Approaching woman is beta

I watched a video about a man's experience with woman in Asian countries which confirmed what I knew all along, approaching woman first is not masculine, its an indicator of lesser value. He explained how in those countries woman have less opportunities to earn as much as men and as a result are much more desperate to find a stable man than their western counterparts, leading to pursue men aggressively. But since western woman can make money for themselves and compete with men economically, they are freed from the burden of having to rely on men for security and are able to be much more picky and relaxed when it comes to mate selection. I'm not saying that its bad that western woman have this power, only that comparing the two cultures reveals the truth that approaching woman isn't the masculine rite of passage that people claim it to be, but instead a necessity for men who no longer have something to offer that woman can't get on their own. Western woman have retained what makes them valuable while also adopting what makes men valuable, and shifted the power balance in their favor, turning us into the desperate pursuers and them the prize.

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Moar pics of slutted up Asian roasties pls.

All that tl;dr may or may not be true, but my advice is to stop trying to look for reasons why things are the way they are. You're not going to change things, so just accept what you see and move on.

>letting women know you exist is beta
>making women cum is beta
>breathing is beta

>thinking about women is beta

I'm not complaining, I just hate it how people always say its the mans job to approach when its really about value.

Good reflection brudda. I got to say though that being a servile bitch is a masculine thing to do when you're forced to, as opposed to being a celibate bitch.

So the normie point of "not approaching women is unmasculine" still stands in the society we have to live in.

But I agree that it's humiliating to have to chase after retarded roasties just because of their appearance.

I don't know, I'm conflicted on this.

You may be right, I don't know. Maybe incels who don't try are just too proud to pursue them in the current day and that's a good thing.

Sometime's you really want to fuck that smoking hot woman enough to engage her first. Imagine saying no to fucking prime roastie pussy because approaching her is "beta"

People say it because it's true. Please don't go full Elliot Rodger and assume girls aren't into you because they won't approach you. I've had sex with 8 girls or so, but I've only been approached like 2 or 3, and that's only led to sex once and she was a Chinese girl I never would've dated. Forget shooting yourself in the foot, you'd be basically sawing all your limbs off if you only let girls approach you and never made moves yourself.

If you go to a site full of women and see how they talk about men, it's always about who they approached by/get attention from. They rarely talk about approaching men (in fact it's embarrassing for them if they have to).

Yeah, getting approached is even better because it's a sure-thing she's into you. If that happens to you regularly, sure, maybe you can coast on that and shouldn't worry about approaching. You'd still be handicapping yourself for no reason though.

Yeah I don't even bother unless they start talking to me what's the point. If you're not attractive you're not attractive and you can't do anything about it unless you want to humiliate yourself even more. If you think otherwise you're fucking deluded and don't understand the dynamics of the real world and not a just Hollywood fantasy.

unless you're Leo Dicaprio or Bryce Harper women aren't going to be approaching you enough to justify refusing to approach at all.

I go to Asia but i just fuck hookers. Its economical, expedient, and you get exactly what you want. Its awesome.

Are you sure that the reason you're not approaching isn't just because you're insecure and anxious around women?

We all know that's what it is. Let OP and the other pussies have their cope, it just makes things easier for guys with balls.

>People say it because it's true.

No its not, its the job of whoever has lower value. The only reason men approach more in the west is because the average woman has more value than the average man, that's literally it. Its not masculine, you're only proving that you want her more than she wants you.

>t. faggot that isn't approached by women and cannot get them by approaching either
stay mad lmfao

I am, but that's something I can't control. But I am very observant and I have seen how I am treated in comparison to others. No dumb red pill incel shit, I just like to see things for what they are. I'm not the best looking and I have a lot of mental disorders, another two things I can't control past a point. It's not something new to me, I used to actively try but just ended up getting humiliated and ended up self-harming, which has actually led to some permanent injuries that impair my functioning today. I had a girlfriend once and it was a complete accident that didn't last very long at all. That's the only girl interested in 26 years. It tells me a lot. I know my worth and I have been making peace with it. I just don't want anybody else to waste their time and nerves like I did.

>guys with balls
Guys who have been sold falsehoods. Everyone is going to try their best but only a few succeed, and not necessarily those who have worked harder than others.

Bro, you post on Jow Forums. Any girl you find fuckable is probably of higher value than you. Even if what you said was true (it's not, obviously, and you'll figure that out if you ever actually start getting laid), you'd still have to approach.

Have you ever thought that it's not approaching girls that is beta? Maybe your success via approach girls is shit because youre shit in personality and/or appearance

I'm in college, don't want a girlfriend, and just want to fuck.

How do I "ask out" girls? I'm not in a frat and don't have a steady stream of parties that I go to. I have no idea what I would propose that a girl and I actually do because it sure as hell won't be a traditional date.

I assume alcohol is a must-have to get to sex, which isn't a problem for me to acquire.

