What happens here, lads?

What happens here, lads?

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incest and high retardation rates

I went to Memphis for trucking school and that whole city looked like a fucking atomic bomb just wasted the entire area with nothing left except walking burnt corpses. Aka niggers

So what you're saying is black people are cousin fuckers

Tennessee is awesome. Three very different regions due to the geography. East Tennessee is beautiful and more liberal. Middle Tennessee, outside of Nashville, tends to be conservative and redneck. Lots of industry.

West Tennessee is niggers and

Absolutely nothing worth talking about.

t. west tennessean

They have a strangely high amount of special regional candy you can't find anywhere else.
I have no idea why.

What the fuck are you hiding faggot? ANSWER MEEEE!!!

south tennessee is pretty comfy
they also have some great geologic formations

Lmao you posted the nigger meme again like the npc you are

Germantown is high-tier comfy. It's either large stretches of grassland or pretty suburban houses.

Strange, since it's closeby to Memphis, the city with the second highest crime rate in the nation.

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does Tennessee even have a south? It's the most horizontal state in the nation

Technically it does. He probably means southern middle Tennessee, close to Huntsville. Idk what geologic formations he's talking about though lol

Literally all of country music.
Graceland blows, don't go

Nothing much. I lived in Clarksville last year, it was pretty lame.

haha fried chicken state

I thought that was Kentucky?

>country music
>white trash
>porch monkeys
>solid cuisine

oops i messed up kentucky is north of it

Pretty much this. I hate this shit state and am out of here my first opportunity

Join the #CarolinaGang! We have beaches and comfy boat towns!

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I hear NC is getting overrun with yankees fleeing expensive northeastern states like MA, NY & NJ.

Yes, too many niggers in this state.

Idk I'm thinking about Virginia desu with you lad

I've lived in Birmingham and Chicago which have huge murder rates and can tell you that random murders outside of nigger containment zones almost don't happen. Theft is a slightly different matter but just get an alarm.

I used to want to live there, was attracted by Nashville and seemed like every girl I met from there was gorgeous. Seems awesome - very white outside of Memphis, awesome landscape, the good parts of the south, what's there not to like?

Unpopular opinion but NC is the inferior Carolina. If you head down the coast of SC like Hilton Head or Charleston it's honestly some of the comfiest scenery in the entire country. The coast of NC is nice too, but anything other than that is the boondocks and niggerland. At least SC also has nice upstate cities like Greenville. Charlotte is honestly one of the most trashy cities I've ever been to. I'd go as far to call it Atlanta-lite. The amount of Indians and Mexicans there are fucking insane.
t. Lived in both states

Yes, there are a lot of Indians/Mexicans coming down in Charlotte. Not so much in the rest of the state but still.
It's the fucking northerners who are ruining everything, (especially in Charlotte) it's an ungodly amount of them coming down here due to their:
>high taxes/expensive land/expensive rent
>intrusive and required workers unions
>strict laws on firearms and less open job market in things like industrial/manual labor/infrastructure

And then, of course, in return they give us:
>more restrictive laws on firearms
>more restrictive laws in general
>absolutely horrible traffic as northerners are dogshit drivers and CANT FUCKING USE A DAMN TURN SIGNAL TO SAVE THEIR LIFE
>driven up property prices and higher taxes
>more liberal friendly/left laws
>more workers unions and a more saturated job market

GO BACK TO YOUR OWN DAMN STATE NORTHFAGS!!!! I am so fucking sick of people telling me they're from fucking NY, NJ, PA, MA, NH, or even OH or MI.

Despite all that I still love my state. We've got beautiful scenery in the mountains, beaches, swamps, islands, hills, farms. We might have less of the nice "old south asthetic" than SC but I'd say there's still a lot of good areas left.
I won't deny though, I love to visit SC as well.

best place in sc is pickens county
and for nc the counties bording pickens and in the mountains

I lived in pickens county for a couple of years, sure you can live pretty good there for cheap, but alot of it is almost 3rd world tier in terms of living conditions for the common man

>but alot of it is almost 3rd world tier in terms of living conditions for the common man

Are we talking about the same pickens in upstate SC? liberty is a bigger shithole than most 2nd world countries (balkans, southern cone etc) and easley is surrounded by trailer parks that are basically favelas for white people. Sure its not really dangerous but some parts are extremely poor and run down and have more in common with somewhere like eastern europe than they do with other parts of the country.