After a rough day...

after a rough day, how would you take out all your anger and frustration on your cute small gf who loves you unconditionally no matter what? she endures pain because shes suffered worse from friends and family, and only does it because she loves you

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Stop making threads. Fuck off


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>take out all your anger and frustration
why would I do that with someone I love?

because if you bottle up that anger, it could lead to an unhealthy relationship

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I'll be like this desu famsquad

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What are those grids called with shit like "when you ignore her" "when you hit her" and "when you say you want to break up". They're the best shit ever

ya i need some more

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why would I be angry at my gf?
lol wha'ts the point of getting a gf if you are just angry at her, that shit is toxic.

hate fuck her then go punch a punching bag for 15 minutes

another one i have

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Based user. What are these called? Is there a dump or an archive were I can find more of these?

By sighing really hard, climbing into bed, giving her headpats, and telling her I love her while we cuddle and take a nap.

idk i wanna find more. wish i could tell you

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By drinking and then telling her sorry if I had ever had an outburst on here, and that I never meant it and wish I could take it back.

Why would I hit her when I could love her instead? Thats a way better stress reliever in my mind

How much more unhealthy can it get when youre beating the shit out of her

No! This is a horrible fantasy to have, seek the lord!

shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up
you have no idea what youre talking about

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lol triggered raggie can only beat up girls

>hug her for a couple hours and cry

slap her, choke her, fuck her butt

why would i ever want to beat up a man? men arent for hitting

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ryona chads rise up

>tfw no gf that i can beat

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truly the worst feel

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I'd probably scream all of my thoughts out into the void as she listens. I do that already, but alone when I'm driving. It's strangely therapeutic to just be able to yell everything that bothers me out in the open, all my pain and anger just leaving my body.

what the fuck, no way, you trog

you. are. RUDE!!!

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