Regularly hang out with a girl for half a year

>regularly hang out with a girl for half a year
>we become close
>not in a beta orbiter way, she buys me food more often than I buy her anything
>fall in love with a girl
>she has a boyfriend though
>two weekends ago they break up
>decide to wait because I don't want to ask her out right after she's broken up with someone
>last saturday, literally 6 days later they get back together
>avoid her all week
>yesterday I man up and just straight up tell her how I feel about her
>she says she had a crush on me but won't date me because I'm not chinese
>she says our cultures are too different
>she feels that she would never be able to express her feelings properly to me because her english isn't perfect
Learning chinese and going to the gym 3 days a week was not enough. I learned some lessons though
1. don't learn a language for a girl
2. ask her out the moment she's single
3. if possible ask her out within an hour of meeting her
4. girls won't make you happy

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Meant to say
>fall in love with girl
>fall in love with a girl

you make the same thread about some girl every day
you're a creep and she's right for not dating you

she won't date you because she needs her families money
A LOT of people of ALL RACIAL BACKGROUNDS AROUND THE WORLD don't approve of mixed racial dating, especially the older folks
you think she bought you those things with "HER" money, lmao

she wants you but for financial reasons can't accept you, workout more and try to get some form of employment
you didn't fuck up, it's older generations fault for being intolerant

You're definitely right about "her" money coming from her parents. I have a job though. Although I'm in college, my loans are all out in my name and I pay for all my food, travel, supplies etc. by myself because I work an on campus job and also work whenever I'm home from school. I also study a very lucrative degree and have fantastic grades. I'm not shredded by any means but I have some muscle and I'm thin. I'm 6'0, completely white, and have a nice face. My biggest problem is my raging yellow fever. I get what you're saying but I can't help but be frustrated with it all

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Chinese and Western cultures are the two most separated major cultures in the world
You don't know Chinese either and the Chinese love their language. So much of Chinese culture revolves around their language.

I posted some trivially easy 101 sentences in earlier threads, and you couldn't even make them out.

Pro tip: You're a beta male

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When I say I learned chinese I mean I learned 100 characters or so. I don't have the spare time or money to take a class on chinese so all I can do is teach myself. If I dated her long term I would put down plenty of money to learn it properly

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fucking race traitor. fuck you.

>100 characters
What in the fuck dude. I thought you'd at least learned over 1000 characters. You realize to be able to communicate Chinese as well as an elementary schooler you need 3000 characters. Chinese adults typically know over 6000 characters.

But that's just characters. You still have to learn all the homophones, sentence structure, etc... It is one of the #1 hardest languages for westerners to learn, because western language distinguishes words through pronuncation, whereas the Chinese has very simple pronunciation. They distinguish between words with different tones and there's thousands of things in Chinese culture that are there because 2 or 10 words sound the same but at different tones

This was over the course of one month self teaching while working 30 hours a week and gym 5 hours a week. The fuck are you expecting from me? Why did you even come to my thread?

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You were definitely a beta orbiter

100 characters takes 2 hours to memorize
You don't understand anything about her, but you make these threads every day as if it's her fault

>100 characters takes 2 hours to memorize
Either bait or you think you're le super intelligent reincarnation of basado nietzsche
>You don't understand anything about her, but you make these threads every day as if it's her fault
>You don't understand anything about her
You know nothing about us besides the summary I've made in these threads
Explain why she bought my dinner two weeks ago and this friday she's buying me lunch

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stupid white boy she's getting fucked by a BAC

Doesn't matter what she buys, she's not romantically interested in you. You're a beta, and you're orbiting her. Cope harder and it'll just make it harder to move on weirdo

>Doesn't matter what she buys, she's not romantically interested in you
That's the whole point of my thread you dumb fucking gorilla nigger

What is this weird fantasy planet you were inhabiting where girls dump the ex they just got back with because a guy friend said they had feelings? Obviously she's more emotionally/personally invested in that guy than you, and them dating locks that into place. If she was single maybe you had a chance, but dating?

