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Tekashi "Blicky Got the Stiffy" 6ix9ine will enter the witness protection program upon his release from prison:

is he /ourguy/ bros?

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There's nowhere he can go. He has a big ass 69 on his head. He'll be spotted in a week and the bloods will find him.

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he'll be fine, the police know what they're doing. I hope he gets released next year like he said.

cringe retard cope harder commit secs

How will he be fine? He made some legitimate enemies all across America, from New York to Chicago to Texas to Los Angeles. He can't even safely go to his hometown. He fucked himself.

Trust the plan
- Q

Is that thing male? What the fuck is that? What kind of degenerate would give a fuck about this "person"?

>make money off nigger rap
>niggers fuck up his career so he fuck up their lives
>made niggers and wiggers mad cuz he "SNITCHED"
>got off scott-free with money in the bank

He's HELLA based.

Lad, this pic you posted combined with
>He has a big ass 69 on his head
made me laugh like a donkey, which I usually never do. Thanks for posting.

He fucked up his own career. He didn't need to get involved with actual gang members. Most rappers who rap about gangster shit don't actually do it. Tekashi felt the need to involve himself in that world. And it backfired.

She's a tranny and I will shoot her goblin family dead.

You really think they didn't use him too? gangbangers keep this kind of retards close and make them feel like they gangsta and sheit just to take their monies.

How the fuck is one supposed to pronounce that? "GixGine?" "Sixix Nineine?"

six nine retard u obviously dont go to parties

Just 69, like the number i guess.

But also, how in the fuck he is going to hide with those big ass tattoos

just six-nine, it's a soundcloud rapper thing. boomers wouldn't understand

Sounds like he's no one's guy. They're gonna quarter that fruitloop.

Is the point of witness protection to be incognito under a new identity? I imagine that'll be fairly difficult when you look like what would happen if you gave a unicorn an enema.

My dad, who's been into hiphop since he was 13, just calls him Tekashi69.

By starting his own gang and wiping out the rivals.

he's going to do it
he will literally morph into this generation's Pablo Escobar, and release more hits for us to bump to as he stacks the drugs and bodies (as soon as he's done finessing his way out of prison)

Turns out 6ix9ine was the good guy all along and he was only pretending to be a nigger

Why would he be/our/ guy? He fucks, and is probably secretly gay. He is also a rat. Look at this freak and tell me he isn't going to start over a woman. But he is a fucking rat....that is the least gangster shit on the face of the planet. OP you're almost as faggy as your favorite rapper Apache Blu. He's fucked no matter where he goes. Just a lil boy trying to play pretend. None of these IG, social media, fuckboys know the meaning of actual street life.

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Are you fucking retarded ? He's a star witness in a RICO case. He would get killed in gen pop. He's in protective. They can't let anything happen to him, and he would get wrecked both anally and physically if he was with real gangsters. He is the most famous snitch in the world right now. He is such a big snitch he can't even be in the real world. Never mind jail where no one likes a snitch.

>Shitty emo rap
Frankly I couldn't care less what happens to him.

y'all are some keyboard warriors. 69 has more gangster in his pinky finger than everyone in this thread combined obviously. You guys talk tough on the internet boy, thats some goofy shit i aint into that boy.

They gave him 40 years and after he snitched they let him go? I don't really get it, seems like they just wanted him to snitch. But anyways, I would snitch too, I don't consider it stupid unless you have a very good reason not to snitch, like the other person is your boy or whatever. And I would also say that people that rag on him for being a snitch seem childish to me, like your morals are guided by something besides your own internal voice. "It's not street to snitch." But it is. Street guys live by a code for their own protection, but it doesn't mean you should never even think of violating that code, such a person would be a retard not fit for any serious operations like that. Being held in prison for 40 years for people you couldn't give a shit about? But I don't see the appeal in that.


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bumping the best thread in the catalog and existence