious if i had the money i would immigrate to France or Germany tonight

>We tell bully victims to stand up for themselves
This isn't the 90's. No one says that anymore.
You're not allowed to stand up for yourself. That's why school shootings happen so often now. They have no authority figures to turn to, so they pick up a gun and become an authority figure and they either give the death penalty to themselves, others, or both.
When a shooting happens in a public place, everyone wants to know why.
With a school shooting, no one ought to bother because anyone that isn't fucking retarded knows exactly what happened. Normalfags just don't want to say the socially unacceptable things that anons are willing to say so they just parrot the media and blame guns and video games.

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consider all the people who have these traits that arent mass shooters

>tell one of the faculty
>they don't care
>punch your bully
>get fucking expelled
>shoot up the fucking school
This is what happened to Nikolas Cruz.
His shitty classmates went around the country saying we should ban guns and even when confronted on picking on the kid they doubled down and straight up said he was "weird" and deserved it.
Anyone, including other students, that said bullying and lazy faculty were the problem got censored.

So instead of trying to make friends with them and invite them into your social circles It's recommended to put them through the system which will make them even worse and cost taxpayers more money.

Shit man. You're giving me nostalgia for the old Jow Forums copypastas.

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i'll just say this. If you are a kid in school being bullied. Just Drop Out. I put up with school bullying shit every god damn day, and the adults just said "AWWW suck it up bitch you deserve it, it will be worth it." Nah, i should of just dropped out at age 16 and got a GED.

Antisocial != asocial. It's a fucking retarded law, but just keeping to yourself won't get you charged with anything.

I find it incredibly weird, sure in America you've got easier access to guns, but how come we don't see anyone writing about school burnings? If you want to shoot up the school, wouldn't burning and then blocking off as many escape routes as possible be viable as well? Burning to death is much more painful so there's a lot more joy for you to take in by seeing the people writhe in pain, until they're not much else than a charred corpse.
Something really good would be that you'll likely kill more people if the school is on fire than if you just go around shooting.
It's more accessible and has the potential to kill more people yet I never see anything about it.

it's way harder to get a large building set on fire with people still inside than to just walk in with a gun and start spraying. to set a school on fire you'd have to spread a ton of gasoline around and by the time the building was burning, the vast majority of people in the school would already be evacuating

>if this person is lonely and depressed, you shouldn't reach out. Alert the authorities immediately.


What do you get when you mix a mentally ill loser with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash?

Anyone have access to the full text? Did a google search with quotes around the title and nothing came up. Was this in a print-only version of Seventeen?

I must be real dangerous then. I was bullied since I was 6, always sat alone, didn't have a single friend and the bullying only stopped when I beat the shit out of chad with a fire extinguisher. I didn't ask for any of it though.
>Kids that get bullied don't exactly try to hide how much of a sperg they are
I was bullied because of something out of my control not because I'm a sperg.

>Unfortunately, the people who end up doing mass shootings make all robots look bad. It's the same with black people and cops. One chimps out and society says they're all like that.

Fuck off you naive, pacifist pussy. depressive moralfag pussies like you are what killed this board's culture. Go back to plebbit.

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