Why are they called donuts? Where the fuck does that word come from?

Why are they called donuts? Where the fuck does that word come from?
Why the nut? There's no nuts.

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Do nut even ask

nutmeg? origanami

They where originally called "dog-nut" after the cream filled pastries, but people where a little off-put by the name and they changed it. The donuts with the hole in them are actually a newer invention for people who want a less sugar and calorie dense treat than a traditional dog-nut. Amazing how words evolve and change!

They used to be made with a big ass nut in the middle but one day they decided "eh I don't want nuts" and thus it was made. Or atleast I think idk

>"There's no nuts."
>he doesnt know

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the hole is for nutting, silly. give that badboy a nice creamy center.

>dog nut
this thread made me kek, thanks anons

nut as in nuts and bolts

cmon dude

What about dobolts?

If I see dobolts ever I'll make sure to take a photo of one, that is if they are actually real

donuts more like poonuts

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cite your sources, dog

I can't find anything about le dog-nut on the internet.

I did find this though. Kek. youtube.com/watch?v=StzDjIQ83JQ

Because the glaze looks like someone nutted on the donut

>There's no nuts
That's what you think, faggot.

not OP, but I'm allergic to nuts, and eating donuts doesn't affect me at all.

thats what you think faggit

Fun fact OP, donuts were actually much smaller. Over the years the size of the doughnut's hole as decreased from the second world war onward.
There isn't much consensus on why the doughnut hole has decreased in size over the years but the common theory is that as the economy grew and consumption with it more and more people were willing to purchase the pastries at larger sizes for higher prices.

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Fucking liars. I looked it up. They're called donuts because the original recipe used nutmeg.

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Didn't even claim to know why they were called donuts. Was just bringing up a fun fact about them.
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