Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and anti-political-correctness crusader...

>Jordan Peterson, the Canadian psychologist and anti-political-correctness crusader, has been arrested possession of narcotics and checked himself in to rehab in New York, his daughter has revealed.

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the mother of his children, and love of his life is dying. His literal soulmate.
give the guy a break.

Why didn't he read his own book before he turned to narcotics? is this your god, you fucking alt right incels

>the mother of his children, and love of his life is dying. His literal soulmate.
>give the guy a break

Fuck him

he checked himself in for benzo withdrawals u fucking liar

Discord trannies mad

He should just clean his room

unironically dilate

>Take doctor ordered prescription medication, as directed.
>When prescription runs out, take doctor's advice to handle withdrawal symptoms in clinic.
>Internet freaks out calling him a drug addict.
Fake News. I never understood the hate.

Kek this is to fucking good.

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>take medicine as directed
>still get addicted

Thank you Jews

That's what he gets for refusing to name the jew. Cancer comes from shit jews push onto people. It's an appropriate punishment.

so Jews push the sun on people?

If the sun directly causes cancer, why aren't pre-industrial tribes riddled with skin cancer from spending their entire lives exposed to the sun? It's almost as if there's other factors that contribute to it.
>inb4 melanin
Brown people in first world countries get skin cancer. In fact it's a large part of sunscreen marketing, they always say that just because you don't get sunburned that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sunscreen to protect yourself from skin cancer.

lol fuck him.

>pre-industrial tribes riddled with skin cancer from spending their entire lives exposed to the sun
they would be if they lived past 40.

That's the problem with Jow Forums, people can get away with saying things they would never have the balls to say in person.

He should find a new, much younger wife to breed with. He has a 153 IQ. It would be a shame if those genes go to waste.

>Look up New York Post
>Least credible news outlet of New York

He named the Jew, idiot. He says they are genetically smarter than other groups which is why they succeed disproportionately.

>He has a 153 IQ.
>couldnt even be bothered to read "the abyss of freedom" before debating Zizek
Get the fuck outta here lmao

In that case he deserves it for being a circumsized dick sucking shabbos goy.

Why do alt right incels worship this faggot?

It's an accurate assessment of reality. The majority of people in the US with IQs above 160 are Jewish.

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Have not cringed this much in a very long time

>all races are equal, silly goyim
>except us, we're the Chosen, remember?

>white people good because higher iq than black people on average
>jews bad because higher iq than white people on average
Jow Forumstard logic. Use a meaningless metric like IQ to push your superiority then get mad when you realize you aren't superior.

Because their lives are shit, that's why they're always blaming their problems on brown people. Then when someone tells them to brush their teeth, clean their room, and exercise their lives improve dramatically, they think the guy must be some kind of prophet.

There are prominent Jewish anti-blank slatists like Steven Pinker, Nathan Cofnas and others.

The alt-right (re: ethnonationalists) generally do not like Jordan Peterson. They've written books about why he's bad or a fraud (Jordanetics by Vox Day). He's more popular with standard-issue conservatives.

Self improvement is meme.

Cleen your peen goy.

>just clean your room and focus on yourself and you will have confidence and be happy
>actually just takes drugs to gain confidence

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Pinker is a neoliberal shill that propagates the "more variation in-group than between" meme and reduces race as a valid category to the absolute minimum without actually being a blank slatist
The one group he will draw hard lines for is jews and he does so dishonestly and tactically for whatever works as a better narrative for his tribe

>jews over represented?
>we are just smart, goy
>jews have evolved under unique pressures and this has implications?
>oy vey paranoid antisemitism, we are just like everyone else, goyim

Ozone layer being goatse would help with that, but each cancer is different to the others. Jews do produce cancer shit.

>Jordan Peterson
>alt right

he never got arrested lol stfu

The replies to this post really show how shit the average robot is.

Literally all self-reported kek. Get fucked Schlomo, those Ashkhenazi IQ """studies""" are no more legitimate than the niggers of the Democratic Republic of the Congo self-reporting that their average dick size is 7 inches.
>>white people good because higher iq than black people on average
>>jews bad because higher iq than white people on average
Dumb white people commit less violent crime than high IQ black people. Jews universally try to screw everyone else around them regardless of IQ, even when they know it will result in them inevitably getting shoahed. They can't help themselves. In this regard, both kikes and niggers are dominated by their baser impulses and have no capacity for exercising self-control and truly domesticating themselves.

