My dog is dying. I've been so (un...

My dog is dying. I've been so (un?)fortunate in my life that I'm 28 and I've never experienced a significant death of a family member before. I'm not used to it and I feel like it's going to destroy me.

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Even worse that I have practically no outside emotional support. People with friends are so fortunate.

Had to put my kitty down last month, it was sudden and heartbreaking in every way. It will hurt really bad at first, only time will lessen the pain, but even then you still might find yourself mourning again which is perfectly normal. Try to remember the good things about your pet. The fun you had and the things that made you love them. I'm really sorry user, wish I could say anything else reassuring but death is never easy. You had a good pup and gave them a good life and that is what matters.

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I'd say fortunate. Your dog dying of old age (I assume) is a good starter grief.

Where do you live user? If you are close by I would be a shoulder to cry on if you want.

The good news is that it won't destroy you, the bad news is that it'll hurt for a good long while, and having experienced it once won't make any subsequent loss easier. Cherish the time you still have with your pup, but don't foolishly try to extend their lives further than they want, like I did the first time I dealt with this. It'll be obvious when their quality of life is diminished so much they are hurting more than anything.

Also, a new dog/cat won't replace them, but after a few weeks, it can really help to have a new friend get your mind off it all. Take it easy, and kiss your pup for me user.

He's old but he only just reached the low average lifespan and now he has cancer. And I'm afraid we are partly responsible for causing it which is pretty much the truth. I'm afraid I'll have to blame myself for my entire life now.

>Try to remember the good things about your pet
Thanks for your post. I know people say that a lot but I'm not sure what it accomplishes. It also makes me think what I should have done differently and regret sets in.

nyc area but I don't know if I can do something like that

Now I wish we had 2 dogs the entire time to soften the blow. Or some dog we adopted as an adult so I wouldn't have to remember when he first came through the door as a puppy and how full of life he was compared to now.

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Don't blame yourself, my cat had kidney failure. It was only two months ago her levels were normal and she had a special diet. I keep feeling like I should have noticed or done something sooner but it all happened so quickly. It is worth keeping in mind that animals try to hide sickness. If he was ill for awhile you probably weren't even aware.
>Thanks for your post. I know people say that a lot but I'm not sure what it accomplishes. It also makes me think what I should have done differently and regret sets in.
I really get this, trust me. It wasn't until I started telling coworkers about how great of a cat I had that I actually started feeling better. It was nice to recount happy memories of her. I still feel like I could have done something and maybe i'd have more time together, blaming yourself is part of grieving. I'm guessing you got your dog as a teenager? You shouldn't be sad about how you took care of your dog. If you feel guilty for not spending enough time with them, don't because you were probably busy with life.

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It's going to be brutal, not going to lie. I have had a harder time after putting down my cat than I had after my Mother died. It turns out because humans for a special bond with animals that we don't with fellow humans it's common to feel more pain over their loss. It'll get better but expect it to take a long time, like months not weeks.

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>You shouldn't be sad about how you took care of your dog.
I guess to put it bluntly he wasn't the thinnest dog, even when we got him from god knows where he was pretty large-built. He wasn't severely overweight but we fed him scraps even on his diet food. It only make sense right? Larger body = more cells = more chance of cancer? I guess it could have been genetic, like I said we don't know much about his origin. But I feel more regret than just not taking him out as much as possible. Average for his breed is 10-14 and he only made it to 10.

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People that unironically think of pets as anything more than entertainment are fucking losers. Pets are fun but when one dies it literally means nothing. Try experiencing real loss.

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I like dogs. I like dog people. But I agree, dog friendly offices are pure cancer. Knowing my luck, My coworkers would probably have poorly trained pitbulls and they'd eat my face, while the owner defends it. Dogs are not meant to be in public.

A couple months my cat died from pneumonia. Found the little guy in an alleyway while coming home from work. Been my only friend for five years before he passed away.

Its hard, still hard for me still. Miss the little guy so damn much.

My dog died last year.
He lived in the streets near my house for about 3 years until we decided to adopt him. It was the best thing we could have done even tho he had some really bad manners in the begining (he would stole food or be a bit agressive when handled unexpectedly but with time and proper training he adapted pretty well). He was loyal af, funny and independent. Unfortunately after 6-7 years he became really ill really fast, he wouldn't eat or drink, he was just laying there in his bed. The vet did his best but said it was cancer.
I was so sad not because he was gonna die but because of seeing him there, suffering and slowly dying while i couldn't do shit.
The night before we had him put to sleep i just laid there on the floor by his side and told him that we shall meet on the other side where we would be young again. I don't believe in shit but i told him that anyways.
And now i'm apparently dying too and i just wish to see him again.
He was a good boy.

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sorry to hear

guess I don't want this thread to die either.