Femanons, have you had any experiences with IRL shotas? were they positive or negative?

femanons, have you had any experiences with IRL shotas? were they positive or negative?

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Positive. I love boys, never done anything illegal but I love being overly close and affectionate with them and teasing them.

>teasing them
how exactly?

Hugging them to my chest, nuzzling them, getting handsy and affectionate

At what age does a boy stop qualifying as shota?

its mainly a physical appearance thing, but i believe anywhere from 9-14

>tfw no mommy gf to take a bath with

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seeing this truly saddens me. i am male user, and shotacon has been my fetish ever since I was 5. i always wanted either a motherly 18 year old girl to play around with me like I'm some toy, or maybe a SMALL harem of like, 4 highschool senior girls to do the exact same thing. now, everything is ruined:
I'm 19, in college
grown-ass adult, had to move past my mommy issues,
I still miss that dream EVERY fucking day.
i'm close to just ending it all. that was the one thing I NEEDED in life, and it's too fucking late.

Why were you not in my life when I was a boy

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it hurts, fren. it really does hurt.

I'm writing an /ss/ story. How does this type of thing sound:
>We were both sitting on the couch, and Christi's arms were wrapped around me.
>"When are you going to let go of me?" Christi just started leaning into me.
>"I'm tired. Just let me sleep like this."
>"You're crushing me!" I struggled out of her hold and stood up. Christi toppled onto the cushions.
>"Mmm." Christi groaned while sprawling out. "I stayed up too late last night, but I knew you would be lonely if I didn't come today."
>"Jeez, you didn't have to come."
>"That's so sweet of you to think about me." Christi sunk further into the couch cushions. "But I'm fine right here, unless you want me to sleep in your bed instead."
>"Hehe, nothing."

Fuck I want to but I'm a fucking coward. I've only messed around with shotas when I was underaged myself. God it's my biggest fetish and I think about it literally all day. It makes me want to cry sometimes. I'm so fucked up, I know, I know it's wrong, but it feels so natural.

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> listen here good and well, femanon.
there are little boys out there who need to be played with by a thicc milf like you. you need to stop being a pussy, and give those boys your pussy.
hell, just look at , he wants to fucking kill himself because he didn't get him some mommy tiddies. you are the last hope for the shotas.

I'm a fucking sperg just like the likes of you and I don't even know where to find them or get into a situation where I am close to one.
I don't have friends and I don't have family nearby. Do you expect me to take my autistic ass to some highschool with a sign that says "in need of a cute boy''?

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> adopt a small kid, and raise him like how the milfs and big sisters raise their shotas.
go to a fucking park and enjoy watching the little rascals run around. eventually, one will show up alone, then you can tease him. no kidnapping tho.
> babysit/housesit for the age range desired. the result is obvious.
stop being an autistic sperg, get some friends who also like shotas, and find a little boy to make the luckiest in the world.

Just a few encounters on omegle.

half of Jow Forums is underage so it shouldn't be that difficult

What about targeting single mothers who have sons?

>tfw little hapa lad in nipland
>high school girls would touch my hair and take photos with me and shit
>developed a phobia of people touching me to the point I will fight people over them putting their hands on anywhere other than my hands


could work? it's high risk, high reward. if the mother is okay with it or even likes it, then you're next in line for the TIME OF YOUR LIFE.
> However...
if the mother is disgusted by this, she could call the authorities and attempt to frame you as a sex offender, even though there's nothing wrong with playing with little boys like that if you're an older girl.

When I was maybe 12 I went to go paint this womans house for thirty dollars. When I got inside she suddenly decided that she didn't want the living room painted blue, she wanted it painted white. I told her I didn't have any white paint and she pulled me away to her bedroom and fucked my nuts dry. Telling me I was making her cheat on her husband and how cumming inside me was exactly how she should be punished.

Best sex of my life with that maniac.

Doesn't painting walls always involve painting them white first though?

Just drop a discord theyres probably some lurking right here as other user said half the board underage anyway i started browsing when i was 12

She was a friend of my grandma and my grandma just wanted me out of the house. If I had to guess the walls were already a kind of gray? Who knows I think she really did just want to fuck me.

are there any pedo femanons still here? at what age do you stop considering them shotas?

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it's all about their age, size, maturity, and personality. the age is probably cut off around 13 or 15, the size has to be 5'00" or shorter, they can't be going through puberty in any major degree (because fuck acne and fuck voice cracks). last, the personality is more important than you think. nobody wants an arrogant little shit, they want the cute, timid, weak ones that you can boss around, not that you would, other than ordering them to cuddle.

this neanderthal fucks grandmothers, let's kinkshame him like the granny licking horse fucker he is.

i don't think you can be 5ft or shorter at 15 unless you're a literal dwarf or on hormone blockers. what about 5'10

sorry, I'm not used to the american standard system. how does 5'06" sound?

>how does 5'06" sound?
post discord

don't have discord, sorry my guy.

I'm still here. 17 is the cutoff for me. I prefer 14-16 myself. I guess I am more of a hebephile.

As i said highly likely theres some here

What is the peak shota age in your opinion to all reading this

>used to think /ss/ was the hottest shit ever, a woman being so lustful she has sex with little boys that have no chance of ever sexually satisfying her
>stumble on a webm on here of a woman in her 20's having sex with a little 2-3 year old boy
>boy is crying and screaming while she plays with his dick and inserts it in her vag
>she rides him while he's screaming

Literally scarred me and made me find /ss/ completely disgusting. All pedo shit is sick and pedos need to die.

>I saw a car crash so cars are disgusting

Real life pedo shit is gross.

thats absolutely vile, user. im sorry you had to experience something so horrid. mind telling me exactly where to find it so i know where to avoid looking?

