Would you, as a leftist...

Would you, as a leftist, buddy up to eco-fascists in a Stark-Lannister type alliance in order to make sure that mother Gaia survives?

Eco-fascists, are you actually concerned about the environment or is the "eco" part just some kind of salesmanship?


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Woohoo our alliance gained us a couple thousand retards at our disposal now people will take us seriously.

more proof that fascists and communists are just two sides of the same authoritarian coin. you both deserve to be shot

Absolutely not, the only reason to save the environment is to save people. What's the point of caring about climate change if you're just going purge or leave to die millions of people?

Tough talk Greta.

Anyway, as far as I know we're not at the "beginning" of a mass extinction, we're in an ongoing one caused directly by us and civilization.

I-is she even qualified to be giving these speeches. I mean it would take years and years of studying to learn and understand the information and get the skills required to be qualified to lecture others on serious scientific subjects. And she's what a high school age girl who's been out of school as well? Why are they letting a 16 year old give speeches and take the time of important people when she isn't qualified or knowledgeable enough to be the one giving these talks? All she does is say that the people in charge are bad and the "science" agrees with her, but can't provide any significant or detailed explanations; she just gives an emotional speech and acts outraged and people are eating it up. Why? Not to mention bringing up reasons for why something should be done doesn't mean much when you don't have a realistic set of steps, within reason, that could actually be enacted to solve the problem. Emotion gets people mad but it doesn't create meaningful change.

The liberals, historically, follow the fascists as long as they paint their cages pink for breast cancer.

Just wait 10 years and all the commies and fashies will choke on carbon monoxide and CO2 along with everyone else, its fine.

>Why save 10 people when you can't save 15 people?

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>that fragment
>the rest of that pathetically vitriolic joke of a speech
Yeah, and what can you do? Sail the Atlantic on a "zero-carbon" boat that ultimately resulted in your team emitting fuckloads of carbon when they had to fly to New York or back home during the voyage? The only people who take you seriously anymore are psychologically deficient college women and washed-up celebrities looking to improve their images by pandering to pathos. You are a hopelessly manipulated sycophant, and your ambitions to become the Malala of this coming decade are stunted only by your handlers' reluctance to hire someone to put two caps in a girl who looks and acts like she didn't age past ten.

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Yeah, she was sort of being too lenient on the $$$world leaders$$$, I agree.

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>I-is she

Shut the fuck up liberal

>it would take years and years of studying

You get coaching before you talk in front of the UN. And besides, she's right about the science.

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Because we have more than enough resources to save the 15. Also fascist would want those 5 left-behinds dead whether climate change was real or not so why would be complicit in their half genocide?

>posts zizek

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environmentalists were saying that 10 years ago. face it, you're in an apocalypse cult, which is being used by global elites to destabilize the West.

>Yeah, she's powerless, she can't do anyth-

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Problematic digits.

I'd disagree generally. Stuff like this won't cause meaningful change, but it'll cause a damn sight more change than any rational explanation would. Part of the strength of this particular spokeswoman(and the major reason one should be suspicious of her) is that couching the rhetoric on the lips of a young girl sidesteps rational debate. Because she's willing to a frenetic mad dog, she's very effective where someone more cautious would caveat themselves out of having a point. She sounds very confident, and that's more important than being confident. She makes the problem sound urgent, and blunt, and 100% one way. Nobody pushes the masses by saying that on balance things are 51%/49% and that therefore the masses should give up anything concrete on a split of 2 points.

To me it's clear she's meant to agitate liberals. Everyone likes a mad dog that barks for their side, and the fact that she's a kid who's worried about dying activates the Care foundation (see: Haidt), which liberals/progs tend to lean very heavily on. She was likely chosen to play to their predilections.

None of this will go anywhere, though, because what really needs to change is industry, and only profit has the power to change the world. Environmentalism in 2019, 2020 or 2030 will only go so far as it either leaves unharmed or promotes profit. Wherever it deviates, it will find its power suddenly evaporates.

