I listened to you assholes and now I'm being stalked by a crazy asian. I'm too afraid to leave my apartment

I listened to you assholes and now I'm being stalked by a crazy asian. I'm too afraid to leave my apartment.

How's your day user?

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I want an asian gf so bad. I live in a city that's like 70% asian, qt asian girls everywhere. I wish I was attractive to women.

>ITT Things that never happened.

go larp somewhere else.

by all mean's user. take my place or give a solution.

how'd you get into this situation? why did you even leave your apartment?

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He did give you a solution, to go larp elsewhere.

>not wanting a yandere

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Is it in Canada by any chance?

I think you have a sexual disease.

Alhambra, CA, a suburb of Los Angeles. I did go to Vancouver BC once, and that also seemed to be largely Asian.

Is "unattractiveness" a sexual disease? Because you can't really get an STI by not having sex.

No I think you have a unhealthy view of women and society.

I'm morbidly curious about what the armchair psychologist has to say.

So if i were to show up to this Alhambra place, what would be the game plan for getting an Asian cutie there?
Why are you not bagging Asian cuties?

Heavenly Father, I ask not for your forgiveness but that you look away, for what I am about to do will even make cherubs cry

>what would be the game plan for getting an Asian cutie there?
How the fuck should I know? I already established I'm not attractive to women. Asking me for help isn't the blind leading the blind; it'd be more like asking the blind to intentionally blind the sighted.

Fuck, I live in Burbank and find myself over there in the SGV all the time. Took some classes at PCC for a while and that was fucking torture, place is azn qt central but I'm hopeless with them too.

I don't even think I'm unattractive to them, I just can't "read" them at all and I'm never confident enough that they're interested to do anything about it, there's something about asian girls where they act in ways that'd be blatant flirting if it came from a white girl but they're not actually interested.

I heard Canadian Asians are pretty crazy.

damn i need to move to LA or something. I live in Cali but a shithole with no Asian cuties.

This is completely aside from the point but I have a raging fetish for these kinds of skimpy bikinis/underwear and I hate that pretty much no girls actually wear them except for Asian cosplay thots who actually live in Asia.

Is she a cutie tho?!

I've seen some of these types of bikini close to where I live (live near a beach) it's nice to look at but the girl's here are fucking crazy.

she is but I don't fuck crazy.

I've seen some pretty slutty bikinis around lately but the big trend right now is this "athleisure" bullshit and so girls are mostly wearing stuff with really high waists and lots of ass exposure but way too much front coverage. I'm not really an ass man, I like low-rise shit that exposes the sides and top of the pubic area from the front.

I can only relate to part of that. There's Asian qts everywhere, but I am unattractive to them, and they don't act flirtatiously towards me. That's true of every girl, though.

Send her my way then

Yeah, it's sort of the opposite for me, whenever I'm in a position to meet Asian girls they act really friendly and flirty toward me but then start talking about their boyfriend/husband or whatever and just generally make it clear they're not actually interested as soon as they sense that I might be.

unless you're black, mixed and or muscular, you will not be fucking her.

So she's crazy and only fucks black dudes?

No. She openly prefers them but she doesn't fuck them exclusively. That's how I was able to go out with her.

what I was saying. she only likes black guys, mixed guys and muscular guys.