Alarm wakes you up at 6am

>Alarm wakes you up at 6am
>Turn off alarm and go back to bed
>Wake up at 10am
>Rush to get ready for the day and get to uni on time
>Can't make healthy breakfast, not enough time
>Force feed doughnuts family keeps on kitchen counter
>Still live with parents.jpeg
>Get in car and start driving towards uni
>You don't need to speed, but you do it for the adrenaline rush
>Once you reach 60mph you start to think about turning into oncoming traffic
>You try to start thinking of something else
>Get to uni
>Class doesn't start for another 15 minutes, so you browse Jow Forums for 10
>Walk into class
>Huge anxiety rush once people look in your direction
>Breathing speeds up, so you try and calm yourself down by slowly breathing in and out
>Class begins
>You already know most of the material from high school, and don't pay attention to the lecture
>Watch the clock for what feels like days until class finally ends
>Fuck ton of homework was assigned, so you plan on doing it right once you get home so that you can enjoy the rest of the day
>Get home and immediately start watching YouTube and chewing on unhealthy snacks
>"Meh, I've got plenty of time. I'll do the homework in a bit"
>You go over your calorie limit for the day because you didn't track the food you ate
>"Oh well. I guess I'll start that diet tomorrow. I don't even need to lose that much weight anyway"
>Spend 3 hours eating and watching YouTube
>Decide you need to do something about the homework
>Open the website your homework is on
>"Let me go piss first"
>Sit on the toilet for an hour shitposting on /b/
>Come back out ready to tackle homework
>"I'm kinda hungry, I'll eat first"
>Several hours pass, it's now dark outside
>"Ah well, it's too late to do the homework now. I'll do it tomorrow and take the late penalty"
>Stay up until 2am shitposting, making bait threads on /b/, Jow Forums, and Jow Forums to farm (you)s for dopamine hit
>"Oh fuck, I need to get to sleep"

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>Jack off to fetish porn
>Instantly disgusted by what you're watching and yourself
>The bluelight from the screen is going to keep you up for another hour, but oh well
>Set alarm for 6am
>Get in bed
>Fall asleep

based, I miss genuine relatable greentexts

absolutely based and doompilled

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>get annoyed with friends over something small
>don't see them for a few days
>few days turns into one week
>one week turns into two weeks
>two weeks turns into three weeks
>at this point i don't have the energy to make the effort to see them
this needs to stop happening

user, i know this might sound like I'm being a dick, but you have it so good right now. I'm in a dimension you haven't gone through yet. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to never go through with it, It is absolutely horrifying. The real side of adulthood is fucking terrifying, you enjoy being a college fuckup NEET while you can.

>using bluelight past midnight

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t. Chose shit career

> t. Chose shit career
But wait, there's more-
> first death(s)of an immediate family member
> realizing you no longer have a home because of this
> scrambled what's left of your family legacy into a one bedroom apartment
> lose your job because your inability to not be sad at work is affecting productivity
> discovering all friendships with people you didn't grow up with are just ways to suck time, money, resources out of you
> finally acquired sex and a relationship and it's not even worth it because you have bills to pay, you view them as an additional income
> lie awake at night with a perma flaccid dick, knowing it's either keep doing some shit you hate or literally be without shelter, can't even fuck her because you're so stressed
> think about killing yourself weekly
> only pisses your boss off for making him have to pretend worry about your mental health, basically says stop being depressed or you're fired
Maybe it sounds really gay typed out, but I really miss being a college fuckup staying with my parents.

You're right, it does sound really gay typed out. You have literally become the cynical boomer that tell kids to "enjoy it while it lasts"

Well, they were right. Pussy ass zoomers think it's the end of the world for oversleeping and eating tendies. Get in a real nigga world

Ngmi. Just kill yourself and save yourself a lifetime of hell

Nah, there's still more that life has to offer. If I continue on this path though, suicide is probably imminent. I just miss the good ol' days before I had to actually redirect my life.

I feel you, uni's drained the life out of me too, especially since my uni's compsci program isn't at all what I thought it'd be. Hardly creative and absolutely mind numbing. Seems like all schools want you to do is memorize a bunch of shit so they can pretend they've actually taught you something.

There is plenty life has to offer, you just have to do something to get out of the shit life you've put yourself in. You have complete control over your life, nobody else. Take it back

most of those seem like your own fault mostly. And most people do not deal with immediate sudden death that throws their life into chaos. Stop projecting your own life onto others.

If you say so.

I'm just saying that I rather go back to being a NEET and being an adult with no family or money sucks. I think you're trying to be enlightened and objective, but it doesn't read that way. Going for the "ur projecting" meme is literally babbys first psych class tier.

I kinda relate but also not really. I had a decent amount of discipline throughout high school and my first two years of college, doing homework immediately and getting a 3.9 GPA.

But this semester... I dunno man. My depression has reached a new low to the point where I think about suicide every day, and am trying to work up the courage to buy a gun. One of my two last friends has officially cut off all contact, and the other is into drugs and has gone MIA so I'm officially friendless. Still a KHV, and the last few girls I've had crushes on at work nothing has panned out. And my severe OCD constantly lingers in the background

Most of all though my will to live, and any motivation or drive I once had (I had almost none to begin with) has fallen through the floor. I have no dream, no talents, no goals, no desires (besides to just rot in my room on computer forever). At this point only my own anxiety over buying a gun and my parents still living (I'm pretty antinatalist and don't feel I owe them my continued life, but at the same time I'm still human and I don't want to cause my own parents the sadness of a child who commited suicide for fucks sake) is all that's keeping me alive

since this a blog posting thread thought I'd blog for a bit

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>wake up at 10am
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA good one user, that's about 4 hours too early, my son.

I'm forced to because of school

more like 6 hours too early.

more like 8 hours too early

So SMOKING maybe?