Do you wash your legs and feet when you're in the shower

Do you wash your legs and feet when you're in the shower

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no and I literally never have

>taking a shower


People don't do that? What the fuck since when

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Nah that's for black people

No, I don't want to slip.

I'm confused as to why people even bother bathing if they're not going to clean their whole body. Someone in real life asked me OP's question and I said the same thing. Then he got confused and asked if I washed my asshole too, as if it was a weird thing people don't do.

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Most people are fucking idiots who cant even do basic hygiene.

Washing ones asshole shouldnt have to be explained to them.

When I had a job yes. But now that I'm NEET and fatter than ever there's no real motivation too plus bending down is a chore. Most I'll do is squeeze my luffa on my belly and wipe off the excess soap to my feet then rub my feet on each other so they at least get a basic soapy half assed wash.

>white people don't clean themselves
>they call other people "subhumans"

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Are there really people who do not wash their stinky feet?

There are people who believe that the soap that trickles down from the top of their body will somehow clean their feet and legs.

I only started recently washing my asshole properly. I never touch my legs or feet. I'm not a manlet it's hard bending down for that

What needs cleaned on my legs so delicately? I literally don't sweat there. My feet are constantly moving in soapy water and they don't sweat much either. My sweat points are my back and head and pits. Plus I have a skin graft on my leg and touching it is uncomfortable

White culture is fucking insane.

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You haven't answered me.

>natural nigger bo is fecal matter fumes

>the tranny board is white culture

I wash all of my body like normal human being always should do.
Only degenerate sub humans don't do that.

kek, its past your bedtime niggy

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Nah, I only wash my genitals, asshole and underarms. Scrubbing your whole body removes beneficial bacteria and upsets the balance of oils in your skin. It's really best to only wash the parts of your body that get regularly dirty/smelly and only wash the rest if you got dirt on yourself or something.

Ever since I watched that one George Carlin act, I go by his mantra: AACT. That is, armpits, asshole, crotch and teeth. The four essential areas to clean. And it works out for me.