Who's crinkling tonight?


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What? Is this thread neccessary?

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Do us all a favor and go die

fuckin degenerates.

Does this fetish stem from a want to escape because fear of responsibility? Or is it just because you liked the anal stimulation of shit coming out of your ass into your diapers as a kid, which you subsequently integrated into your sexuality?

A little of both. The AB aspects are about relief from responsibility, making a little oasis where you can just watch cartoons and cuddle stuffed animals and nurse on a pacifier.

The DL aspects come from the taboo. The feeling of hot piss soaking into your diaper, getting hot and squishy around your dick. It breaks social taboos. We are trained so young that we must absolutely not wet our pants, that you must toilet train aggressively and early. It's a thrill to betray that and purposefully piss yourself.

I swear to god you're gonna make me vomit, please stop

I am legit browsing Jow Forums in a soaked diaper with cute lions and animals printed on it. And I'm not the only one.

God, I fucking hope you're the only one. We don't need more degenerates like you

Diapered, got my buttplug in, locked in chastity, crossdressing and waiting for my gf to get home from work

truly the life

What brand are you wearing? I'm in my last Safari. I'm gonna change into an L4 after this.

Molicare super plus rn, with a couple of boosters. Got some M4s left and a few expensive ABDL diapers (special occasion type shit) but restocking soon :/ what should I get? any reccs?

It sounds like you've got a good stockpile already. I agree that Molicares and M4s are really nice for daily life. I really like Little Paws for ABDL diapers. They've got wetness indicators and they're the right thickness and noisiness.

Just got home! gonna enjoy my 3 day weekend! Gonna try the new cube world, play some FFXIV and maybe try playing elite dangerous again

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Sounds like an awesome time! Use extra powder so you don't get a rash!

>not knowing about the previous existance of r9krinkle
Fuck off newfag

Aww, people remember /r9krinkle/? I haven't made one in forever and couldn't remember the old name I used to use. I should bring it back.

I don't really love any of the ABDL/furry/sissy prints more than any of the others, desu. they're cute, but for whatever reason most of them are just way too expensive for me to buy unless i'm really pushed, lol.

and yeah, I wear more often than not, my gf and I spend a lot of time doing D/s stuff so I keep a stockpile handy :)

I miss the purple molicares though, ngl

Since 8ch is down, please do

Fuck, man, those purple molis take me back. I had a college dorm full of those. I miss the 6 tape diapers, too. Still, it's nice to have options these days. It's a golden era for ABDL

You best start believing in diaper threads.
You're in one.

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Just got done doing general hair removal, feeling my silky skin and clean scalp. Soon as I'm actually dry I'll be putting on my tena ultra's (almost out, need to fix) brushing my teeth and going to enjoy my pacifier. Then I need to figure out dinner, gonna have a bottle of milk but not sure if I should do mac and cheese with hotdog octopuses, peanut butter and jelly, or make a regular meal and cut it up tiny, since it's a no spoon or fork night.

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they were the best desu - loved wearing 'em, loved fucking my [gf at the time] in them. God damn.

Sounds cozy - I'm trying on sissy outfits atm but I just had one of those moments where I literally could not hold it a second longer and managed to wet otherwise dry pampers ;_; so bittersweet

Like hold a toy, hold your breath, hold an idea, I'm not sure what you could have held that relates to your wet diaper, you wear diapers, you use diapers, there has never been an alternative for you little one.

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honestly, aesthetics - nothing against a wet diaper, of course ;3

I haven't worn for awhile now but I really want to again. I told my gf I wouldn't anymore but the need to let go of my adult responsibilities for a night is growing stronger. Last time I told her I want to be diapered by her and take care of she said that she wasn't comfortable with diapers. I love the cuddles and care but I want that extra cherry on top that is being diapered by someone that loves you. I want to forget about work and fall asleep in her caring hands.

Did you hear about Pamperchu? His diaper rat hovel recently got raided by the police.

Anyone want to be my GF please I only want a GF who has this fetish please