Why are men intimidated by intelligent women? Is it because they threaten their egos?

Why are men intimidated by intelligent women? Is it because they threaten their egos?

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Of fucking course she's fat and ugly.

nobody likes to be around nerds lol

I've literally heard no man call himself a sapiosexual. It's not even a real fucking thing.

No it's because they are naturally entitled and never date down.

Thats exactly the kind of cope an ugly bitch like that would use to validate her severe lack of chad cock

I would worship a woman who is more intelligent than me, but they only want chad

what on god's green earth is a fucking sapiosexual..

>Why are men intimidated by intelligent women? Is it because they threaten their egos?
why would it?
man or women, if they are smarter than me it would just make me more competitive.

I absolutely would appreciate a smart gf. I don't understand how anyone could tolerate being in a relationship with a braindead Stacy.

>intelligent women
pretty sure that doesn't exist

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ghostmane and sam smith both are for example

Literally all I want is a girl smart enough to run circles around me. I'm sure they're out there, but I guess the smart ones are smart enough to stay away from me lol.

I don't speak millennial, are they saying that... Every guy is bisexual until he meets a woman so smart that she intimidates him, so he goes full gay?
Cause that would make absolutely no sense.

no it's because women don't want to date a man who is less intelligent than them

It's because I don't like to be told what todo not even by other men.

Judeochristian/western tradition that women are inferior produces great shame in men when they aren't. Men are also more domineering and feel insecure when too much is outside of their control, or humiliated, making a female partner who's superior, annoying.

But then there are men who settle as being the inferior partner in the group of men (the beta) and so the second argument doesn't stand since not all men are alpha in their day to day life. It only stands in combination with the first. But is the first not the only one we need?

Then it's cultural.

Smart = into polyamory, social justice, cuckoldry, BDSM/DDlg, sociopathy, BPD, etc.

The second argument that men are domineering still stands though. You don't choose your position within a workforce or group of friends, but you do choose your partner. And being allowed to choose between a bossy bitch who's smarter than you and someone dumber, men will choose the later.

>"""intelligent"" women

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No it doesn't. There's a huge difference between intelligence and intellectualism. The latter just sounds like it has the word intelligent in it, so people use them interchangeably at times. Even a complete retard can be an "intellectual." In fact they seem much more drawn to it than intelligent people.

I wouldn't give a shit if a woman was smart so long as she was fine with me being a tradie and didn't have some weird hangup about not being able to discuss carl sagan cosmos with enough enthusiasm

The problem is finding a intelligent woman. Haven't met or seen any of them anywhere.

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Didn't even know this term existed. Guess I use to be one when I was still under the 3DPD spell.

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everyone, both genders, likes the idea of being with somebody who is intelligent but in reality sperg out like 10 year olds when the intelligent person starts correcting them on their fuck ups.
everyone needs to iq match

I knew one, just one. Messed it up unfortunately

my ex girlfriend was smarter than me, but I didn't care because I was the one with the money/job.

i'd rather be with a girl that knows she isn't a genius but still has virtue, strong values, common sense, and a drive to improve than with a used up old roastie college graduate wishing she could pay off her student loans with the retweets she gets on her stinging, pithy anti-male drivel her socioeconomic "prof" used to tell her

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You know what I mean, it's the type in the OP pic i.e. literally anyone in academia.

Because they still wouldn't be interesting and would simply use their intelligence to deceive and manipulate you.

Why be afraid? It means better crafted sandwiches

intelligent women are still women, they want men more intelligent than they are. thats how it works.

No one likes snobbish people, i would do anything to lower my IQ for 10 or 15 points so i could be normal and happy,.

Yeah I know what you mean, intellectuals rather than intelligent people.

I dated a girl far more intelligent than I and anyone else I knew. I have lost her and cannot have feelings for anyone without her brilliance.

They arent, its just a 50 year old cope.

Cope. You're not as intelligent as you think you are.

Stop being biphobic if you want a quality man.

>intelligent women

the type in the OP is a mid range iqlet somewhere in the 120s, who can recognise more intelligent people but has no concept of just how far behind they truly are in their potential or capability, which leads them to falling for the appeal to authority meme and thinking they can just 'work' harder to match them.
unironically they believe that they can fool people with parroted high iq stories, jokes and points while never really understanding them, they will spend a lifetime trying to prove themselves, its why its the peak academic/wagie iq range.

all the cut and paste sjw opinions, they cant really conceptualise how theyll play out in reality but having and displaying them as widely as possible means they can reverberate of other iqlets, which gives them the consensus they need to validate themselves as intelligent.

