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IMO the worst part of going bald is not just the loss of the hair itself, but the loss of identity. This might seem strange to say but someones appearance is a huge part of how they are viewed, not only by others but how they view themselves. And when you slowly start to lose something that had been a huge part of your appearance, you start to experience feelings of a loss of control and in turn a loss of self identity. People say just shave it off bro, just lift, just grow a beard but that was never the way I imagined myself, its just not me. And now I guess I dont have a choice.

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I always wear a hat now when I'm at university. It is too shameful for me to be seen by people who knew me when I had my hair. I only ever leave my room with my hat on. My roommates who I have been living with for 2 years now have never seen me without my hat. I lock myself in my room so I can be comfortable without my hat.

My hair loss is really bad. I have not seen anyone around my age (21) who have it like I do. Not only has my hairline receded, there is substantial thinning everywhere except in the back of my head. Even the hair near my temples is spotty.

Isn't hair replacement getting cheaper? You could try to save money for a year or two for it.

Following up, here is my hair

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I feel that, I do. I wish I could have done more with my hair before it was gone. But it is liberating to finally shave it and start your life without hair. Get hats, grow a beard, lift. It's OK to feel bummed about it, but you need to move on eventually.

It's still a few thousand dollars, and tropical treatments usually shed your hear before growing it again. With one you run the risk of botching, and with the other you run the risk of you having to look more bald for a few months.

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>with the other you run the risk of you having to look more bald for a few months.

Does it really matter at that point though? You're going to look bald either way, at least this way you'll finally have your hair back.

The doctors would be very reluctant to give a hair transplant to someone young, I would have to wait until all my hair apart from the back and sides is gone, otherwise the hair I still had left would keep receding and I would need to get another transplant or even several more as the years go by. Also, I hear you need to take Finasteride for the rest of your life just to keep the transplanted hair and thats a no-no for me personally.


I've been on fin for a year and my hairline has stayed the same so far and I even got a tiny bit of regrowth. No side effects either.

jesus christ.
broh, shave it all and grow a beard.

People with hair loss

>I hear you need to take Finasteride for the rest of your life just to keep the transplanted hair

Aren't hair transplants permanent? The hair that is transplanted to the top of the head is supposed to be immune/heavily resistant to DHT.

I shave it once every one to two weeks. Unfortunately I can't grow a full out beard because I am a hapa

>tropical treatments
i know about transplants but what are those?

You are 21? A friend of mine lost his aged 22/23. You gotta own it.

Yes he's retarded. The hair in a transplant is taken from the back of the head which rarely ever balds

I think he meant topical, ie cream that you rub over your scalp. Minoxidil/romaine is the most common one, it works to a lesser extent than Fin but it comes with a shedding period of several weeks where your hair loss gets a lot worse before improvement is seen.

I'm moving to another city for my graduate degree next year. I can start over there without having to hide under my hats, but until then it would just draw too much attention.

you are the retarded one, you forget the fact that the surrounding areas on the head could also start balding, meaning you need another transplant. Thats why most people who do hair transplants need to again a few years later, and again another few years later.
>back of the head which rarely ever balds
that's simply not true.

If you dont mind me asking, how would you rate your face in terms of attractiveness? Hair not included

been receding for years. made me really miserable for a while because nothing looked good, its similar to jude laws hair. i got sick of it and just started no guard buzzing it about a year ago and i grew out my beard. i look better than i did, but im also lucky that i have a good head shape that can make it work. my beard is kind of weak but it works. i dont worry about my hair anymore, i just buzz it every 4 days and shape up my neckline, and thats it. i would look better with a nice full head of hair, but the truth is i never got much attention for women when i did have a full head of hair, so fuck it who cares.

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Unironically I did this and it really helped.

When I'm wearing my hat, I think I am above average in attractiveness. I would say 6 or maybe 7 out of 10. Earlier this year, a cute girl even asked me out on a date, though to be fair she was kind of a slut.

Have you ever noticed girls change their attitude towards you when you took off your hat in front of them?

i understand you so well i went through the same shit, i just embraced my negativity i realised that girls werent interested in me when i had good hair so now it's fir certain no one is interested

Since I lost my hair, I have only taken my hat off in front of one girl, and it is the aforementioned girl that asked me out on a date. Even after that, we still dated for a month. She did tell me that I should try growing out my hair. Maybe she didn't think my hair was thinning or something and that I was just shaving it just to shave. Anyways she ended up trying to get with other guys and I dumped her.

