Song that makes you happy

let's hear what always improves your mood user

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Fade to black - Metallica

your dubs improve my mood

fake happy by paramore
Why yes, I do listen to this unironically.

gotta be this one for me, even though i rarely listen to it

based gumi

This triggered my fight or flight response.

The court of the Crimson King

I usually listen to this song, I like it so much

Pogo - Wizard Of Meh
Pogo - Data & Picard

Shaggy - Keep'n it real

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I know it's retarded but it keeps me going

Here you go sonny

i like this one

Sung in french by a Greek singer and she has a really soft voice.

This screams 2001: a space Amelie. Fuck me hard?

Manu Chao - Me Gustas Tu

One by Metallica is like sex. It's starts off with some foreplay, then the repetitive way that the real action starts is like when you start pumping. Then it's one hell of a ride and ends with the intense repetitive ending right before the orgasm, or perhaps it sounds a bit like desperately death gripping to finally make it. Then afterwards you feel calm and satisfied and have no interest in listening to another song.

This one is my favorite, it Always remind me of childhood and innocent fun.

It is too direct to ignore. Not preachy, reassuring. Give it an honest try

based and lightningpilled

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mein niggas
originally original

I am not feeling hot today. I feel like hell but this is working some.

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Luv me'al I does
Simple as.
Also fuck the tube.

Starless by King Crimson

Andrew W.K. - Ready to Die

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Raindrops keep falling on my head - B.J.Thomas

Such a classic

This is actually an album but it's seven minutes.

It's pretty technical but I love this kind of complicated groove

Reddit taste..

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Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

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Back when I still had a friend group, we played Rock Band a lot. One day I brought in Lego Rock Band, and we found this song on it and it just became a running joke for us. Whenever I want to feel good, I just play this to remember the good times.

not sharing or bumping because this thread contains a nazi shitpost
thank you phil :)

A Favor House Atlantic by Coheed & Cambria

Great entrance theme too.

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This song sustains me

even jim understood robothood

You're only human by Billy joel

Kinda autistic but I like it.

Andrew w.k is the realest shit.

this dubbed video of ukranian military band playing cruel angel thesis

I don't care how dorky and lame this shit is, it's my comfort song. Not like anybody even looks at other people's links.

>Above all, no matter how many times you get hit, can you get back up? - Gwen Stacy, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse

spider-man raimi theme

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Conga- Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine.

Seriously. It's literally fucking impossible to be sad while listening to that song.

lyrics are in the video please read along :)

> Claire De Lune
Now that's what I call art.
This song does now

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I really fucking love her. She might break up with me soon but it was still worth it dammit.
She makes my heart do double flips.

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Fuwa Fuwa Time.

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It's good for programming my homemade operating system to, so maybe you're right :-)

I normally listen to metal exclusively, but 80s new wave always puts me in a good mood since I grew up with it and it gives me nostalgic feelings of being a kid again.

reCOOME kek

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I only listen too sad music
i just like it

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based, this one is good as well.

I like the old spice remix kek

Hell yeah motherfucker,in an original manor of the sorts.