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I'd steal her innocence too.

In what possible way could she possibly make that claim in any way whatsoever? The fuck???

you don't know how hard it is to be a rich white teenage girl

Being born into a planet that was deliberately set on fire is kinda taking her youth away from her.

Ok let's assume the planet is going to be fucked. That takes away her future, but not her childhood.

I'll steal you're fuckxing cunny too

She's still a child. She'll legally be a child for the next two years. Her youth will last another 10-15 years. Her late childhood and overall youth was taken away.

Fags stole my childhood by fucking my youthful asshole, but I can't talk about that or I'm homophobic. Gremlin bitch can choke on my tailpipe.

Theyre starting to shill her real hard, I saw her on tv today 5 times and im a goddamn spic.

faggot niggers

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god I hate this dumb cunt

Why is she 16 but still looks like a 9 year old? What are they feeding her?

white privilege confirmed

You know who took my childhood, Greta?

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>What are they feeding her?

It's a classic case of an extremely rich white girl, who's never experienced any form of hardship in her life, acting offended on everyone else's behalf like she's the heroic underdog.

Alcohol, in utero. FAS causes stunted growth and facial deformities.

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I bet she has rancid dog farts.

cabbage and eggs is her main sustenance

Someone stole her chromosome as well, who the fuck cares. Fucking shill cunt pushing propaganda, not her fault I suppose but still, a shillas gonna shill.

Does alcohol consumption during pregnancy have any effects on IQ? My mother drank during pregnancy as well. Is that why I had so much trouble with math?

Uhhhh... umm... n-no user, not at all... I'm sure you're totally fine dude, haha...

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I don't have any of the physical signs of FAS.

Maybe you just have a mild form of it? Symptoms in such cases are usually limited to attention deficits and learning difficulties.

Her farts are warcrime tier.

the Lehman brothers?

but since this is Jow Forums I have to add some more text. so let me explain. "fpbp" means "first post best post". since your post is first in the thread, and best in the thread, it meets both these criteria and hence I responded with "fpbp". have a wonderful day nigger

and an environmental hazard

- Muslim terrorists
- Zionists
- The military-industrial complex
- Open borders enthusiasts

Poor kid. I can remember when we were all kids, sailing around trans continental voyages, criticizing any place we can happen to. Oh wait I can't, fuck off we're full. Can't we build a god damn wall already, port authorities will deal with this kind of stuff a lot more seriously.

while i generally agree with what she's doing, i think she looks like a potato

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CRINGEEEEEEEEEE down syndrome bitch lmao

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She has assburgers guys.
And wow she looks ugly up close

Her speech, when you remove the mentions of climate change, sounded like an angry stormfag posting tough guy talk.

No, the alcohol her mother binged on while pregnant stole her her childhood. She literally has a smooth philtrum and a thin upper lip.

nice feet btw

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What an overly elaborate way to get past the robot filter. Here's your (You).

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your parents drinking stole your childhood lol

greta thunberg needs to get fucked

imagine being in alabama with this preachy prissy mumble munchkin

you pull up to the candlewood suites in a fucking dodge challenger with aftermarket headers and parts that get you 11 miles per gallon

one rev of the engine and she's already getting inexplicably moist in her room from the sound of your massive fuel-guzzling V8 roadboat

you get out and take a minibike running on a lawnmower engine through the parking lot and into the lobby of the hotel because FUCK walking, we didn't invent internal combustion to scuttle around with our dicks on our hands

moonwalk down the hallway to the elevator while turning every thermostat you see on full blast and spraying CFC-saturated aerosol air fresheners everywhere

check your phone in the elevator and hit up your broker app really quick to buy a thousand more shares of exxon, bp, and shell stocks while shorting anything that has to do with solar and wind because solar panels look fucking gay and windmills are for dipshits

reach greta's floor, backflip into her door, breaking that shit down and sending splinters flying everywhere setting off fucking car alarms and barking dogs

her primal scandinavian woman survival instinct kicks in and she immediately presents herself to you from all the viking raping and pillaging burned into her nordic DNA

you put a plastic non-biodegradable bag from walmart over her muppet face, set a cooked rack of barbecue ribs on the small of her back, and go to town, throwing the cleaned rib bones at the back of her stupid cantaloupe head in between thrusts

after blowing your load and covering the room in non-vegan protein, you wipe your monolithic dong on her priceless handmade native american uber-sustainable fairtrade honestly sourced hippie sweater

jump out the fucking window into a formula 1 race car and cover the hotel in black rubber as you burn out and blaze off into another american night

global warm deez nuts, bitch


She comes from a wealthy family, her parents are in finance or something. The elites are pushing for her because they want her money.

I'll trade childhoods with you, Greta. I'll jet-set all over the world bitching out politicians and getting my face all over CNN, and you can sit alone in your bedroom crying while your parents are screaming about what a disappointment you are.

I'd give both nuts to see this bitch shuffled down to the nearest hood so she can lecture black youths about their evil climate crimes.

Fun, fun shit would happen.

why the hell did eco actavists choose her as a champion? they could of had anyone, scientist, celebrities, politicians but nooo i'll take the stroppy school girl instead,