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i think the point here is to not kick a man when hes down but hey this is turbotard central which attracts people like so i guess thats asking too much

1. that pic isnt jordan peterson
2. he hasnt been arrested

stop spreading bullshit

Well, they probably don't have the balls, period.

You can't fuck anything, you cut off your penis

>Spend entire life preaching on ways to cope with depression
>Wife gets diagnosed with a common illness, immediately jump to opiods to cope with the pain

This is how you know he's a fraud and a hypocrite.

he never shied away from the use of prescription drugs

benzos are not opioids

her wife was diagnosed with a rare kidney cancer

dilate and wash your axe wound


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>Jordan Peterson
>alt right
Kill yourself.

Full blown narcissist. His wife is dying of cancer, so he wants attention shifted to him. His daughter is also shilling for YouTube fame. His whole family should get a life.

imagine ousting yourself as a hardcore redditor this easily. if you hate it so much, FUCKING stay on reddit you fucking nigger faggots

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I'm jewish and completely embrace the idea of race realism. Judaism (religiously) does focus quite a bit on the jewish people being "the sperm of Abraham."

you added the "been arrested of narcotics" in. If you have to lie to get your agenda ahead, then youre losing.

How late are you to the news? Also, op literally added in bullshit for no reason.

>Full blown narcissist
>wants attention shifted to him
Did I miss something? I thought the series of events was;
>Wife gets cancer
>Try to drown your pain in drugs in secret
>Dumb cunt daughter outs you to the media
>Damage control and try to hide it

>checks into rehab for drug addiction
thats a pretty far stretch there buddy. Go be retarded in the middle of the street.


press s to spit

die of cancer you meat eating bitch. meat consumption is directly related to getting cancer, so enjoy the cancer, LOL

rip in hell you stupid meat eating bitch

heres vegan gains explaining why jordan person is wrong about his diet

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Telling him to dilate while using that spacing lol.

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Wtf I like vegans now

he's advocated for the use of SSRIs since way before he was internet famous you fucking dog

>fell for the spacing meme

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You are lurking here and even have the audacity to judge us, "the average robot" in our own board.
We both know that you don't belong here, reddit tier fags like you are ruining this place.
Why don't you go back to your hole ?
Frustrated human being kek

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Haha dude you're so good at role playing a crazy vegan what a cool gimmick what a zany character you always talk about veganism in a crazy way and make a big hullabaloo this is comedy gold hahaha you must have such a silly kooky vivid imagination i bet you're really silly and fun and make lots of hilarious goofy jokes in irl like a goofy silly boy i love novelty accounts and character humor it's so funny and sophisticated real top shelf stuff real smart and attractive you know when someone starts doing character humor women just start ovulating en masse it's the coolest suavest thing you can do

oh wow this image you posted definitely proves it

>imagine being this much of a easily offended snowflake faggot

LOL go die of cancer faggot. just like the wife of your idol, lel. go back to faceb00k if it triggers you seeing people laugh at the deaths and cancer diagnosis of other people

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>it triggers you seeing people laugh at the deaths and cancer
I don't think that's what he was talking about, user.

I hate it when normalshits think they aren't normalshits.
If you tear others down, you're a normalshit. You're mediocre so you want to tear down those better than you. That's what normalshits do.
>inb4 but i am le loser virgin spergfag
then you're a failed normalshit, normalshit

Yeah, what about all the bugs and rodents that die to sustain your vegan diet? Do their lives not matter because they aren't cute and fuzzy (for the most part, rabbits are cute and fuzzy and lots are ground up in harvesting machines to provide you with your kale)?

What the FUCK does alt right even mean? Since when did we start making up new terms every month?

lmao no he's a fucking retard

it sure does orib

Unironically hoping he's next

>Yeah, what about all the bugs and rodents that die to sustain your vegan diet?

LOL imagine being this fucking stupid. veganism saves much more rodent lives because it its much more efficient to eat the vegetables yourself than to feed it to animals before you eat them. it takes like 12+ kilograms of dried corn to make 1 kilo of a steak

you know, there were much more rodents who died to make the food that cows and pigs eats, than if you were to just eat the vegetables yourself directly

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10 billion percent kek

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Yes, you're proving my point at every reply.
Keep coming to places you don't belong, judging people you don't know.