>I don't want us all to die from climate change, maybe we could have more public transportation

>You're trying to bring about the apocalypse!

oooooooooohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkk I-I-I'mmm coooooooooooooooomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggg hhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckfuckfuckfuckFUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK ohhhhhhhhh

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>posting zizek
yeah, you can fuck off, commie. if you ever get the revolution you want, it won't end well for you

>Mad about an image
>Uses a tripcode

Nice try

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She looks like a 40 year old woman, fucking kek

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no, you're trying to prevent an imaginary apocalypse, and in doing so will bring about the end of any semblance of a free society. that is always what ends the "apocalypse" in these scenarios, just give them your wealth and your freedoms and they'll take care of it

>none of the "ecologists" support the atom
Fakes, all of the fucking commies in disguise.

i dont care about the climate, be my guest and destroy all life on this planet, i really dont care

that's still better than trusting all of that to a state which is either brutally totalitarian, completely ineffective, or more likely both.


You almost had me this time.

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The U.N. doesn't even give a shit. They only gave her that platform to humor her. They couldn't care less about a teenage girl lmao

>Support the atom

Do you intend to elaborate or are you just here to let us all know that you are feeling negatively?

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yeah keep spouting legionfaggot memes, commie. that should make the evil fascist telling the truth about communist regimes go away

>she is not alone anymore!!
Her mother, a nationally renowned opera star, published a an autobiography that same month in which she recounts Greta's complete impudence towards her and Greta's father, a famous actor. Essentially, the woman had to go vegan and give up her international career because this brat was so insistent on adhering to the same mantra that Al Gore flunked with before she was even born.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together and deduce that this girl was not "alone" in her fight but always backed by lump sums from connections, which is exactly why her campaign seems like such a prolonged PR stunt anyway.

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i would support some kind of one world government regulating the population, yes

The earth has been here for billions of years and no climate change of this scale can kill it. This is Mother Gaia going for a sauna. Human beings though are FUCKED. And since its us human beings thats been destroying our environment in the first place, maybe us going extinct might be whats best after all

Look at this backpedaling. From >she's powerless to >Nobody would listen to her if she was broke

Mother Gaia is dying and all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth

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The only difference between us is that you don't see that bringing millions of foreigners to first world nations will worsen their impact on the environment.

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The Earth is here but the climate threatens the ability of most life as we know it to exist. Sure, some deep sea memers, some waterbears, and the occasional thermophile lizard might survive, but the feedback loops threaten the grand majority of life. Gaia is more symbolic of the living part of the Earth rather than the magma filled ball that would exist without the trees and wolves.

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civilization is being deliberately destroyed and all you can talk about is the lie of equality and fairytales of an apocalypse

I'm gonna give you a lifehack for talking about Climate Change.

You WON'T convince them it's real. There IS a way around it. Pitch it as a solution to their OTHER problems.

>Hate giving money to terrorist nations?
>Want an excuse to pass sanctions China?
>Wanna live off the grid or lower utility costs?
>Worried about gay frogs/pseudo-esteogens trannifying your kids?

Sanction China for polluting
Thorium reactors to bankrupt Saudis
Stop pussification by minimizing plastics.

>Acting like a BPD whore

Wow who would guessed

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nigga you could eventually permanently destroy all life on earth with a couple bigass nuclear reactors (in the land and ocean), and by eventually i mean melting down for a few thousand years

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>durr look at this backpedaling!
>yeah you, stop backpedaling! I don't care that the two things I condensed your arguments to mean the same thing, you're inconsistent and can't back yourself up!
>let me cite yet another quote from this child and attach an unrelated image from a "great thinker" who totally didn't fuck his first cousin and rob credit for numerous "discoveries" before his time!!!

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r/CTH was just talking about this one. I don't suppose you will ever care about the imperialist actions that caused refugees to need to relocate, will you?