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Meeting strangers and just fucking them and then doing that on the regular is something that the cool kids do. If you're a loner, it's more or less impossible to do that outside of hook up apps. You need to find a squad of cool kids that regularly go to parties and embed yourself in it, then use those connections to find parties. Joining a frat isn't a bad idea if you can get into one that isn't just virgins holding each others dicks. That gives you both the advantage of home turf for the party + access to parties the frat throws + connections to other parties via the other brothers and other guys you meet along the way.
But to be blunt, I wouldn't be so resistant to dating. Relationships are what really helps you with experience in terms of handling girls, romantically and sexually and even platonically. Plus they're good fun, even if the girl is crazy, so long as you don't take it too seriously. You might be experienced enough already though, I don't know you.

Just ask them to hang out. Unless they are extremely into you, they won't outright want you to proposition them in any way except for "hanging out." It creates the illusion that they aren't a complete whore when you inevitably fuck their brains out.
>omg it just happened
Right, bitch. You knew what you were coming over for.

This decade is more or less the end of the average man. It's amazing how quickly it all happened.

Because the "average """man"""" can barely hold a functional conversation with a woman. They piggy back off of social media in a desperate attempt to get their dick sucked. Most guys are absolutely pathetic and lack even a bare minimum of confidence to interact with women face-to-face. It's a good thing that most guys are crashing, burning, and killing themselves. They offer nothing to society and leech off of their parents. They can't even get a fucking job.

I think you're strawmanning pretty hard there.

>Bro, you post on Jow Forums. Any girl you find fuckable is probably of higher value than you

Even the girls I don't want to fuck of are higher value than me, still doesn't disprove anything I've said. Approaching woman isn't masculine, its low value.

approaching women is fine, but she needs to give you some type of signal to let you know she wants you to talk to her. literally just look at them and you'll know, they make it obvious. if you aren't getting any obvious signals, then they don't want you to talk to them. if you still approach her despite her not giving you anything, you're just an idiot and she'll consider you a total weirdo unless you're good looking. but if you're good looking you can get away with cold approaches. so... yea if you aren't good looking and she doesn't give you a sign, don't bother

He's not wrong.
The best women I've ever met approached me first.
it also starts off the interaction with balanced polarity. She's chasing, you're existing. That's how it's supposed to be.
Sometimes girls are shy, but they will ALWAYS give an obvious signal they want to talk to you if they're interested.
Some examples that happened to me recently
>Go to concert
>Watch show, enjoy myself.
>Girl next to me starts talking into my ear
>start talking to her
>we hit it off
another example
>Standing in line waiting for food
>Girl in front looks at me, then says to her friend very obviously and quite loud "he's really cute."
>they both look at me and smile
>I shrug and smile
>they start talking to me and the social chemistry is immediately very good
Focus on yourself, women will want to join in when they see you're content.

I hate people like you. You really think there are no advantages of knowledge?

Keep up that cope, simpleton.

You just made a bunch of shit up. Since you already skipped ahead to insults, I'll just say you're a fucking queer.

lmao the average woman is just as dull and pathetic as the average man, but social media and online dating apps have completely over valued everything about her existence. she has a pussy and watches the office, holy shit what an accomplishment.
you are also overvaluing the average woman and putting her on a pedestal, so you are either a woman yourself, or a pussy worshiper. you probably think you're red pilled, but you're just a joke and pathetic

Women inherently have more value than men yes. Especially in the west yes.

Women will always have more options than men, and ultimately yes the dynamics of relationships are changing unless your are six figures Chad business guy or a YouTube celebrity.

There's no solution. Maybe more shootings, but some one needs to go big and kill hundreds/thousands if you want any kind of shift in the current mindset of people.

based and redpilled, men using women to judge their self worth is pitiful

>t. ass blasted faggot
Stay mad.

>doing what 99% of men have done for billions of years indicates lesser value
retard alert! but i actually am glad that you probably have no wife or kids yet LOL!

And yet men without women walk the Earth as incels and are on FBI watchlists

But by all means b urself ;)

people do it much more in the east though homie. and south, and north.

their value is entirely revolved around their pussy. women are just lucky because men are obsessed with sticking their dicks in them. thats pretty much all their worth

that's not much different from how men are only worth as much as their car and house.

having a pussy is worth 100x more than a car and house. vagina is like bitcoin a few years ago when it was at like $18k or whatever, ridiculously overvalued and eventually its going to crash

Even if it is, apparently that's all it takes. Socially women can accomplish far more than the vast majority of men, and the average women these days literally has a mini following and or orbiters.

Imagine literally having people/friends as resources simply because you exist. Imagine slapping some face paint on and being able to gain more followers just walking down the street.

As the OP said with more and more women achieving the same jobs/income as men, they literally have it all, and no amount of lifting will change that.

