I want to die

>be me
>be uni student
>have pretty much bullshited my way through college
>overweight, acne, ugly in general
>kissless virgin
>have no motivation
>happy pills do nothing
>do nothing productive for days on end
>everything I used to like as a kid is now popular (comics, star wars) but I no longer have interest in it
>liberals and boomers in my town always get on my nerves, probably a misanthrope
>laughing at shitposts on Jow Forums, Murdoch Murdoch and Asmongold's stream literally only things that give me any joy
>supposed to graduate in the spring
>no idea what I should do with my life, especially in clown world
>feels like I have wasted my time
>just want to die

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do something productive
lose weight fatty
stop watching retards play videogames
stop posting on gay larp boards

i feel you user, third year engineering student, bullshitted pretty hard but the work load is catching up and i cant do it. i work while in school to support myself, and my excess money goes to alcohol and cigarettes since its the only time i feel better

I want to, but I just can't, I can barely get out of bed in the morning most days

Are you serious? People like you make me so fucking angry. Your dumbass is in college and made it through and still have the gall to bitch and moan. Honestly fuck you people. I hope you suffer every misfortune a human possibly can. I WISH I had the opportunities you pathetic waste of cum have. Die. Die. Die. Die and go to Hell you sons of bitches.

Yeah, what he said, but with less anger.

i feel worse than before i posted this

Do you have any friends? Maybe isolation is your issue.

>kissless virgin
>Asmongold's stream
sums up his whole viewerbase

i don't have any friends. I have pretty bad social anxiety

yea you zoomers are fucked. i dont know how you're even supposed to be motivated to participate in society at this point. its so unbelievably shitty

You need friends then user. Is there at least one thing you somewhat like/tolerate?

vidya is the only kind of normal thing I like

Any video game clubs at your school? Maybe you can join them.

i tried a few years ago, back when fortnite was just getting popular. i could never get into the game and i felt like I didn't fit in so I just left

You may not like it but you really need to talk to people to overcome your anxiety. I'd say start slow, talk to one or two people a day and work up form there.

If that's the case I'd recommend trying all of the clubs that you can. You might not like it but it will help you talk to people. You're not gonna get rid of social anxiety just by isolating yourself. It's definitely gonna be hard but you should try.

as long as you don't have severe chronic pain you have nothing to complain about.
you can probably take a loan if you're not going to do retarded liberal arts degree. that is, if you wanted employment opportunity. social opportunity is always nonexistent for autists no matter where they go.

Changing your eating habits is more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight. Eat things with low cards and low sugars. Cut out soda completely if possible. You'll lose weight if you do this.

>just posted in "gay larp boards"
>"stop posting on gay larp boards"
Yeah, you're a big boy alright.

You sound like you want to kys more than I do. Poor little thing. Have a pity (You).

I'm a misanthrope because I hate people who eat meat so much. The only thing that keeps me afloat lately is engineering.

>boo hoo life is so boring
Fuck you in the most uncomfortable way OP. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only to you, for the rest of your life.

ok listen user im gonna give you some real genuine advice? ok

>unhappy about weight
If you gave a fuck you would stop when youre full

>struggling with uni
get off your ass and commit, you got there in the first place because you werent stupid

>ugly khv
again, changable. lift and put effort in your appearance and make the changes you need. I had cystic acne scarring, front tooth missing, balding ect and still got there

>feel like im wasting life
no you havent, nobody knows what to do in life. Try new things and see what workd for you.

Not trying to be an asshole, but you sure as fuck can change things around if ypu TRY (easier said then done I know).

now quit sucking dick op