Never get a girlfriend guys its not worth it

Never get a girlfriend guys its not worth it
This happened after I asked her not to grind on other men at clubs

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tats not a girlfriend, thats full fledged whore. Get out while you can user

Cool relationship bro, this is really going places

Post the bees username.

Jesus christ OP, how did you even get into the relationship stage without smelling this filth she reeks off?

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>ur not valid though
Doing anything other than blocking her and cutting her out of your life after she said this just makes you look like a beta. She has no respect for you and sounds like a whore.

shoulda seen the red flags. get out while you can and use the newfound free time to reflect on how you got here

Why are you with this girl op? She doesn't respect you.

She is beautiful and I fell for the trap 8 months ago and I love the slut

what in the fuck kek

She's not a good girlfriend my guy dump her and get someone better

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>This happened after I asked her not to grind on other men at clubs
post proof, 50/50 you're making that shit up

idk man
I am an ugly manlet and somehow pulled this roastie and I dont think I can do better so I dont want to be lonely again

Why do you love her? What does she do that makes her lovable?

wow can't believe you typed all that shit instead of "I've packed your things into a box and left them outside"

Just leave her.

It's not fair to you she's doing this.

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Yeah, you don't love her. You're just desperate. Leave her alone. If you can do it once, you can do it twice with a girl who actually gives a fuck about you.

>I'm literally your boyfriend
lmao what a literal fucking faggot.

get rid of her holy shit

start listening to Black Phillip immediately

>I love you a lot man
big yikes

you're never going to get her respect dude, are you sure you can live like this.

OP grow a pair you fucking faggot

Agreed. Aside from being hot this bitch sounds like a wretched cumrag. OPs fault for being so shallow.

Listen I'm not exactly an expert on relationships, but grinding on other guys is a big offense. You need to be strong and nip that in the bud, not whine to her about how she needs to recognize your boundaries. Every man has those boundaries. She's recognized them bro, and she went right over them anyway cause she was drunk and didn't give a fuck, presumably.

You can't have other dudes grinding on your girl. That's a loose cannon waiting to go off. Even if just the grinding was tolerable, it's just a matter of time before she makes out with one of them or worse. She needs to apologize, but somehow you sound the one crying.

Just tell her, "Listen you fucked up and you can either do better or I'll break up with you. I can't stay with someone who thinks what you did was acceptable" You probably will have to dump her, but to be honest there's no way this relationship is going to last. She's rubbing her ass on other dudes' erections and telling you she'll do what she wants, so expect this to fall apart sooner rather than later. Just don't let her bully you and taunt you on the way out like this.

>and I dont think I can do better so I dont want to be lonely again
kek fucking die in piss and shit normalfag.

Literally nothing wrong with saying lol and like.

Just a hoe user, don't even waste your fucking time arguing

Yeah OP failed to realize that there's a reason an attractive girl would settle for an ugly manlet, and it's not a good one

I fell for the "bully gf" meme and she was the only one giving me the time of day. It was not as comfy as I thought

you dont love her. a person like that is literally unlovable. you just dont want to be lonely.
break up with her, she will eventually cheat on you.

She knows its wrong. All women know its wrong. All women talk about is their fucking boundaries when it comes to men, but as soon as it comes to mens boundaries whores bury their heads in the sand. She is doing this on purpose, pushing and testing him like an out of control child acts up to see how far they can push and manipulate their parent. Fuck that run through old whore.

>having this little self worth
i hope she cheats on you you're pathetic

>Your conversations are on snapchat

why you acting like a bitch homie?

break up with her you silly goose

dude just give her some space and leave her be. You are obviously compulsive and trying to be too domineering. You should leave her alone for awhile then try apologizing.

Wow, a whiny normalfag self-absorbed wahhhh wahhhh poor me thread that actually makes me feel better. How rare. You're pathetic, OP

She's a stupid whore. You can get better, user.

Pretty much. I have seen the way Chads treat fat ugly girls and the way Stacies treat average looking manlet simps. It aint pretty. This is what happens when you get greedy.

You know why she does that shit? Because look at how you react. Passive aggressive and compromise. "Well like, this upsets me gee."

The problem with the modern world is you betas always react this way. GET MAD. Tell her you're mad. And either you can break it off with her or you get mad, shout at each other and get over it. That is what anger is about.

Instead you pussy foot around being all pathetic and just sound like a cunt.

Read his replies, not only is he bargaining with a slut at length, he even laughs after her gf clearly lacks respect for him, seems that what her slut gf did was a joke since he's laughing. Boundaries should be respected period, if she won't do that then she can fuck right the fuck off.

>Nah, I'll do what I want.
>>Not with me you won't, we're done.

Is that so difficult? If you don't send proof of you sending something like that to her you are dooming yourself to be a fucking doormat for the rest of your existence.

Drop the bitch. No need to get mad and make it seem like she has any power over you, just dump her and move on with your life.

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I agree except for it being a test. Odds are she was just drunk and wanted to grind on a guy. Nothing Machiavellian about it, just a hoe with lose morals doing her thing.

nah, women test constantly so it's not far fetched. However it goes without saying that this bitch is a slut

I would like to fucking punch her until she dies, how the fuck did you even got into a relationship with such a shitty person

fucking cuck, bet you're the type of faggot that apologizes to your gf because she cheated on you.

Bro i can already tell exactly what time of girl this is and its honestly something that should've been avoidable from the start

If a woman bullies you it means she has no respect for you and sees you as pathetic and unfuckable, possibly even repulsive. Women are always, ALWAYS on best behavior with Chad. The minute a woman loses respect for you she will hop on another mans cock.

This is what happens when a desperate horny robot tries falls in love with the first retard to give him attention.
>B-but she's not like the other girls!
>I need her you don't understand guys!
I'm not trying to attack you but you should reallize theres probably a reason this bitch doesn't respect you.

