I wish i was loved

i wish i was loved

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we all do , user , i personally got used to being alone and hated

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What's stopping you from being loved?
That's the question.

Does everyone deserve love? It's something required to be a healthy human being, like food and shelter. Everyone needs it, everyone wants it.

It's necessary but not everyone deserves it.
Some people are terrible.

I think i recognise you.

I wish I was loved romantically.

I have lots of the other kind of love I suppose.

where do you live?

The terrible ones need it most but are the least likely to get it. Like everyone that posts here.

the terrible ones would not improve by getting it.

Would you improve?

I'm currently improving gradually, but I think I would improve more by having more responsibility thrust upon me. I think having someone committed to growing with me would cause me to push myself a little harder than I am now. Having someone to cook for would cause me to cook instead of eating out. Having someone share my living space with me would cause me to clean more often and do the yardwork more consistently. Having someone to share in my future would make me more responsible with my disposable income. Having someone to celebrate wins in my career with me would cause me to put more effort into my career, as would the demands of an incoming family life.

wait... I k-know this person

Yep, that's a man alright. SAGE

It sounds like you need forced responsibility more than love.

But what if the terrible people are terrible because they get no love?
What if love is the answer?

Lack of love doesn't make terrible people.
It can make them depressed, but not become terrible.
Those people were always bad and will always be bad.

I would love you, femanon. We could cook together.

loving someone is a responsibility

So is a job, or owning a pet. It seems like you're using a lack of love as an excuse for being unmotivated.

>tfw no qt tranny to love

same. I want to actually feel that someone is interested in me at least once in my life
plenty of terrible people experience love and happiness. we don't live in a meritocracy

i'm working on my shit, but if i'm gonna stay single, i'm probably going to do something else with the money i would put into life insurance and college funds, i'll probably wake up at 8 instead of at 6 to make breakfast for my kids, and reaching a stable life pattern without wife or kids will require a less disciplined lifestyle than one with.

I'm projecting on you because I'm in the same boat. Having a significant other in my life would help me get my shit together. I'm a shitty person when left on my own, but when someone is depending on me I step up because I don't want to be unreliable.

>when someone is depending on me I step up because I don't want to be unreliable.

story of my life. I stayed with a job at a startup 2 months after they ran out of money because of this. I work my ass off and carry every team I've been on on because of this. When it's just me, I stay in bed until 11 am and do the bare minimum to get through the day.

It would seem like there are two solutions in this case. Solution #1 is to break the perpetual cycle by stepping up for your own future self. Solution number #2 is just rush head first into things fast enough that you get someone to fight for and stabilize before they are even able to recognize how you are without them.

guys...pls tell me thats a girl

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