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>Need this much text to call someone a retard


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Guess what, 90% of immigrants are coming because of drought and crop failure in their homelands. You stop global warming, you stop the blacks and Arabs being displaced.

>posting propaganda from an actual communist regime
you're not fooling anyone, commie. go back to r/"anarchism"
I would actually support reducing use of fossil fuels for these reasons, but gradually, and not by state mandate. as for sanctioning China, while it's something I morally agree with, it's tactically very stupid

originally, of course

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How about you fuck off instead of pushing that doomsday faggot rhetoric?

She's far too stupid to save anything and would only be dead weight in a movement dedicated to saving the planet.

If you say so. I guess the military budget in the US is really just for defense, huh?

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If this was your response to the OP, that would have been all you needed. Yet here we are farming (you)s together

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Eco means primitivism
At least it still means less environment damage, but theyre just closet anprims

Here's your (you) I'm gonna go ahead and keep posting the memes though

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>Why save 10 people when you can't save 15 people?

Putting aside 's accurate observation, any proposed solution that leaves the economy dependent on profit-based markets is going to fail: when production is tied to profitability, companies *have* to constantly pump out more and more goods at an unsustainable rate to stay in business, and by extension keep the economy afloat. Ultimately the only lasting solution to climate change is to replace markets with planned economies where goods are produced according to communities' needs rather than obtaining profit. Eco-fascism refuses to address this reality in favor of killing the people who've been the least responsible for climate change (inb4 "muh China"; the wealthiest 20% of the *human population* is responsible for most emissions, which includes the owners of major companies in places like India and China, but not the pepole in those countries living on $2/day)

Jeez, I haven't watched her do anything yet. Could she be acting any harder? She looks like a 9 year old and can't speak up. She doesn't know what she's saying, "just read the script child so we can get fake internet thumbs to share the message to give up, cause obviously nothing can or will get done so why not just say fuck it."
I couldn't give any less of a shit about her now

and this is our problem how? they can either find a way to live where they are, find somewhere else to go, develop skills which make them useful and denounce ideologies which make them dangerous and hope to be one of the few let in legally, or starve and die. why the hell should we sacrifice Western culture to save people who despise it?

I-I wouldn't farm (you)s with anyone but you, b-baka...!

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No they aren't you fucking retard, they're coming because of the welfare otherwise they wouldn't make their way all through Europe from safe countries to wealthy welfare states.
They just needed an excuse to come to Europe in mass and after the start of the syrian civil war they had just that, and consequently an army of NGOs willing to bring them to Europe, an army of bureaucrats and politicians willing to house and feed them for votes, and and army of journalists doing everything they can to shame the local populace into submission.

What the /fuck/ do Jow Forumstards have to do with this FAS girl?

>those digits
>that degeneracy
both of your posts: "yes she's a lying, ignorant cunt who is playing to base instincts but it's a good thing because I agree with her"

I didn't even know there was a """strike""" until days after

I was thinking that saving the environment would be more important than fixing the markets. In my world

Environment > Imperialist intervention > Economics > Idpol

I think of it like a triage of people fucking dying for the interests of capital

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Pwease user, I need a widdle savey-wavey UwU

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Not him, but I suppose its nuclear energy, the clear way forward that nobody wants because "muh fukushima, muh Chernobyl" and the dumbass belief that all the toxic waste will be too much and also kill all the fish

That's total bunk. They are coming because their people are not capable of building nice societies like Denmark and Iceland.

>because the science agrees that we are all going to die if we don't take action

I would also want people to stop eating mustard if mustard were causing a mass extinction event

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I can get behind nuclear. I remember this TEDx but none of the content in it. It paints a really grizzly picture.


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>posting some commie cunt when this glorious commie killing Finn had a higher score

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Where does a faggot keyboard communist like yourself get off mocking American soldiers?

A eco-fascist order will only ever come about from collapse and fragmentation
The neoliberal solution of a NWO bugman empire is the absolute last thing I have any interest in supporting

It sucks but the environment will have to take some blows until or population collapses back down and we can start over

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Well, we can always move production from China to more friendly states like India and Mexico.