Her telling you she had a crush on you but won't date over cultural boundaries is literally the best scenario you could've hoped for. I'm not fucking with you. She could've easily said she'd never see you again and cut you out of her life. What you did was dumb as fuck. Cultural boundaries are also a real reason. I wasn't sure from your post if you took it seriously or not, but it's a good reason not to date.

I would keep her around as a friend, wait for her to get single or offer an opening, and then make a move again. Preferably with alcohol involved on both sides. It's a little touchy since you confessed preemptively, but her response was favorable enough that you might have a shot in the future if things go well.

The White guy who likes Chinese girls learning Chinese is a total meme, but you should probably keep doing it on the down-low since I'm guessing you like Chinese girls and they'll like that.

2 hours is being generous. It's not hard if you pace yourself and have some coffee in your system. Yet it takes 600+ hours to attain just "acceptable" communication in Chinese for the average person based on national studies for English speakers.

I put in 300 hours into Chinese and I am nowhere adequate to have any sort of fluent conversation, but even beyond the 300 hours, there is so much culture, sayings, superstitions, etc... that is insane to westerners which takes years to learn.

Ever gift someone a watch only to get slapped? Or go into a hospital that went floor 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6? How about being disgraced at a family meeting for not tipping your glass at the right height?

Even if she was attracted to you, you guys are worlds apart and you can't mend that gap

And my point is you denied being a beta orbiter, and if you accepted it, acted alpha and quit obsessing over this chink you might actually have a chance you slack jawed autismo

The beta orbiting thing is a meme. Why does she telling him he has a crush on her if it's just orbiting? Like, that could fuck with her and her unstable relationship with her bf if it got out and she took the risk of telling him that. And what's even the cost to orbiting if he genuinely enjoys her presence and isn't spending money on her?
You can't virgins can't convince me that this guy doesn't have some sort of chance with this girl later on. If she breaks up with her bf and they both get drunk together, they could easily start making out and it's all up from there.

You're right, I called him a beta orbiter before thoroughly reading the thread. He has a chance but as he stands he's still a beta orbiter. The cultural thing actually sounds sincere, op should keep her on the back burner and find a new woman to focus on instead of learning chinese

Even if they are born worlds apart, she's in his world now. She could just as easily decide she wants to fuck a guy she thinks is cute, and that guy might just be OP in the right circumstances. They might never be able to date seriously enough for him to meet her parents, but they don't have to. Those are future problems for once the relationship is established in the first place.
The cultural boundaries excuse is a real excuse to reject his confession, but it's not a rock solid one. It leaves the door open to future possibilities, especially when punctuated with something of a confession on her part.

Agreed. OP needs to stop worrying about this girl romantically and should find someone else he can worry himself over. This girl might come along eventually, but that's not worth obsessing over.

Based on China culture, a girl who dates for "sex" or hooking up would be shunned by her family and China. Dating is strictly for marriage and there is heavy propaganda for this from the Chinese government which extends far beyond Chinese borders. In every country in the world the Chinese have their own communities where they try to maintain their culture

So here's the thing.

A lot of Asian girls still have a very strong interest/curiousity/preference for white guys, just like always.

BUT with the caveat that yellow fever is now a very well understood phenomenon. Further than that, at least in Japan there was a big scandal 3-5 years ago where everyone on the news was commenting about this white youtuber who basically played up the whole "asians are submissive for white dick" thing.

So pretty much every Asian girl only wants to date white dudes that aren't constantly orbiting asians girls/visibly obsessed with some form of Asian pop culture/preferably haven't dated another Asian girl before (obviously you can lie about that)

I dont think you actually learned Chinese, from what other user said. Language classes are full of faggots like you who take two levels, learn a bit of slang from some piece of puss, and then think they're fluent and too cool for school. I actually started learning a language for a girl, and broke up with her two years into classes, but was actually interested enough and felt fulfilled enough at that point to get a full degree.

Lo and behold, actually trying to understand the culture cured my yellow fever.its not that I wouldn't date an east Asian girl, but I understand that theres too much culture baggage too make it worth it in most cases - and further, that they're just girls. Anyway, Galaxy brain is liking Muslim waifus as a white guy, while also liking salacious francophone girls on the side.

Anyone else can't stop thinking about your oneitis? I was just recently told that she also had a crush on me. she's living rent free in my head