Went on a few dates with a girl

>went on a few dates with a girl
>we get along great
>start talking about difficult games from our childhood
>I make a small off-hand joke about Battletoads giving me PTSD
>she becomes enraged
>"you can't get PTSD from a fucking videogame"
>says that my joke minimizes and trivializes the suffering of actual PTSD victims like herself
>cancels the date, blocks me on everything

Was that joke really that offensive? I feel bad... I apologized to her, but she wouldn't have it. I don't really care about the dating her aspect anymore. I just feel bad that I upset her so much. It was a dumb thoughtless joke, I didn't want to hurt her...

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If someone is getting that mad over something they perceive as offensive rather than trying to at least attempt diplomacy they are not someone you want to spend time with.

She got triggered. There's nothing you can do really. It's just a weakness we possess.

You can try talking to her when she cools down but keep in mind you WILL trigger her in the future.

She sounds insufferable, like the type that would go on a rant about why you can't call something autistic or retarded, dodged a bullet.

>talking like your on Jow Forums
>in real life
lmao look at this loser, also you went on a date so you need to leave

>apologizing to someone this sensitive just because you wanna smash
your whole attempt to get her was a fucking joke in the beginning, user

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I've lost interest in her. I just feel like an asshole.

Thats the thing with PTSD though they overreact like that retard you were dating just did

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A weakness SOME people possess, some of us are actually smart.

>buying the ptsd meme
>being that weak

You dodged a bullet user. Keep hunting for more stern stock.

don't feel bad. you had no intention to cause harm and it's a common turn of phrase, and it's not as though you didn't attempt to reconcile.
clearly this person is extremely sensitive and lacks empathy if she can't see past you erring once, ie she has tunnel vision for her already emotionally crippled life, and anyone that challenges that (even if on accident and with all good intentions) does not fit in that.
you dodged a bullet user

>Was that joke really that offensive?
yeah, to a moron looking for an excuse to be dramatic. maybe the fight was really about something else entirely and you missed the signs that she was already irritated about something else. but more likely she's just crazy as most thots are and you dodged a bullet.

She probably didnt even get that mad and was just looking for an excuse to ghost you without looking like an asshole

Her reaction seemed very genuine. She had trouble breathing, she was trembling, her face was red, her eyes were full of tears and looked like they were about to bulge out of her head. She stomped out of the restaurant and it took about 10 minutes before she stopped hyperventilating.

Did she say what she got PTSD from? Probably got pumped and dumped by Chad and cried rape.

You dodged bullet op, good job.

Best post in the thread

I think you gave her PTSD

Abusive childhood and a rape

I mean...she shouldn't have blocked you out just for that stupid joke, but her reaction is now at least understandable.
Don't feel bad, there's not much you could've done differently. You should probably move on and forget this ever happened, no matter how hard it is to let go.

you sound funny user, might be right too, but regardless you should ignore weak women like her.

Well OP consider this, when I was 23(28 now) I dated a girl for about a month or two. We got along great, ate together, smoked weed together, fucked, etc, we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend but I treated her like a gf (as I do all the women iv'e had one night stands with) I didn't care that she was fat or even had hair on her body. What my red flag was is when she said she liked Anitta Sarkeesan. But I tried to not be judgemental.

One day she tells me we can't fuck anymore because she's going back with her bf again(turns out that her bf and her were having conflicts over her fucking other people.) I was like sure, that's fine. One day out of the blue she messages me on skype telling me she saw some of the stuff iv'e said on youtube and didn't wanna be friends anymore. Fucking nosey retarded feminist bitch. And on her profile she she says she's queer and some other made up gender shit. Before she said she was a feminist on her profile but later took that off probably realizing that would scare off normal people away.

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Yeah, idk it's just kind of frustrating because I didn't actually minimize her disorder, her past, her feelings, or anything she accused me of. A videogame obviously isn't enough to inspire PTSD, it was just meant as a silly over-the-top "Battletoads is hard" joke

Thank you kind anons