Isn't it funny though? We have the same goals, but different reasons?

because they hate this country, and know that if they attempt a revolution their asses will get handed to them by American soldiers

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>Defending welfare queens

Top kek

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>more friendly states like India and Mexico
who will keep trading with China, as will just about everyone else. and while we share some goals, others differ wildly, and I can't condone your methods

Can I just give a big shout out to myself for that one time I said that this post would happen? I'm a fucking God at this and I feel like I don't get the acknowledgement I deserve for the more subtle parts of my work

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>humans capable of permanently destroying EVERY TRACE of life on earth

wew lad. sounds arrogant if you ask me

kek, i might join the army but just to legally kill people. I dont expect to get dickrode fir that, and troop dickriders are retarded.

Honestly, you're a refreshing change of pace from the fucking liberals

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I'll clap for your mother when they interrupt the football game to "pay tribute to the Gold Star Families."

How did you predict my post?

I sincerely doubt that if this planet were to be a giant living megaorganism, it would give two fucks about the wolves and the trees any more than it does about us

>MFW a liberal asks me a question

Protip: It's not a population problem, it's a energy problem.

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you underestimate humans ability to fuck shit up. If everybody decided to get together and erase the atmosphere, they could. That would make the earth permanently uninhabitable for everything. Same way easter islanders cut down all their trees to build moai statues, or how a single WW2 japanese battleship could wipe out entire tribes in the pacific islands they encountered

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I'd have to imagine that it would give a fuck about a mass extinction event the same way you would care if you had necrosis on one of your hands.

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Lmao, you really think they come here just to live in your government cucked country which gets 2 weeks of summer per year? Yes, they're going leave behind their entire lives just to stroke the ego of your country.

d-dont forget about me bros

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Under no pretext

little loser

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Why would I ever listen to a downie kid who is pushing libshit propaganda? Why is it supposed to be more persuasive that a kid is shilling for them? How can her views be anything but nonsense force fed since birth? She is a scientist? Oh wait, she's just a fucking idiot kid like every other idiot kid who doesn't know shit about shit. Fuck her and anyone who supports her, please grow up and understand the nature of our existence at this point in time.

The thing is, is that we've been in a mass extinction for the last 100k years or so. Seriously, cave men started it.

just trying to maintain my relevance bro!

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>a voluntary contract which either party can terminate at any time is unfair and unjust
>involuntarily taking people's wealth, giving some of it to people who did nothing to earn it, and keeping the rest to prop up your totalitarian regime is fair and just
every word a commie speaks is a lie

It is a population problem and I'm far from a liberal
The depletion of easily accessible carbon energy will make our current population size absolutely untenable and that's a good thing!
urbanites are oversocialized bugmen and need to be gassed

Malthus was right.

Every word you speak is done with a tripcode

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so why do the chinks have 30,000 km of high speed rail and your shithole country has nothing

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My bad, I thought you said the neoliberal empire was like the last thing you have interest in - like all your other interests had run dry.

That was my first oopsie of the thread

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>erase the atmosphere

it is strange to see one of those teenage internet lefties go all in with his twitter images in a thread where no one else seems to care about the discussion

why would it? it could repeat life from simple organisms albeit slowly while a man cant do jack shit about a necrotized hand

>30,000km of high speed rail
shitty copies of capitalist nations' technologies, built with stolen money, and can only be used by those with enough wealth and "social credit". besides, no rail system is worth the price of communism

>all in

Fuck you. I have a bunch of economics, unions, anti-cop, anti-white fascism, anti-liberal, trans rights, a couple absurdists, and a few more anti-imperialism tings. That's not even mentioning the statistics and direct evidence. You're a goddamn clown

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Le based and redpilled man has arrived xDDDDDDDD

>Sorry about your 7 children Mrs. Johnson getting beaten to death by thuggish teenagers, but hey, you can just make new ones, right?

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