Losing my hair was actually a great way for me to get out of the negative spiral I was in. I wanted so badly to fit in and get a gf and all of those things. After my balding set in, I knew my chances had gone to zero and I gave up on it and instead focused on more solitary activities that I will succeed in.

This whole mindset is just extremely depressing IMO

My hair loss was caused by my frequent fapping.
After I stopped fapping the hair loss reversed.
I also used a dermaroller and hair growth oil, but I started using these before I quit fapping and they weren't really doing much.
If you fap often and are losing your hair, stop fapping immediately.

welcome to post-smartphone era world, enjoy your stay.

being ugly is more depressing. this is just hair. good looking guys can pull off going bald

>but that was never the way I imagined myself, its just not me.

Yeah, bro, I always imagined myself as a guy who would be a millionaire (or at least well moneyed), fit and with a lovely family (preferably a faithful wife who loved me and two kids) by the time I hit 30.

In reality when I got to be 30 I was fat, bald, nearly blind from one eye, suicidal and my most successful experience with a female was when a chick from work laughed at the size of my dick when we were about to have sex.

You have to work with what you have dude, thinking anything else is just a way to torture yourself.

is this real user? pls are you trolling?

>nearly blind from one eye

how'd this happen, explain

this. know your limits, play within it.

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It depends on the person but a very large portion of men, probably over 33%, are extremely sensitive to DHT due to their genetics.
Male pattern hair loss is caused by an androgen called DHT.
When you masturbate, your DHT levels sky rocket.
If you are genetically prone to DHT sensitivity, it will attack your hair follicles and make them shrink and eventually die.
Pic related.

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Based. This is a great way to stop being miserable. Trying to be something that you are not just results in suffering.

>have god tier hair genes
>lose it to balding
just end me already

to any guy going bald you just have ask yourself this one simple question - "was i getting a satisfying amount of attention from girls when i had a full head of hair?"
if not, your hair doesnt matter

it works user

I laugh at you and mog people like you by getting my hair buzzed every month and having a perfect hairline

Isnt it funny, not having hair only looks good with a good hairline

There are no studies connecting hair loss to masturbation

there are places that do micropigmentation now. basically a tattoo

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Dude your genes caused your balding

there's studies linking DHT to hair loss and studies that found masturbation increases DHT.

jeez what a psycho , what did i ever do to you

For me though the last time I had a head full of hair I was like 15 and I had yet to start dating.

there's no study like this. It's some meme people concluded from one chinese study that only talked about test levels the first days.

"Another theory is that masturbation increases testosterone, which in turn increases the levels of a hormone linked to hair loss, called DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

However, a study from 2001 showed that adult males actually had an increase in testosterone levels after abstaining from masturbation for 3 weeks. This means that testosterone levels might actually rise if a person avoids ejaculating.

In either case, there is no evidence to suggest that masturbation increases DHT levels.""

>The levels of pregnenolone, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHA), androstenedione, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), oestrone, oestradiol, cortisol and luteinizing hormone (LH) were measured in the peripheral plasma of a group of young, apparently healthy males before and after masturbation
>The plasma levels of all steroids were significantly increased after masturbation, whereas steroid levels remained unchanged in the control study.

The second study shows that orgasm leads to the release of the hormone prolactin. This hormone boosts the 5-alpha-reductase enzym. Which leads to more testosterone being converted to DHT.

Not really blind, blind.
Just complete shit acuity.

Long story short, I was extremely near-sighted (which normally means my retinas aren't great), got in a fight and after a few weeks started noticing my eye's acuity dropping like a rock.
Fast forward a few years and I found out I had retinal damage in that one eye.

As an extra from that I'm now cross eyed (due to one eye having a way worse acuity than the other).

i'm still going to bust fat nuts in my gf though. if the choice is between hair and pussy that aint no choice at all

effect size is small, might speed up your hairloss in a tiny way but not enough to worry about. bottom line is if you're genetically susceptible to hair loss you're gonna lose it and the only solution is acceptance or finasteride.

What do you think finasteride does? It's literally a DHT blocker.
Also fin doesn't regrow hair in areas where follicles have been killed by DHT. They only prevent further hairloss.
If your hairline recedes too much or you have a bald spot, the only way to regrow it is to use a dermaroller or last resort get a hair transplant.
Once hair follicles die, the skin seals over and they can not be revived. That's why bald areas become shiny.
A dermaroller over time restores a new layer of skin on the scalp capable of growing hair.

well shit , i guess acceptance it is , i dont want to miss with my hormones just for the sake of hair , its not like i had a chance with women anyway

my friend the amount of DHT reduced by fin vs the amount reduced by not masturbating is not comparable. Fin has also reversed my balding, particularly in the crown area, although I agree most can only expect to see maintenance.