Is the other way around, being in the 110-115 IQ is as lame as the 140+ IQ and the 90-, its just fucks you up because you are simply not are not smart enough, 120-130 is neccesary to be outstanding and talented in any interesting field that requires HIGH IQ

define smart. I consider a woman smart when she can make good money and is low maintenance.

Well, you see, the problem is she defines smart by how well she can lecture you on your privilege and the patriarchy.

Hypergamy. If, as a male you aren't better than your partner in every way, why would she even date you?

Lmao ghostemane truely is cringe incarnate, which is exactly why he's so unironically good.

I'm a man and a sapiosexual. I'd rather date a super smart 4/10 than an average or slightly above average 9/10.

I'm in Mensa, every single woman in it is a carbon copy of what you just posted. Basically Reddit personified. It just works.

i'm sure it's all social factors/the patriarchy responsible for this

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there's no such thing as an intelligent woman, if women were truly intelligent they wouldn't be more depressed and miserable than ever before.

Women who proclaim themselves to be intelligent usually are insufferable in person, they are arrogant, cocky, selfish, rude, unfeminine and do the one thing consistently that ruins relationships and that one thing is competition.

I say self-proclaimed because women are so stupid that they think just because they have some piece of paper it usually means they are somewhat omniscient and it is also a carte-blanche for them to perpetually insult other people's intelligence regardless of how rational and logical the other person is.

Thanks to the wonders of feminism now we have sociopathic women who forego the things that make life enjoyable such as children, husbands, intimacy, companionship etc, they'd rather live a selfish and solipsistic existence and revel in their own narcissism instead of having these dumb pissing contests like who's the most smartest, who makes the most money etc.

An "intelligent woman" is just a euphemism for a feminist cunt that doesn't want a family nor does she want to be a feminine woman, men don't want "intelligent women" because they offer nothing in return, you think some spoiled suberbanite fat cunt who majored in some bullshit degree that doesn't require a high level IQ like education or journalism, who has an enormous amount of student debt, who doesn't want a family or kids, who blames men for her poor decisions in life is going to be deemed intelligent by other people ?

But it seems like it's men's fault that these narcissistic, bitchy, unfeminine, selfish, pseudo-intellectual, pompous cunts can't find a man who likes them right ?

But no, according to your logic we're deathly afraid of things that disgust us.

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I have literally never met a women even close to being as smart as me though, and I graduated STEM from an Ivy League school.

Are your parents and siblings as smart as you/above average?

I work at Northrup Grumman and one of my coworkers is an absolutely brilliant engineer with a vagina. She's the DSP R&D god. If you don't think that takes brains, I don't know what to tell you.

Let me guess, she is this supposed smarter than he is woman... What a convenient defense mechanism she has. She does realize men built all of society and discovered practically everything worthwhile, right?

Women literally birthed humanity.
These same men wouldn't be alive if it weren't for women.

tfw tested for high IQ as a girl, all it takes is to masturbate and i become dumb wtf is this shit

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>smarter than me
lol yeah right. I am genuinely a genius compared to your average woman.

>women smarter then men
Now this is some quality satire.

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Keep saying that to yourself. It's only because you're smart. It's not because your ego is overinflated and you're an insufferable bitch. No, it's just you being smart. Also, if you focus on the men who are intimidated by your "intelligence", I have bad news for you. You just don't want to notice the men who appreciate these things. And you're bitter because you're a fatty with a hideous phenotype and no amount of angsty fiction reading is going to make you look any better or intelligent.

>Smart = into BPD
dude, what?

horrible bait thread, kill yourself schlomo

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>tfw no high IQ gf to condescendingly berate my lack of intelligence

i tested pretty high and was even in GATE until they just let me skip the grade (twice)
but thanks to mild drug use and excessive fapping i am the big dumb so a smart girl would never even notice me

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I think you're a soi boi white knight beta cuck who is fawning over the diversity quota higher in the office because she's the only woman you see all day

That's what I think

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>Why are men intimidated by intelligent women?
>By a women
Hahaha, no user, stop it.

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>Men: tame the natural world and make mother nature your bitch using nothing but creativity, ingenuity, strength of will, and your own two hands
>women: Get cummed inside then sit around eating for 9 months while a man provides food, shelter, and water just so you can do something you were biologically designed to do no different than any other woman that has ever lived

Exactly this, being in the 110-120 range just makes you depressed as you're aware of things intelligent people are aware of but you don't have their capabilities to do anything great

I've always considered myself a bit of one. I just don't like to advertise it because a smart girl already has a guy, or is playing a couple of them at the same time. I like a smart girl, don't mean I'm suppose to make smart decisions about getting them. They are smart, capable enough to choose their own decisions. Stop trying to blame me for them not choosing me.

