Do I stream my suicide tommororw? I don't want to live much

Do I stream my suicide tommororw? I don't want to live much
I just wanted to be loved or something life is boring and disconnected

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>killing yourself because you're bored

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Can't even read the bottle, what is it? Looks painful and inefficient. Not only would you likely fail at your suicide (on camera, no less), but you'd be permanently scarred, forced to live with the physical reminder of your failure, as well as the video proof of it.

You're clearly seeking attention because that's how pathetic your life is, but at least take a better pic so people can tell you what a dumb method you chose.

just kill yourself dumbass nobody cares anyway.

It's sodium nitrite. I'm also taking anti emetics right now to prepare.. I want to spend my last moments with friends but i dont have any so i wanted to share them here

Pour it in your eyes and torture yourself to make sure we dont suicide of boredom

that's going to hurt a lot

Makes it sound fairly quick, but you're still gonna puke a bunch and have time to regret your decision. Plus, it doesn't mention the concentration on the bottle because your pic is so fucking blurry. So it may be hard to properly pick your dosage (and a liquid is easier to vomit up than a powder). Anti-emetics likely won't do shit.

Why kill yourself using a painful method? Also if you want help killing yourself efficiently, call 911 and ask them to help out out

I dont think it will hurt much. I don't care about pain anyway. Where can i stream without much trouble?

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Well just in case you need anyone to talk to, Im here if you need any help. I can be you friend user since Im pretty friendless myself

Don't do it, its a waste. You can do anything you put your mind to. What do you like doing? Playing videogames? Become a youtuber if so. You're smart, don't fucking do it. Reaching out for help isn't bad either, a therapist can do wonders with your mind, try it out first.

Anyone without access to a shotgun/firearm should acquire a helium tank/mask, benzos, and a bunch of opioids. Poppy seed tea would even work if the seeds were good enough.

However, you shouldn't kill yourself just because you're bored. I'm a firm believer in the right to end one's own life, but it's gotta be for the right reasons and they really should have put in a solid-40-50 years of trying before they do it. People who kill themselves young are just being pussies. Like, I get it if you legit have no hope (you're an unfunny, autistic ugly manlet with no money and crippling depression that lasts for years/decades), but any other excuse (besides being chronically/terminally ill) is just a pussy move and doing it for attention is even more gay.

I don't know if i can even have frens anymore ive been betrayed too many times.
Normies telling me life is worth it are just brainwashed into working for nothing there's nothing to look forward to

Do or don't, not my decision. If you decide to go through, post time and link right now.

If I'm going through with it it would around 4pm cst tommororw

Dude, go get help, if you kill yourself before going to therapy you're actually making a dumb decision. Explore your fucking options first.

Therapy is a meme, also isn't free
Who is going to pay for my therapy what a dumb response. Dont even bother if that's all you have come to say. Go back to your normie things or reddit or something

Don't do it faggot. You still may have some pleasures in and there in life and that's all you have anyway. Just live with that solution at the back of your head like most of us do without doing it. Think about all the shitpost you'll miss.

>betrayed too many times
In what way exactly? maybe you just didnt meet the right people. Try me user

Abandoned, stolen from lied betrayed. I dont get why people can't just be truthful
But if you want
you can add me moonmilk#2732

Become a Coomer, you'll numb yourself to the pain and suffering of modern living

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aren't you nervous it won't work? also where even do you get sodium nitrite?
it's probably the most legitimate reason to kill yourself - you can't rely on things getting better since you're bored with life, as it is intrinsically.

>therapy is a meme
honestly yeah. I fell for the psychiatry and therapy meme since I had (and continue to have after 4 years) insomnia. the former diagnosed me w GAD/social anxiety and then trial and errored a ton of medications on me (only one worked reliably for 2 years on the insomnia, and then it pooped out). that was a giant waste of time and I fucked up my brain even more from withdrawing on jew medications all the time. the latter just fed me xSxJ normie nonsense - there'll always be a rift between therapists and robots which is contingent on the same rift between normies and robots.
sucks that your life got to this point OP.

Pro tip: spend all you have on cocaine and hookers before you chug that nitrite. If you still want to do it then it means you're ready. Godspeed user.

if you're going to an hero you might as well take a few skeletons out with you in minecraft.

I know theres probably not much I can say at this point to change your mind but whatever you are going through truly doesn't warrant killing yourself. You're not some disposable piece of machinery that has to be taken out of commission because it's not operating at full capacity. You're human and just a worthy of being alive as the rest of us. I strongly advise at the very least you get off Jow Forums and go discuss this with literally anybody else. Everyone here is going to try to drag you into doing it out of pure sadistic misery and I think a part of you knows this. I hope you choose not to do this user, again theres absolutely no shame in talking to somebody.

If it doesnt work that's just another reason to try again.

There are so many better ways to kill yourself user. Do some research and really consider things before you actually do something dumb and possibly ineffective. If you're young and aren't completely hideous/braindead you should give life a solid try before you an hero.

It seems like so many robots just give up after a few setbacks and menial reasons. Life is supposed to suck sometimes. Packing it up after 2 decades of things not working out perfectly is just a waste.

idk if that name is for discord or not because nothings coming up when I try searching for it

What better ways are there?
I can't think of anything better and I'm too broken to function as a person
yes is it discord it should work

don't fucking do it you dumb pussy bitch boy there is life beyond this purgatory, stop being lazy and man the fuck up.

If there's life beyond this purgatory i guess im going there myself? How is it lazy to die on my own terms

user, in all seriousness consider what happened to Shuaiby's livestreamed suicide
>people talking throughout the entire stream, one loud kid has a whiny gay voice and the other most vocal dude just sounds bored and unimpressed through the whole thing
>edits of the vid regularly seen in YLYL threads, with comedy laugh tracks or videogame sounds inserted in for lulz
>vid has 20 similar livestreamed suicides in the 'related videos' section underneath
>commenters give more interest to the kid's particular gun model and the anime posters on his wall than to the circumstances that led to him blowing his brains out
The internet will not respect you user, nobody will weep or curse the gods or question their participation in this cruel society like it's the death of fucking Socrates. They won't even just watch you stoically as you pass. They'll be taking the opportunity to exercise their own narcissism -
>look how much I know about guns / anime!
>look how cool and desensitized and world-weary i am, not even blinking an eye as this dude dies right in front of me
>1 year later: you're not a REAL robot unless you watched user kill himself like me, a REAL robot
or other such shit
Do you want to give us faggots the pleasure?

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If I wanted to fry my brain, I could do it much more efficiently with some buckshot instead of spending years taking medication to turn me dead inside.

Ill pray your soul isnt sent to hell Op. If g*d does send you to hell Ill personally fight him 1v1

half of the people here are telling you go ahead and do it while the rest are trying their hardest to keep you alive. Go ahead and waste your life or stick with us and make something of yourself

where did you buy it OP
also what is the liquid? volume of the bottle, OP image look small but this pic makes the bottle look larger than it seems

Its not liquid, it's 250 grams of sodium nitrite. I bought it from the internet it's easily accessible and supposedly a fast death

Atleast some1 will remember me that way that's all i want

Idk what to say honestly. I am going through a hard time myself. It is your life after all. Just make sure you are a hundred percent sure you want to go through with this. Human instinct to survive and all night come into play right before chugging that down.

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Beep boop trying to find the source of this dress for my sister.

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if you didn't buy anti-emetics as well then you're just gonna puke it all out.

Why do you want to commit die?


make a new instagram account, go live and do it quickly, ill wait

yeah it doesnt work. Are you sure thats your name on discord?