Okay fellow footfags, got a question for you. which of the following would you rather?

Okay fellow footfags, got a question for you. which of the following would you rather?

>Option A
10/10 qt. She's aware of your degenerate fetish and loves to indulge you in it. She loves anything you're interested in and lets you smell, worship, kiss, lick her feet, shoes, socks, etc at your pleasure. However she's a professional ballerina and her feet are gnarly as fuck, all twisted n scarred as ballerina's feet often are. I guess you could cover them up with stockings or something, but that's like putting makeup on jabba the hutt.

>Option B
also a 10/10. She has perfect feet, the feet of your dreams. She is always wearing whatever suits your own specific brand of degeneracy, be it sexy heels, dirty socks, or even just walking around barefoot. Nails always painted your favorite color, and she always takes good care of them. However, she's absolutely repulsed by footfags. If she discovers that you're a degenerate, or if you show any sexual interest in her feet, she'll break up with you and tell everyone you know about your disgusting fetish. She's a pretty deep sleeper though, and what you do to her feet while she sleeps probably won't wake her up, right?

>Option C
The best of A and B. Perfect, beautiful feet, and just loves to step on you or whatever it is you enjoy. an entire wardrobe filled with heels, flats, flip flops, or whatever suits your fancy, and wears them for the sole purpose of showing off their amazing feet just for you. however he's a trap. he passes with makeup though, but still has a dick.

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Can you make an option for guys who want a girl that lost both of her feet in a trampoline accident when she was young, and her nubs look kind of deformed like pig snouts, and she's really embarrassed by it so she doesn't wear clothing that reveals her legs or feet in public?

ok option d just for you my guy, enjoy it

Option c 100%.
No downsides.

I guess I'd have begrudgingly to go with C. Shame about the dick though, god how gross, a milky shaft with a delicate pink head and smooth luscious balls. Makes me sick.

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No chance of converting B?

Okay I choose that one

Option C so long as no one finds out that he's actually a trap.

>10/10 professional ballerina

I also have a fetish for flexibility, athleticism, and dancers, so I'll take that one and just ignore the feet. A woman doesn't have to fit all your needs to be perfectly fine.

A doesn't really have any drawbacks. Worshipping a ballerina's feet is hot.

have you ever actually seen ballerina feet? fucking nasty, go google it.

I guess B but all of the options are bad

literally Eli, no better option

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Jesus christ, man. The only winning move here is to not play at all.

Ffffuuuuccckkkk that. Had no idea how fucked ballerina feet get. Mad respect to them. That's looks brutal

Sure there is. B can be converted because all women can. Suck her toes a few times while railing her and she'll come around real quick.

Option A. I'm only partially a footfag though.

obviously option C
as someone who's Bi, this works great for me

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Could you have made the choice any easier?
>C because traps are the best
>B because it's not as bad as A
>A because for me the feet have to be nice

I used to be into circumcised feet

Trannies never have good feet, why any guy who is into feet will never be into a man, they have absolutely gross huge caveman feet. Only women have nice feet, period. If you like a trannies foot you are a faggot.

option c, i'm a non hetero footfag, so that works perfectly for me. boy feet are amazing

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boyfeet > girl feet


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I'll take option B and be very discrete about my fetish. I would give her messages and jerk off in the bathroom after.

a and c are shit choices
b probably realistically gets you at least one short foot session while she's asleep (at least you imply she's a heavy sleeper), and then you dump her before she dumps you

fucking trapfags and their shit taste
your webm is female feet btw, malay or indonesian from what I remember

It makes no difference. It's really attractive that they're making that sacrifice for their art. I'm not obsessively into feet but if my partner did ballet, I would love to show my appreciation for it. Even if I did think it was gross, a girl who breaks up with you for touching her feet would make a horrible gf and I'm not a fag, so there's only one viable option anyway.

Every woman likes footrubs

Give me C with the shame in footfags as B and now I have three fetishes in one
Or y'know just straight up give me a man with average big smelly feet who secretly knows I have a foot fetish but pretends not to, and keeps his feet by me and wiggles them around while I'm laying under a blanket jacking off, doesnt even need to be 10/10, doesn't even need to be a normal person

Option A
C is gay
B is a cunt for breaking up with me over a harmless fetish