I am 23 and I feel like my life is passing me by...

I am 23 and I feel like my life is passing me by. How do people have the freedom to do things like sports or explore their town or have friends or anything like that between college and work?

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They don't spend time on sites like Jow Forums, and they don't need quiet time alone.

I watch anime and they are all doing fun stuff. They have time where they are just sitting around and they work on personal goals. I talk to people I know in real life AND THEIR LIFE IS LIKE THE ANIME. They are always talking about the stuff they did with so-and-so, and that new restaurant they went to, and how they went hiking or bouldering or fishing. I cant even do those things at night because everything closes at night. The only places that are open are bars and clubs, but that isnt my kind of thing.

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I didn't do college and work. I'm 23 and in college I lived off my student loan. Partied and got passing grades.

I've graduated and started working, I have aot more boring down time but I spend my money on concerts and snowboarding, i take days off for the shows and snowboard on weekend. Two years of working and I've looking at japan this winter.

Well make friends then, where do you stay user?

I have a couple friends, they do fun stuff without me because I am always busy.

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I usually avoid going to places of conventional "leisure", I prefer to stay with a small group of people with whom I have confidence and similar tastes, but unfortunately it took 11 years with the same camaraderie and lately, I have to pretend that I enjoy it, there is nothing in common, they just want to shout and listen to loud shitty music. I can only pretend, before we used to play video games, talk about computers, and make mischief in the neighborhood. Now there is nothing left of that, I must release at most 30 words in our meets. Fuck it, I prefer to confine myself to read manga, lurk and pc.

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i am 23 yr old female hhvk, i have never been on a date, no man has ever expressed interest in me. i am not fat, i go to the gym 5 days a week, i have hobbies like reading book, video, photoshopping/photomaking, video makeing, and whatever else comes on my plate.

i have only 1 friend who i am 10000 miles apart from and it pains me.

but today, at 50, my mother just got married to a 30 year old boy.

imagine that, imagine having a daughter and letting her rot like this. i can't believe it, fuck boomers. she is 2 times my weight, this is not fucking fair

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Lmaoing at this LARP.



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Then whats wrong with you? Why do you think it is that men arent interested?

I don't THINK. Men have just never been interested. I don't have a resting bitch face, I smile, am polite, responsive but at the end of the day i am invisible just like you fucks and some cunt bitch had me by mistake and didn't abort me.

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I am really curious now. What do you dress like? What is your hair style?

based mastadon poster

What mental illnesses do you have? There is something more you're not telling us. Maybe you're just super ugly?

yeah everyone's fucking curious when a girl just happens to not be a raging fucking whore. fuck off already

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If guys arent approaching you, its not "not being a whore" its being unwanted, which is totally different.

Ok, what are your other hobbies? Where are you from?

Organize your time better. Easiest way is to spread out assignments as much as possible. If you got a 5 page paper, do the research one day and then a page per day.

It's just a question of wardrobe, user. Chill.

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damn, I relate. Most of my old friends are sticking to themselves more to try and redirect themselves, I contact them the least though out of all of us because I don't see any point to it anymore.

grow a fucking pair OP, better yourself, escape the constant cycle

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>"I'm sick of the people who browse Jow Forums"
>leaves site
>"Hey guys, wanna come to my new site?"
Are you retarded?

I get many compliments on my sense of style and put great delicacy in my choice of clothing.

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It's not about time, it's about energy. Read The Power of Full Engagement. Read Atomic Habits. In fact, just read a lot, the knowledge will create paths that will you give you greater time and happiness. Live below your means. Don't take on engagements that waste your time without fulfilling you. I think the reason normies seem to have so much time and fun regardless is because they are motivated to make things work regardless of their schedule, mainly because they feel deeply engaged in human relationships in the way that us robots do not. That's fine, you just have to set goals to eventually reach that level with friendships step by step.

I also got really bitter about anime and escapism since it seemed like I was just replacing a real life a fake one. I don't think anime is the issue here, just depression. For the record, most people just want to make their lives seem more exciting than they really are.

I wish we could be friends and make our lives like 2D, Anonymous.

Judging by your posts, maybe people are put off by your gigantic ego. I know they are put off by mine, I just don't give a fug

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>gigantic ego
ego??????? hahah what ego??????????? you think people are reading my posts on Jow Forums to somehow think I have a huge fucking ego??????????????

are you fucking retarded

>defensive as fuck over me pointing this out
>"I'm perfect in every way, why don't people fucking like me???"
>fuck boomers, fuck my mother, fuck fat people, etc..
you are a spiteful bitch, and people can TELL. you just can't tell they can. i literally would never want to meet you. sadly, i can relate too much to you

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fucking kill yourself

Yet another poor confused young person who has no idea what he even wants out of life.

You seem the most like me
Date me
Not him btw

I want to have fun without putting myself in great financial risk and also accomplish something respectable. The question isnt what, but how.

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>fucking kill yourself
You also hijacked OP's thread with your bitching. Unlike OP, who lacks friends and fun because of time constraints, you could probably easily make friends and find a bf if you stopped thinking people are objects who should be handed to you, that you "deserve" them.

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>don't need quiet time alone
without this I would be way more unproductive.
don't think about it. They can just tell little stories that do not move them forward in live, especially the clubs and bars stuff.
>huehuehue I was drunk like every saturday night.
and the normies feel like they are making progress.

Unless youre really ugly and i mean like really ugly theres no reason you couldnt get a boyfriend.