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The little nigga was just busting the nut of his life chill out bro

I had a woman that used to do that to me. I felt uncomfortable. Like when you suddenly hug a cat and they start kicking away. I was like that cat with that woman.

cough cough


It's legitimately vile and horrific until the boy hits puberty and actively wants to jackhammer pussy 24/7. Before that is just child abuse.

the appeal is them being innocent and pure user. a 14-16 year old boy who browses Jow Forums isn't innocent and pure.

All real life porn is gross because people in their right mind don't record themselves doing sexual things. You're either trolling or a genuine idiot.

Its not as if being on this site instantly changes their personality especially if theyre new and if youve been around its pretty clear were filled to the brim with underage newfags

strange assumption guy, she was like 36

36 is granny tier

And how would this happen, kid? Your parents okay with some ara ara stranger stealing away their precious little boy to ravage on the daily? And also marry and spoil for life?

Paedos, both male and female, get a bullet. Ive seen some shit.

>Some people = all people

I miss the times when i was cute and had curly hair
Now im just a fat jarhead

been here since i was 13. desperately wish i was groomed by a pedo fembot

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how young were they
i want to be teased too

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my sister's 3 years and molested me when I was 9

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You can't just say stuff like that and not describe it, user.

I dont give a fuck what kind of paedo you are you fucking faggot. Id still see you buried alive.

They dont love me anyway so i dont think they would
im very observant of them and know how to get around them they couldn't stop me if they tried

hey your not me, fuck off. Dont try and impersonate me

fucking kek and based

eh fair enough. Either way she was wildin'

i'm innocent and pure! i promise user!
please pick me!!

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I don't remember much of it, but I do remember that she had me touch her vagina and I was scared to show her my pp, one moment I remember is me saying I'm scared if she gets pregnant and she laughed at that

never had negative feelings about it when I thought of it but me and my sister never really talked about it after she stopped doing it

(proof) >:((((( baka baka

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Sorry user you took too long to reply and i felt bad if youre here now go on i wont do it again
maybe its very tempting because i wasnt lying

>little boys fighting over me
Lord give me strength...

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hey always wanted to ask this do you femanons have the same attraction you have towards shotas to traps as well? I'm not talking about trannies but traps

if you are a real fem user and not a rper i must say this is a pretty good day

Im sorrryyyyy i hope i didnt cause too much confusion hurry up other user speak up i wasnt the one replied to so ill be good and respect that you were the one replied to and first come first served but jeez it is getting hard to stop myself i never thought id see a woman into boys younger than them

i was kind of thinking about this too for no particular reason
would any femanons be interested in pic related
might be oc or something
could be shota too

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No I am a heterosexual and I am attracted to boy traits, not girl traits.

>could be shota too
uhhh MODS

nono, you can go, you were the opportunist.

i said could
i could be lying

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that sounds very illegal

no risks are taken

you should get off the fag shit user it's gross

is that you rosie?

shhh no one has to know
correct user
pls don't bully

It seems shes gone anyway so i guess its for the best to kill those hopes in us that will likely never be fulfilled

haha can you kiss and frot eachother and the first boy to make the other one cum gets to impregnate me haha
It would be quite funny

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underage queers that post nudes of themselves on Jow Forums are deserving of being bullied

If that would make you happy then yes ill try my best if its a fair contest otherwise id feel bad

stop he's going to cum

>Been hitting reload for the past 22 minutes
come back soon okay i really
want attention

What do you like the most, little cutie? For me, I like it when boys beg while getting edged.

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Do actual shotas want this? Or just grown men?

Id like that alot
Im already quivering a little at the thought
Id do anything you ask of me too I live to serve

Tell me one of your fantasies, please. Sexual, because I really wanna masturbate right now.

i wouldve liked if my hot older cousin paid attention to me, i wanted to fondle her breasts when she was sleeping

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I always fantasize about the older girls in my school all the time. I wish one day one of them will coerce me into helping them with homework and sneak aphrodisiac into my drink. Id be completely subservient to all her needs and wants she can think of. Id worship their skin lick them from the stomach up and down bury my face in her chest and have my hips grinding nearly subconciously across her entire lower body spreading dribbles of pre cum across her inner thighs as i quiver and lick as much as i can

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going by defintion
[spoilers]yes at least (1) shotas want this[/spoiler]

There are no shotas here, so there is no way to know.

I feel like i took too much time to write i apologize

>ywn be a cute little boy and be forced to serve sexy onee-sans

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>On dating site
>Meet black girl
>perfect body for me, likes the same music I did
>Eventually drops she shlicks to straight shota
>instant boner
>She's dated white boys my age before and loved it until he cheated on her or something
>more hebe but still
>ask her to meetup with me and be my gf
>She's still thinking about it but relunctant
>Shes brought up sex and asked to see my dick
Im just gonna drop my discord here xP Cool person#5577
Also if you live in virginia plz add Im bored and lonely and horny af

why can I never have good things

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I like teasing shotas more myself. Getting served like that makes me embarrassed. Little boys are like angels on earth and I just want to make them mine and worship them.
I'd like to make them wear lewd clothes. Not girl clothes, but something to show off their underdeveloped masculinity. Like jock straps and calf-high socks and wristbands. Even hotter if I can find a way to make them wear historically accurate boy clothes from antiquity.
You're fine.

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Can't force the willing, checkamte christians.
>ywn be a cute little boy
a devastating feel

Ill try my best to give you as much material i felt like i couldve described more but idk if youre the one who doesnt have discord

That wasn't me, I'm not the only female shotacon itt.

Woah i kinda find that hard to believe because of how rare and precious a value woman like you but if you do
lightstreams#1330 ill be deleting this post in a few minutes