How would a femanon react when put in this situation?

How would a femanon react when put in this situation?

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Nothing you degenerate

Femanon here I would put it in my mouth just to see how far down my throat I could get it

too thicc to fit in your mouth sweetie pi

A stallion cums nearly a gallon. A human cums about 2-5mL. It's like a 700 man bukkake all at once, like overturning a hot milk jug all over your body.

quite a bit thicker than whole milk though

These threads are so cringe. Shut up. Tired of seeing this dumb garbage everyday with fake fembot replies. Wow hahaha so funny xD horse benis :D

It starts watery and becomes increasingly thick. This is a "gel plug." The idea being that the end of the cumshot will seal the vagina shut to keep all the active sperm inside. Then it melts from the body heat and all that cum gushes out all at once.

I'd give it a try. I wouldn't mind giving a horse a handy and tasting the cum. It's the closet thing I'll ever get to having a huge orc boyfriend I guess.

I'm literaly obsessed with big large penises. Lol, when I was little I would google this everyday and fap to it.

Most of them would play with it (wank the hoese a bit) id they were sure no one would find out. Very few would go farther than that.

Now if it were a dog and no one was going to find out...they would do what most of them already did when they were younger: fuck the dog.

This is a fucking disgusting thread and shame on you OP. I wonder how your mother would feel if she knew her son fantasied about girls sucking horse dick, she would wish for a different child you piece of human excrement.

It's hard to make a horse ejaculate anyhow. You have to work the medial ring and the head at the same time, and even then, it's a challenge.

Dogs, you'll get hurt worse trying to stop them opposed to just going still and letting them finish.

It's not hard. I work with horses and have jerked off my Friesian horse a few times. It's quite hot.

>close eyes
>start sucking
>think of oneitis

I should rephrase. It's easy if you know what you're doing. If you're only experienced with humans, you might try for an up and down motion that won't be as effective.

i'd think about it but would ultimately do nothing due to being afraid of the horse kicking my skull in

Just watch a video of it online, lol. Now you're set.

>Lol, when I was little I would google this everyday and fap to it.


immediately begin stroking and petting

is your oneitis a centaur or something

Would you do your best to try and swallow the gallons of horse cum?

Semen shakes are addictive

Tell us more, fembot or fagboy...

Zoo's get birdshot

I prefer dogs, but horse cocks are nice too.

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You want us to confirm your fetish. Not going to happen.