"bruddas, dats him. seize him!"

>"bruddas, dats him. seize him!"
wot do?

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I honestly don't have an answer to this, you got me

Some fancy-ass gunplay shit and kill them all because if a bunch of dudes who look like that are after me then I'm probably John Wick or some shit.

your right, i would be dumfounded too

>"Wait! He's ours!"
>camera pans over to these 3, one in white standing in the middle

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brudda dont seize me

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"Aw shit, my bad, my nigga."

honestly nothing, i would have had no reason to fuck with these guys so hopefully we can resolve this situation amicably and then go for a gin and tonic

>"Well, looks like we are all at an impasse. we all want user. But there is only one to go around... what to do what to do..."

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Yeah no he is coming with us
Boss said he must do one last job

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It's like prince meets the village people meets nazies meets the hood.

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"Look my fine gentlenigs, you all can fuck my ass. There's plenty of anus to go around."

No, you'll never take me alive! First batalion of Battleniggers, I summon thee! Protect me!

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>"fuck off, faggot boys, you are stealing our spotlight. Hand over user and no one gets hurt"

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>"Wait! I know what you want! I have what you want. It's at my house. Let's go to my house!"
>Lead the men to my house
>Take them inside and lead them all to my room
>Follow them in behind and shut the door behind me
>Bend over my bed and pull my pants down
>Feel them touching my ass, so good
>Wiggle by ass a bit
>Feel someone slap it
>Sink to my knees
>Watch them all pull down their pants
>Start to take turns sucking and stroking each erect BBC
>I'm really good at it
>Feel hands on the back of my head when I deep throat
>Lean over the bed again
>Feel one of them start to fuck me
>It's so good, I'm fucking diamonds
>he cums in me and I squeal
>Another guys enters me and fucks me like crazy
>Repeat until all of them have given me a creampie
>They all leave
>Jerk off while I give myself an enema in the shower


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MC's inner dialogue"I don't like where this is going.. each village sent their best, even the makumba brothers are here. This could be disastrous.."

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>"ahem.. we didn't all assemble so we could leave empty handed, hand over user or jibab will blow us all up"

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You're cramping my style.

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>"hold it right there, partner. I thought it was my turn to make an appearance"

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That guy is an alchemist who fights demons pretending to be a hobo, right?

>"well that makes two of us i presume"

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Lord illidan should be here any moment now... Get ready to die

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What are you all doing? bug off! I paid good money to the makumba brothers for the capturing of user and i get this farce? The rest of you, who are your employers?! I'll pay double whatever they are paying. Just bring me that user will ya?

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Pull out my handy bag of coke and wave it in front of them then throw as far away from me as a can to buy time

Damn youngsters these days. Your style is interesting, but it lacks substance. Juvenile impulse won't give you true power; one must earn it with a lifetime of dedicated training.

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AAAAHH the deep ones are marching over Innsmouth!

true gains do not come from doing coke, they come from hard work, dedication... and praise of Alllah. You are coming with me to the temple, you host a power within you that must not fall into the infidel's hands.

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Let them have fun appropriating White culture like the rest of the world.

As long as I can be a nigger for Halloween.

they look better than you faggot

>"Ebryone clear out! You will disperse or the entire zimbabawe military will descend in thousands! We are backed by de U.S! Do as i say now!"

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Dude looks like he's from Ace Attorney.

nice try goyim , user is mine , if i use his foreskin i can raise the interest rates as much as i want.

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waddle around like a goofy bitch for a few seconds, to get their guard down like I'm not looking, then wait for the one closest to me at which point I impale his head on the pencil on the table.

>Quickly change into a mixture of soviet and east German era uniforms
>blend in

>"eh. Don't know if i should engage. I can't take them all. Guess i'll just hang back and cut down the victor."

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