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>ugly manlet with gf
>turns out to be spineless
>surprised when a bitch walks all over him
fucking kek. you faggots are the worst.

Everything with women is a shit test, this was a test for how much shit he will put up with. She is determining whether he will stay as her pussywhipped little betabux emotional boyfriend that she can continue to cuck and torture, or if he will stand up for himself and tell her to fuck off. The irony is if he actually told her to fuck off, she would probably come chasing after him begging to get back with her.

How did you fall for such a stupid, obviously fetishistic meme? You deserve this. Also you didn't give me one reason as to why you love her.

I thought she was bullying me because that's how some girls react to guys they like

He said she was hot too and thats why he LOVES her. His own fault for chasing after snapchat whores.

retard, you're not in middle school anymore.

>Never get a girlfriend

No, just man up and dont LTR vapid cum guzzling whores just because they have a pretty face or nice ass.

no but I don't try to control every single thing she does in her life like op. you should be able to respect someone you are in a relationship enough to trust them not to cheat on you. OP is out of line acting like that to his gf and he owes her an apology

Have you thought of the murder meme?

i still love her too much bros...

i could never do that

How are you able to love someone who doesn't give a single fuck about your feelings bro? Respect yourself.

You can still keep her body.

she is literally feeling up other guys.
if he doesn't dump her she got his balls in her purse.

Is it really considered "controlling" if shes fucking grinding other dudes in a club? Itd be one thing if she was simply having small talk with them and your jealousy made it seem like something more than it was, but shes basically softcore hoeing around with other dudes.

lmao kill yourself, it's not about liberty but about respect.

>pushing and testing him like an out of control child acts up to see how far they can push and manipulate their parent
You mean all women?

user have some goddamn self respect.

OP, show us a picture of her. She better at least be a 9/10 for you to be this fucking cucked. (And it's still not excusable even if she is)

Just cheat on her, and when she chucks you and send the revenge porn post it here. Win win.

I agree. Post her face right now.

It's true, unless the bullying is just light teasing in which case it means she's secretly into you and is just trying to get your attention.

Post the rest op.
He 100% already is.

You still haven't named a single thing you like about her besides her appearance. Bro, it's gonna hurt when you break up with her but you'll get over it literally as soon as you meet a different girl.

Can you show us the rest of the conversation, especially before this? I feel like there's more context to this

>Ur not valid tho

Should have DROPPED her right then and there. Anybody who tells you this doesn't give a SHIT about you emotionally. She may think you're attractive, but she does not care about you - unless we're missing context.

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>Tho instead of though
That is the mark of the degenerate and the redditor.

Lol dude woe is you. Strong independent wymmin that don't need you in their life (except after their chadly dadly or whatever abandons them in 2-6 years after 2 kids).
After dadly abandons her she'll be begging for you back.

Post her face and break up with her.

Nobody is worth this kind of maltreatment. She sounds like my ex.

you think your grandad would let a woman talk to him like that? grow some fucking balls zoomer

You first mistake was choosing a bitch that goes to clubs in the first place. Obvious sign of a whore. qt shy introvert girls are the only gfs worth having, hope you learned your lesson.

You are a fucking cuck and deserve every bit of this. I hope she fucks the biggest, blackest nigger she can find in front of you.

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You sound like me, i to use to date whores thinking i can not do better.



I left my fucking whore of an ex and i fucking love life right now my mental health went up significantly and im more confident than ever.

Sure i wanted to die for a good 6months after we broke up(i "loved" her like you claim you love this whore) seriously you need to text that bitch right now to never contact you again.


there is your first problem bro

user this is how a codependent relationship starts. I mean, I honestly cant say you're not better of alone. I was in a relationship that was pretty sour like this, and 2 years later I'm still kind of depressed. However, I think I'm depressed for tangential reasons and would be a lot worse off if I was still being emasculated daily. You gotta make your own choice, but theres no way you'll earn her respect through submission. You either wear the cuck collar for good or you break it off. If you actually show balls and stand up for yourself she might come around - this will likely only lead to a brief "rehoneymoon period" and then a slide back to being mindfucked - but dont count on it. You've gotta do you though

Stop being a bitch and send her a video of you fucking another girl already.

Caption: "Sorry it couldn't work out"
Then ignore her shit storm and never talk to her again. If you don't drop her you deserve to get cheated on.

thats sad man. dump that cunt she doesnt care about you at all

I was in exactly that situation and put up with it for almost 5 years, and it's probably my biggest regret in my entire life. She had a gift for manipulation and subtle abuse, finding every little insecurity I had and magnifying it into a gaping mental wound, and I came out of the relationship much worse than I started it. Six years later I still haven't been able to date or have sex with another woman because I'm so emotionally crippled by the experience. Don't let yourself become like me.

OP put rat poison on her food or horse laxative on her drink.

yeah this wasn't a test she already lost all respect for him, all hope is lost

You have no self respect or sense of self worth. You're a bitch and she knows it. If you don't respect yourself how can you expect others to respect you?

I can't wait until she literally cucks you like the bitch you are and makes you suck her Bulls cock and eat his cum out of her asshole. You'll get what you deserve you fucking mincer.

Can't do better? My guy. "Better" sure refer to how a girl makes you feel, nooot her fucking appearance. Care less about what others think and find a girl that'll treat you proper. Cuz you'r current gf is a dirty hoe. You're asking to catch something like HIV, my guy. Leave the bish.

Is OP the biggest cuck of 2019?

Lmaoooo she deffo got spit roasted by Chad and Tyrone at that club nogga

>I fell for the trap 8 minths ago

How big is her dick? Does she get hard?

If this is what you think of yourself then lmao at how she thinks of you