How do you keep men as orbiters? I love good looking men but I dislike sex. I have vaginismus and it is painful for me...

How do you keep men as orbiters? I love good looking men but I dislike sex. I have vaginismus and it is painful for me. But I like flirting with Chads and keeping them as friends because I genuinely enjoy their company and the sexual tension. The problem is men get mad if you dont sleep with them. And Chads are much less patient than robots. Should I just keep them thinking we are gonna have sex by sending them nudes?

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Kill yourself, manipulative whore

Honestly fuck you. I hope you realize how egregious that sounds.

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>wants to keep men around her for company and to build up sexual tension
>"The problem is men get mad if you dont sleep with them"

I genuinely believe that we dont deserve sex just because we flirted with you / were nice to you / spent time with you and that girls in general dont owe sex to anyone.

But this is some high level bullshit and its sad that most zoomer girls are becomming just like the you and are now fully conscious about orbiters and do the same shit to many men.

Please kill yourself before you start playing with the wrong man and end up with a knife in your throat.

Please findom me op

Just like you*


Dont worry, I dont make friends with psychotic incels.

Says the hole with no self-esteem.

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>she has a legitimate gynaecological condition
>likes being friends with hot guys, literally how is this bad or weird, guys only make friends with girls they wanna fuck too
>guys unfortunately expect sex and cant seem to comprehend that not every girl has to suck your dick just because you want them to

Face reality, you won't have Chads as your orbiters, Chads can fuck their way into any other woman instead of you.
At best, you're going to have to string along an extremely beta virgin orbiter since they're the only type of guy who'd actually fall for the orbeting crap.
If you're lucky it'll be a decent-looking pale skinny-fat boy with autistic mannerisms, you need to promise him that your ""his angel"". After that everything is free game.

If I had no self esteem I would be sucking their dicks. You are a legit retard.

I wish I could be your bf while you did this, it's kind of hot

I have been thinking of getting a cuck bf actually.

LMFAO What do you think you're doing surrounding yourself with undue attention? Seriously fuck right off.

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If intelligence was sexy women would be fucking nerds and autists like you. But theyre not. Women dont give a fuck about IQ you sperg.

Chad here
>implying we would orbit a woman
Literally don't care. You're not special and I have absolutely no problem with dropping a woman if she is playing games.

>women don't care about being intelligent
Yeah I'd imagine

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>chad here
>posting on r9k

Lol sure, I have talked to a couple robots who called themselves Chads, they usually turn out to be 6/10 Brads who think they are hot shit because they lift.

No you dont get it you fucking retard
She trapped herself by specifically talking about the fact that she likes building up (((sexual tension))) to the point where she'd send nudes to keep hot guys around her, she's boner baiting and then wonders why these same dude want sex in the end, after all these efforts put into making them horny, this is manipulation no matter how hard you try to defend it, she knows she's making them believe in sex they'll never have, she's actively trying to make them believe they have a chance, its not as if they expected sex from her out of nowhere, just because they talked to her.

This literally makes no sense since you dont know shit about the person you talk to, being popular and hot doesnt mean your brain isnt fucked up you retarded whore, hot =\= smart or pure.

oh fug, where you at?
please say US

>I have vaginismus

pic related

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Literally what is wrong with being a cocktease?

Good one user. Heres your (you).

Chads get ill too. Some days the only place to flex is r9k from your couch throwing up your lungs. And yeah, same. The second a woman tries to fuck you about, immediately ghst her. It's the fuckin funniest thing in the world watching people used to fucking with emotions totally stonewalled.

Everytime Chad goes swimming he is baiting women at the pool into being horny. Does that mean they get to rape him? No. Chad doesnt owe girls sex and girls do not owe men sex.

>chooses to amass attention by being a whore
>complains about it

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That makes you a manipulative user and a cunt too, retard. I hope your mom gets raped by a nigger.

So what if she is a noodlewhore with bpd? You dont know anything about her.

>"The men I teased with nudes are getting angry at me for not wanting sex! That's rape!"
That analogy doesn't work at fucking all you stupid whore.

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Drop discord, Chad.

I will take care of you and I dont play games like OP.

Just because someone gives you a boner doesnt give you a right to rape them lmao. This board is like arguing with a special ed class.

We should have never given females rights.

Yes I'm sure there's an entire spiel to cry over which explains why she's a shallow, insincere gloryhole. Still, fuck her and fuck you as well.

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Let them stick it in your butt or suck their dick wtf

Hoes mad ((you) are hoes).

You wish you were raped you dumb ho.

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>falling for bait this obvious
only r9k

>Look at all these rare cherrypicked stories as if they prove any kind of point!

Which gender commits almost all of the murders and rapes again? Yeah. Men are the niggers of the sexes. Now go swallow some titty skittles, incel. Its the only way you are gonna get some.

>guys only make friends with girls they wanna fuck too
Those aren't friends as you said it. Friendship is a bond way deeper than the emotionally retarded can't ever conceive. It's a brotherhood, a never-ending trust and vow of loyalty.

Sounds pretty gay desu. Are you looking for a boyfriend user?

And you'd still suck their dick

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Orbiters are creepy. Not really worth it.
It's hard to keep them from behaving badly. For few months they might be nice but in the end they just go schizophrenic and stalkery.
But do as thou wish.

Jodi Arias has legions of male orbiters too you dumb faggot. Mental illness occurs in men and women, more at 11:00.

>How do you keep men as orbiters?
online it should be pretty easy, just have a vag, and attention whore.
IRL, befriend below average guys or average guys, just make sure you are above them looks wise.

>sweden the new rape capital of europe
>it's just men guise
>Swedish Television says 60% of swedish rapes committed by immigrants
totally cherrypicking bro migrants have no tendency towards violent crime and rape these four chan guys are just racists

Thats the thing though. I dont make friends with creeps, psychos or incels. Its so much more fun having Chad take you out for lunch and him making dirty jokes and innuendo the whole time. The attention and sexual tension is really nice.

>changes goalposts to being about immigrants

I dont give a fuck about smelly Somalis and sandniggers you dumbass. Nice attempt at trying to keep the conversation going though. Your replies are being ignored and hidden now.

You're pitiful.
What's the point of all this? What will you seriously gain of trying to upset random anons?

>"huhhhh men kill ppl you all are worthless"
>"stop cherrypicking"

>"womyxn kill people too bro also here's a cherrypick"
fuck you

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>The Incel Cries Out In Pain As He Strikes You


Just playing you at your own game, faggot.

Cool. Won't do the same, though.

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not even the same guy you were talking to i think i just misread your post lmao. oh well. have a good rest of your day user


The great thing about Chad is he is actually funny and chill unlike ragie socially awkward incels with a stick up their ass.

Unlike trannies I actually respect my body.