Spic here

I might be a manlet but I thank the universe I didn't get bald, only one cousin on both sides of my entire family is bald I think

Gramps on moms side had a full head of hair till death, Gramps on pops went bald when he was older so it didnt really matter

I like keeping my hair a bit longer rather than buzzed cause it makes me look like 5 years younger at 24

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good for you , how tall are you ? if you're 5'9 than doesnt matter that much

Get a dermaroller. I started using one a few months ago and it completely restored my hairline.
It starts off as baby hairs, but one day I looked in the mirror and noticed they darkened like the rest of my hair and my entire hairline was restored to near perfect level.
After 30 days of dermarolling 2-3 times a week my hairline probably restored one full finger length.
I also use this hair growth oil after dermarolling and it seems to work really well too. I heard about it from a black lady that says it regrows hairlines

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>tfw off by 1 inch at 5'8

It's over, oh well, I just want to live long enough to become semi-immortal and have my life extended longer than expected

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What length do you use


i'm 90% sure DHT is causing my balding because my hair started thinning around the time i hit puberty.
would the DHT still mess up my hair if i were to get a hair transplant? want to get one but dont want to watch my hair crumble again

I started with .25mm now I use .5mm
I heard anything more than .5mm you shouldn't use more than once a month, .25mm-.5mm is for frequent use.
Basically my routine is every other day I wash my hair, then use the dermaroller, then apply the hair oil and massage it in. It absorbs into your scalp after dermarolling and it tingles. It smells pretty good too.
Then two days later I do it again. So if I shampoo, dermaroll, and apply the hair oil on monday I leave my hair alone until Wednesday.
Some people use minoxidil instead of hair oil and dermarolling has been shown to make it much more effective as well. I don't use minoxidil though since I'm getting good results with the oil


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you should use a 1.5mm once a week

Fapping doesnt cause hair loss, fuck off.
I've been jack8ng off everyday since I was 14 and I can still grow a full afro even after completely shaving it all off.
Prove it.
You're just another nofap zealot trying to push your dumb religion by promising miracle cures that nofap cant deliver.
>nofap makes your hair grow Back, makes u taller, manlier etc

>starting to notice some recession and freaking out
>father who is mid-50s with god-tier hair told me not to worry because he also had some recession in his late teens but it never progressed enough to be noticeable
>mother has one bald brother but her father was half-native and had a full head of hair until his death
A-am I safe bros? I have a bit of a baby face still and can't even grow a beard. I'd be absolutely fucked if I went bald.

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If I would you I would start fin immediately. I started balding at 22/23 and refused to acknowledge it for a year and a half. Eventually it was at the point that others were making comments about it so I went to the doctor. He told me I would likely be fully bald in 5 years without any treatments. Hopped on fin and the balding hasn't progressed at all in 4 years. I only wish I had started earlier so I didn't have any balding at all. I will likely start minox soon to attempt to regrow the little bit I lost, but life is more or less exactly the same as when I had a totally full head.

>more or less exactly the same as when I had a totally full head
most guys need to realize this. unless you are some chad that gets a lot of attention from girls, you're kind of wasting your time worrying about your hair. the typical trap guys fall in is 'i dont want to look worse' but the reality is if you weren't getting attention when you had hair.... it doesnt really matter

i'm the person you're replying to and I strongly disagree. I was just commenting on the fact that fin had saved me to the point that I can essentially make it indistinguishable with proper styling. I might have killed myself if i went bald

I actually asked a dermatologist about it not too long ago. He didn't think I was balding and said he'd be reluctant to prescribe fin. What is the cheapest/most efficient way to get it anyway?

>take fin
>still end up on r9k

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doesnt fin cause erectile dysfunction? did you experience anything bad?

seems like a non-sequitur
Only side was watery cum which was only for the first few monthsOnline pharmacies. Normally you'll pay a small schedule free to have a 'doctor' (usually a program that reads your info) take a look at your answers to various questions like how bald are you, do you have any health conditions etc, using these answers to determine your validity for a prescription of fin, which they will discharge then deliver via mail

Damn it. And all because of hair

thoughts on this matter of the scalp

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Started seeing scalp at age 25 with very noticeable density loss. Started using the Rogain foam shit (Don't use the drips, they leave your head oily) twice a day and noticed a big improvement after about 6 months. Very similar to how it was in my early 20's except I noticed some of the hair strands themselves are a bit more black and thick then my regular hair, but this isn't too noticeable. I'm now 29 and the stuff is still working. I plan to keep using it till it stops.

