The life of a live streaming NEET kek

The life of a live streaming NEET kek.

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>makes 40-50k just sitting on his ass all day and playing video games

He definitely does not make that anymore and it's been like that for some time.

Who gives a fuck. Dude obviously is able to live relatively comfortable and he doesn't do shit aside from playing games.

you obviously don't know what neet means.

>console plebs

jokes on me because i have to go work a manual labor job and all this fool has to do is press record on obs and pop lexapro and complain

Yeah but look how fat and ugly he is.

>mrbtfo on dlive is a full time neet
>earns $200 per stream


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this dude is such a typical burger holy


Has he thrown any controllers lately?

Nope not really. He is getting money from paypigs and troll channels. Hes on the lexapro so he has no reason to breakdown):

Not OP but I'd say he is a *NEET* because his streaming makes so little money. Or at least he is very close to being able to be considered one.

Donations are extremely rare and most of them are chargebacks or very low (as in single digits). His patreon is also really poor looking as of recently.
On top of all that, almost everything he lives off of comes from his grandma he lives with (food, water, house, probably gas money too) He likely makes less than a minimum wage part-time job. Plus he puts only the absolute bare minimum amount of work into making his stream functional. The people making compilations and funny moment videos of him probably do 10x more editing than he ever has/will.

Sup pimp!

He makes a passive 1500 from highlight channels without upload content himself. Plus he has a somewhat fanbase who gives him hundreds for some reason.

Every guy I've known who looks like this has a personality just as bad as their appearance.


>you will never make a living playing games every other day

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BASED mrbtfo
his detractors are still doing their sixteen viewer streams and circle jerking over decade old manlet jokes and here he is being the King of Dlive making thousands a week through shitposting streams. Man I wish I could be half the man(haha manlet joke) Britbong is.

tfw I tried and soon realized I have a boring personality no one would want to watch

>I really need to make this fucking money

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>the exercise bike in the background

What an absolute mad lad, you can't stop him