Because smart bitches act like know it all's and it's irritating.

I knew one woman who might have been smarter than me. It started okay, but didn't work out.

I'll let you know when I meet a woman more intelligent than me.

The smarter a woman is, the more she uses her IQ to rationalize bullshit in ever more eloquent and convoluted ways. Too bad they spend their prime baby making years in college getting railed by the occasional drunk Chad and then they end up alone in their 30's. Dumb cunts.

All the women I've dated, who've explicitly said they were smart or somehow alluded to it, were cunts.
For whatever reason, they felt that because they were smart, that they could be condescending & demanding with little to redeem them. Basically, just female Sheldon's, but in the real world wherein Sheldon would've gotten his face kicked in.

Never met woman smarter than me, sorry.

Honestly, same.
They are all generic cunts with little to nothing to offer in that regard. And I don't mean "educational system" smart. I mean real smart.
Zero. None. Not a single one.

Just have a decent personality, common interests, and morally align with me goddamnit, it's fine if you're more intelligent than me if you meet those previous requirements (which seems difficult to impossible)

all the intelligent women have outsmarted themselves getting into a real relationship

smart women focus on their career and education, and in their 30s after they've made it they look around for a man, first they look at all the smart men roughly the same age with the same level of achievement: they're almost all already married, some with kids, or committed bachelors playing the field with women several years younger than them

so no hope there, but maybe they can find a smart guy that isn't as accomplished? A down-on-his-luck bohemian type, or maybe a starving artist? These ones are either a bundle of neuroses, virtually undateable, or else drowning in pussy from all sides, not unusual for both to be true

maybe if she's real desperate she'll consider a techie, an engineer, they're technically educated and usually well off, but brief interactions with them are usually all it takes to convince them they're unworthy of extended female attention

so now she's down to looking at largely uneducated but successful, professional men, usually charismatic and good looking, in sales or marketing positions, also manager types. These types are extremely shallow and not really big on the whole "feminism" thing, they mostly just pay lip service to it, she'll grow bored of these men after they exhaust the very short list of topics they can hold a conversation about

and from there she's left with uneducated, non-professional but still successful men, men who work in trades, small business owners, property managers, etc. Most smart successful women don't even consider men in this social strata as viable: they're overwhelmingly conservative and have very different ideas about a woman's role in a relationship. They basically exist on different planets.

Yea, you got me. I don't date polyamorous feminists who make every discussion about gender or race, because it intimidates me.

i'd date a smarter girl, but i've very rarely met any and the chances of us clicking are already slim enough that the additional requirement of her being more intelligent than me just makes it an exceedingly rare thing

but, god, it'd be nice. it'd force me to rely on the rest of my character to stand out, to be important to this person, and that'd help me develop a lot, i think.

Smart people in general intimidate me

Yeah, I once was attracted to somebody that was smarter than me, and she was attracted to me. Only for her to constantly gaslight me and dismiss anything I say simply because I didn't grow up under the same conditions and got to go to a special snowflake school and get a higher education. She outright made fun of me, my body, my choices, disrespected me over and over, constantly criticized me and told me to change my ways - yet when I criticized her once and told her to ease up on all of it, she outright refused to speak to me and suddenly told me 'she no longer was romantically, nor intimately interested in me' because 'I was stripping her off her freedom'. Now I am an emotional wreck after she cut contact without getting proper closure, knowing full-well she feels superior and like she did the right when despite her being in the wrong, which bugs me to no end and disallows me to emotionally invest into someone else. Even if that someone else is actively interested in me and is currently doing anything and everything to appeal to me - something I have never experienced before and yet cannot properly enjoy or return simply because I am still stuck on her.

Men literally impregnated those women... women are responsible for half of reproduction and none of civilization, men are responsible for all of civilization and half of reproduction. Get fucked foid. Men are conquerors and visionaries, and deserve better than a self important foid who has one use (baby factory) that she is not even able or willing to perform in this day and age.

>Actually believing smart women can be close to the average man intelligence

You're literally a retard OP

Femnoid cope is such a bizarre reflection of our own. This is the legbeard equivalent of "elbow skin too saggy 2/10 would not bang"

Anyone have that picture of some guy on here commenting on that stupid charging bull statue? I can't find it but it fits this thread.