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nah i'm not about that pedestal shit. nice car gets you drowning in pussy.

im not saying put them on a pedestal, the simps are already doing that and as long as social media and online dating exist it's never going to stop. whenever a girl feels bad she can go on tinder, match with some fucking loser, and get all the validation and worship she wants.

post the damn video orriginally faggot op

you live on a different planet man, i don't know who hurt you sweatie, but there are hordes of women all over the world who do exactly what you're saying about men, to crawl and fight all over men with status, nice shit, or even just guys who walk into fancy bars. in poor areas, construction managers and car salesmen live like kings.

>Tfw nice car
>Coworker wants ride home
>K bai
>Realize women use menso they don't have to ride in there own trashed cars full of clothes

We are just tools to them

>you are also overvaluing the average woman and putting her on a pedestal,

Thats a lot of people though. We see a pretty girl with an ugly guy and think "how did he get her?". Basically admitting that we perceive her thin layer of beauty to be more valuable than mans entire existence.

That's kind of going back to the 80-20 rule though. Yes there are a minority of extremely successful men that a majority of average/loser women will try to seduce, but that leaves the vast majority/average male alone to try and fight and beg for female attention. Usually lowering his standards in the process, since the entitlement in ugly/weak/loser women is less pronounced.

>vast majority alone
yikes if you say so, sounds like a shit town.

They dont even look human anymore

This, just accept the horrible conditions that have been created for you and don't try to improve or change them in any way. Also eat bugs to save the environment.

every stat you can google says we are getting lonelier, having less sex, marriage rates are abysmal, and single motherhood is at epidemic levels
but yep everything is fine

>Financial stability > actual connections
This is why we need socialism. Without the "invisible hand" constantly fucking us with financial problems we could engage with each other on what actually matters.

don't know if everythings fine or what your lifestyle is but when even a lot of nerdy programmers with glasses and no chins are getting tons of girls to fight over them when they go out i'm not too worried about the survival or health of society. engineers have high marriage rates. white people dont have high single motherhood rates. also the single motherhood rates are based on marriage, so a couple that just never tied the knot is still considered "single parent"

you live in some delusional fantasy world. nerdy programmers with glasses and no chins getting tons of girls that fight over them. lmao. is this the plot of some anime you just watched hahahah

>Actual connections

Are people even capable of this any more?

You go on discord and the vast majority of people can't even talk with another in a sane manner

Day six figure salary bro. Not a good representative of the "average" male though.

yep, we live on different planets, i said that above. i see guys at bars who openly talk about anime or memes and still hook up, let alone the fact that out of all the decent people i've met or worked with, i've seen maybe 5% who are single for a long time after 30.

>I watched a video
Cool. That's all wrong though. We're not in Chink land

>talk about anime
>hook up
lmao i doubt you have ever been to a bar in your entire life

Actual connections can be found by leaving all your discord channels and talking to a person face to face.

you mean the people that look at their phone ever 3 seconds to see what some idiot posted on facebook

Nigga I said real people. Those are the same faggots on discord. Plus I'd someone like you, they won't be on facebook when talking to you.

Nah bro, they ask for your Facebook and lurk your shit.

Face to face conversations are almost always filtered heavily through social norms/expectations any ways. Anxiety and insecurities are at a high and people are afraid to say what's on their mind and what they actually enjoy or want to do out of fear of being judged poorly, or their words being leaked to the internet where it's easier than ever to ruin some ones reputation.

>having less sex
>single motherhood is at epidemic levels
Seems like guys are having less sex. Girls are still getting enough chad cock to want to keep the baby chad or miss the abortion timeframe.

Delete Facebook. They can't know anything about you if you don't have the ability to share. Now they have to actually ask you questions about your life.

you have a 50/50 chance of them finding you creepy if you dont have a facebook

>had sex with 8 girls
sure, buddy. Suuuure.

I actually got rid of my Facebook a year ago for other reasons, and literally I've been told it's a "red flag" that I don't have one.

Not only can't they look up your history, but they can't really share moments with you online for every one to see I suppose. Seems to be more important with women than men, but going without Facebook these days is a path to social outcast status

This is fine. I'd rather have friends that don't care about social media than normie retards that think not having a Facebook is a red flag.
What's so alarming about not wanting to share my life online?

>What's so alarming about not wanting to share my life online

You can lie about who you are and what you have done
You are hiding some thing
You are a criminal
You have no friends, social life, or status
You are unwilling to share your life with the world
You can't keep up with trending topics or your community

All fair and common assumptions right off the bat. Given the vast majority are on Facebook, most people and especially girls won't bother with the time or effort to hear out an explanation or get to know you regardless.

Literal boomers and maybe Chad's can get away with it, though a smart girl will assume Chad is hiding some thing bad.

Nobody gives a shit that I don't have social media. If you're a weirdo, they probably want to look into you because you make them feel uncomfortable.