Is the pink pill thing actually real?

is the pink pill thing actually real?
i want to kill myself but have this fucked up idea of if i do something completely crazy like this I'll still be alive but it wont be "me" so essentially i'll be dead although my body lives on if that makes sense

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Why don't you find out for yourself?

this is just a bunch of copy pastas user

It's a conspiracy to turn impressionable neets into trannys. I you want to die without actually dying then create a tulpa to take over your body. when they have control of you just dissolve your conciousness. Let your tulpa be the chad they want to be while your faggot ass just kind of floats around in the back of your head like the beta ghost you are.

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well that's essentially what i was planning on doing

Just be gay honestly being a trans person is hardword and being gay is way easier.

are you trans then user?

I am yes feel free to ask questions.

am i retarded for even thinking about this
how did you know you were trans, like real trans

Well then have fun spending time with your fucking imaginary friend going on adventures and shit, feeling headpressure and really believing she's there like a fucking faggot. Then you stop spending so much time with her and you hate yourself for it and want to change but your apathy about everything keeps you from making any meaningful differences in your life. You will never have a tulpa. You will never speak russian. You will never play the piano. You will never start gardening again. You will never be a cute girl. You will always be here with a bunch of other sorry motherfuckers who can't change. Cry moar faggot.

i dont think im gonna go for an actual tulpa, it seems fake to me

Oh it seems fake till you have cranium shattering headaches and start hearing fucking voices.

This is going to sound weird in 2019. I've always felt like my emotion and mannerism were more feminine then man. Also when watching a movie I always related more to female characters than men. At an early age I adored female fashion over men.
>am i retarded for even thinking about this
Maybe, I mean I know people here like to pretend that being trans is great, but it isn't. When I lived in a red state all facets of life was difficult.

yeah thats what i mean, it seems like placebo is all

i dont think it's great but i feel so failed in my current life that all the pink pill propaganda is starting to sound pretty good to me
i mean i want to die anyways so why not just give it a go first i mean?

It may be placebo effect. Tulpas are by there very nature a being brought to life through the power of belief. The mind is a powerful thing. Spend enough time talking to your waifu and eventually she will talk back. It's worth a shot anyway.

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so youre suggesting that i mentally create some dream girl and then let her take over my body while I'm in the back seat just coasting along or what?

If you are going to start a new life why go trans if you aren't trans. There is no rule saying you can't just start new life? Why pick trans?

idk i want a big change so i cant pretend or feel like it's the same, theres no bigger change than that
also it seems like it's easy to get like positive attention if you transition, even if you dont pass or whatever

Or a chad, a pony, a guardian angel, a fucking 900 year old nekomata loli. The sky is the limit. If they don't fucking take over your sorry shitpile of a life then maybe they can help you sort your shit out. Maybe give you a little friendship and compassion like only you can give yourself. Taking time to think and focus on only one thing can help you mentally. It's like meditation except with the end goal of fucking a horse.

>positive attention if you transition
Only if you surround yourself in a pro-lgbt community.

yeah, isn't the discord/pink pill stuff pretty like "uwu become one of us"?

IDK I don't go to that stuff.

ah okay
thanks anyway though

Is that what you really want? You want to join a bunch of hivemind people who like to pretend to be trans?

i dont know user
im not sure
i dont want to be me or like a guy anymore