I really started to notice that when some of my female acquaintances got a master's degree.
Many of them are really insufferable, but it's mostly the women who got a degree in a STEM field.
I think part of the reason why they behave so rude and cheeky is because men never correct them. If a guy starts to correct others constantly and boasts about his knowledge, it won't be long until someone would speak up and counter him. But I never see this happen with women who do the same. They are so confident and used to the fact that they can say everything in an autistic rage and just get away with it.

its not a Jow Forums post but eh

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Oh shit, I could have fucking swore it was. Well thanks anyways, user.

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Tons of cringy fedoras say this shit. They are always full of themselves.

I just want someone who isn't a fucking imbicile

100% this. I piss women off so much when dating them. They eventually become too annoyed with me and dump me. The chance of anyone being more intelligent than me is around 1%, (whether male or female) so the OP's question doesn't really apply to me. I have been tricked twice by women who posed as intellectuals only to reveal their mediocrity down the road.

>She's the DSP R&D god. If you don't think that takes brains, I don't know what to tell you.
It really depends upon the area of DSP (you mean digital signal processing?), but honestly it doesn't take a whole lot of effort to understand basic calculus or work with sampled systems.

Being a "R&D god" however... again depends upon the sort of "R&D". Do you mean "invention" as in actual research (study) and development (refinement) or do you mean "production R&D" as in research (google) and development (do things cheaply.)

Based upon my experience in DSP I'd say it isn't really an intelligence thing so much as a philosophy, personality and world view issue.

The dank darkness, loneliness and despair in the cold pits of this field terrify anyone else who retreat. Imagine mountain climbing by hand into space.

>he dank darkness, loneliness and despair in the cold pits of this field
It's like the scene after this one:
... when he tries to run so fast he runs up the side of the pit to escape; after he falls back down the "well, I guess we're gonna die in here" - that, every single day. Climbing successfully out of the pit only to realize it was a smaller pit inside the bottom of a larger pit.

Dated a >smart girl for 4 years

>Was in stem
>Based her identity around being >intelligent
>Her whole family worshipped her like a tech god, constantly buying her a ridiculous amount of electronics she doesnt use
>Constantly fail classes but is kept in because her aunt runs admissions at the uni
>Cheated on me with someone in her class while i was digging holes to buy her a house
>got a dream job at a videogame company despite literally being unable to code, literally the diversity female hire meme

Female intelligence is literally just a meme. Talk to most guys that were in gifted classes when they were young and theyll talk about how its horrible to tell kids theyre intelligent like that and that it fucks them up in the long term, this is the 24/7 ego trip women are on

Give me a choice between two women who are identical in looks and I'll pick the smarter one.

But if you don't fall into my "type" (not as much a number value in looks as it is a specific combination of appearance variables) it really doesn't matter how smart you are.

I meet so few women who are smarter than I am that it's really hard to identify any other attraction pattern than the one above. The sample size is too small.

Please kill yourself. Insecure mediocre pieces of shit like you, who want success handed in to you just because you were born with a dick, are the reason cunts like OP's pic related have a platform and are multiplying. You have no say in what makes other people "truly happy". It's not that you can't find a wife because of feminism, you can't because your Dunning-Kruger can be spotted from miles away and even women who want to be housewives steer clear of incompetent frauds who will fail to provide for them and disrespect their home-making work in their frustration.

>men disrespecting womens home making work

Fukken actual lel

that's such a disgusting and vile thing to say. she'd fit right in on bizarro r9k.

Most people who describe themselves as smart, male or female, are merely arrogant. You can read a whole bunch, and come out not understanding a lick of it, or being unable to form your own thoughts on a topic. I know a lot of people who can regurgitate facts, like a parrot, yet are unable to use that information in any meaningful way. They have good memories, perhaps, but the creative impulse is utterly atrophied within them.

if i had a dime for everytime i saw someone type some variation of this post lol.

the really intelligent women i meet always piss me off because they can't control their neurotic tendencies. example: wanting to correct you ALL the time even though it pisses you off and doesn't serve a purpose, trying to be perfect but clearly can't be perfect, feeling awkward about being incorrect.
little things like that. some might call it immaturity.

>wanting to correct you ALL the time even though it pisses you off and doesn't serve a purpose
Watching them seethe when you correct them is hilarious though.

>find woman that is actually smart, intelligent in many ways
>she uses it to realize more quickly that she is capable of having a partner better than you
>can realize more quickly that she can cheat on you and use you as a paypig than other slightly less intelligent women
Or could that be all women?

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yeah, i see why it's called immaturity.