Additional negative is that the liquid sort of saturates the forehead and near your eyebrows when you sleep so you will get a lot of extra hairgrowth in these areas which you need to pluck or wax. Worth it though.

Please give me the truth about Fin. Whos on it and what did it really do to you?

Ia m balding and everything else just slows down the inevitable EXCEPT Fin. Fin is the only way to stop balding except it breaks your dick apparently.

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I wouldnt fuck with your hormones at 18, you could still be growing, I grew an inch between 18/19 and looking back 10 years now at old photos I wasnt really fully mature until about 21.

It's effective at preventing further hairloss but if your hairline has receded or you have a baldspot on your crown you need to take extra steps to grow it back. Fin stops the process, it doesn't reverse it.

>always had super thick hair
>last few months started seeing 50 hairs on my hands when shampooing
>noticing hair on top of head getting thinner

Pls no

Give me the real facts about the side effects please.

Well I can definitely say the rogain type medication works as long as you use it twice a day. But eventually your hairloss will catch up to the hair growth and you will continue to bald. From what I have read some people it works for 10-20 years. So far I am up to 4 years and it has been working very well. Sooner you do it the better.

I have lost a tiny bit of hair right in the middle, above the forehead. My hair is long and I keep it in a ponytail so I wonder if that's why I keep losing it there, due to the pulling or whatever.
Hair in general has thinned somewhat over the past few years but the hairline hasn't receded.
What to do?

>dads 60, no hairloss
>constantly brings up how it's a big advantage at his age
>shaved my head (20) because my hairline is receding and my scalp is thinning
>not super noticable shaved except for a growing widows peak
>dad visits uni for the day
>won't stop talking about all the guys from his highschool reunion who went bald
>keeps ripping on how terrible they look despite me trying to subtly give him chances to say that balding isn't the end of the world
I know he can't tell that I'm balding cus he's a self centered brainlet who doesn't understand genetics, but I've been feeling so low about being a balding loser for a while now. It really fucking hurts man. I want to cry.

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FullHead reporting in. Only issue is my beard resembles pic-very-much-related because I lack testosterone. You balding guys have fuller beards because you have higher testosterone. So it's all swings and roundabouts desu.

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...Sadly, This. When life hands you lemons, make lemonade I suppose.

I don't feel embarrassed or self conscious about my hair at all. I never put much stock in it, though I did used to have a thick full head of blond hair, I mostly found it annoying. It would stick out in every direction, nearly impossible to control or style.

Once my hairline started to recede in high school, I just grew it out and tied it back in a ponytail or bun. Didn't try to hide it, cause it didn't really bother me. I cut it short after I graduated college, but kept the swept-back look. It's very easy to maintain and style, and it doesn't look bad now that I can grow a real beard and not a faggy teenage peachfuzz beard.

recently i started to do the same thing ,except my negativity is not gone yet, but i hope it will change in time

Congrats, that's awesome man. I've recently started to do the same but for different reasons. I've accepted the fact that I will die a virgin and that I hate people in general so might aswell say fuck 'em and do what I want without having to try so hard to impress anyone, that shit sucks.

Going bald isn't the end, you can make it work for you. I mean, it's good that you are able to be happy and content alone, that's something everybody should strive for and what I am constantly telling robots on here to do, but just saying baldness isn't a life-ending thing.

I started balding in my teens but couldn't grow a beard worth shit until I was in my 20s. I can grow a very nice beard now, but it took a while to get to that point.

Well I'm 23 and still no luck apart from the patchy neckbeard I described haha I think my genetics for head hair are really good though because both my grandfathers still have their hair more or less and are super old. Mine feels really thick and full too. No loss whatsoever.


one of the baldest men I saw was a dermatology professor
you can squirm all you want but all you can do with hairloss, like I have, is to cope.
I am 26 and people always point out how my hair is falling, this used to crush me when I was younger but now I can handle it.

Did you shed?

>Aren't hair transplants permanent?
No, the new follicles are still receptive to DHT.