You don't belong here. Normalshits like you who only play by rules handed to you are the thing killing Jow Forums you unbelievably stupid little sheepy shit.
>durrrrrrr 2 be robutt i have to be like everyone else here
>hurrrr dere are rules on how i have to be
you're exactly like the normalfags except on the loser end of the spectrum you brainwashed absent minded turd. Have an original thought and stop going with the herd.
Fucking normalscum.

>He doesn't know about the pharmajew
Cannot believe I used to listen to this guy.

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So emotional.
A frustrated but at the same time magnificent human being.
I wonder who is behind this post...

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>It's easy:
>Don't eat tobacco.
>Don't smoke meat.

>runs out of things to say
>y-youre a nigger! lololol

SAD. not even that guy but this is sad

>can't think of rebuttal because you know i'm right
>but then i can't win!
>I know, i'll just call him retarded
top notch

I don't like jordan peterson or get upset about edgy stuff i just think you try way too hard and you aren't funny and your bait is weak because you're a goof and a lame that's all i'm saying is your posts suck it's not that you are a big mean jerk or i particularly have a problem with the opinions you express you are just not good like your posts aren't good that's all

Nah, the guy just misunderstood so badly my point that I will just let it go, if it was just a little one, but is a big one.
2 decades arguing with idiots and low IQ subhumans, I just don't have this type energy to waste anymore.
If it was one important argumentative situation I stay and exchange knowledge or try to convince the person.
But in this case, I'll just shit post and run, let the faggot think he is right is even better.

>Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world

I just love how everyone you like, love or respect is secretly full of shit

My god what a pretentious post.

>more variation in-group than between
Thats true though

>his family life isn't some perfect fairytale world where no one gets sad or sick!
>get him!
>burn the witch!
really, motherfucker?

I think you got it backwards. I bet they had dirt on him from the very beginning. They elevated him, ergo they owned him. When he got the opportunity to talk about the problem, in a pained voice he said he could not do it. Not would not, not 'should' not, COULD not. This is a man conflicted. Why did he start being a bigger and bigger shabbos goy as he got into these circles?

As soon as you become a right wing 'influencer' they try to send you to Israel. They will tell you this. What they don't tell you is they promote compromised people like this all the time.

So basically when he got his 15 minutes of fame, the Zog both elevated him and got the dirt on all his personal problem and BOOM new pied piper goyim bitches.

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shouldv'e taken up Jiu Jitsu bro, then he could just shmoke weed and take DMT

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As much as I like the fundamental point of Peterson's message I have to agree he goes on too much about rising the dominance hierarchy and becoming a big bad sheep instead of a wolf.


Might have something to do with their all red meat diets. It isn't good to only eat that shit, especially the corn fed stuff we get in North America

He checked himself into rehab for anti anxiety drug widthdrawels. You subhuman troglodyte learn to read.

Never. He needs to wash his penis.

Did I hurt your feefees, Jordan?

He should've cleaned his room more often

You hurt your own by projecting a perfect ideal on someone who's only human

>implying I'm not just as horrible in real life
You'll meet me, or someone like me, eventually. And it'll be funny for everyone else, but not for you.

No, I just don't like pretentious people

So familial troubles = pretentious in your very small, silly little world?

The only 2 people to ever contribute absolutely nothing to the human race are Jews and Blacks. The Jews in ancient times were nomadic tribesmen with no nation or language of their own. They innovated absolutely nothing. Their "bible" is a collage of works by the Babylonians, only dumbed down and used in nefarious ways to deceive people. They've brought to man nothing but strife and anguish while flaunting self-imposed divinity. They create systems in which to segregate all while enforcing a mixing of nations, meanwhile their stolen plot is surrounded by giant walls that tower nearly as tall as their views against immigrants. Any bum can be a conniving backstabbing rat, and that is all you and your people are, spineless rats. So take your systems of lies and shove it. If it wasn't for your host nations you would be eating camel shit in a desert somewhere while the rest of the world flourished as the utopia we'll now never know because of the likes of you vermin.

He's a scam artist, he should kill himself.