Want gf

>want gf
>girls are crazy and dangerous
>don't want gf
>still can't shake the urge/need to snuggle a cute girl
>ignore women in public because i know it would never work
>tfw no gf
>tfw don't want a gf, but also do

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go figure a frog poster is an indecisive bitch.

you dont have a gf because you even acknowledge people saying girls are crazy and dangerous

>complaining about frogposters on Jow Forums

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>women aren't crazy and dangerous its all in your head bro just let one into your life and give her the power to lie and spread rumors about you to destroy your social standing and ensure you never have friends or a girlfriend again its okay bro they just need to be loved like anyone else haha

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>tfw no gf
>tfw don't want gf
>tfw too awkward for a gf anyways

i guess it works out right?

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You aren't crazy right? Just find a girl that's like you. Someone with common interests.

>find a girl that's just like you
>someone with common interests

>this totally exists and she won't cheat on you when she's bored i swear

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>fear of commitment
wow the single thing that ruined the generation of millennials. go back to fortnite, its safe.

>fear of commitment
roasties love using this term like it's our fault they cheat on good guys
its not a """""fear of commitment"""" its the foresight to know that nearly all women are bad news whores who slut around
why commit to a girl who wont commit to you?

>he doesn't want to stick his hand in that jar full of black widows
>he must have a fear of commitment

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>good guys who "know" that nearly all women are bad
yeah, its time for millennials to die and hopefully we never think about them again.

>relationships between genders has never been better!
>feminism is great for everyone!
>equality amirite?
>gynocentrism isn't real you're just an incel who can't handle a real woman with lots of experience!

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>he thinks it matters who he blames or what he calls it
>he's still single with no kids as an adult
>he's still frustrated with his status as a man
I'm coming from a place where I think it's far more pathetic you put your fate in the hands of "all women" rather than you personally choosing one woman and ensuring that she follows your values. You don't have to listen, it's a benefit to all of society that someone raised like you never has a family. What you and OP are talking about are some of the most simple problems to exist however. Things that have been discussed and studied for thousands of years with very simple solutions.

Fuck you kek



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>you personally choosing one woman and ensuring that she follows your values

I think his original point is that women who would follow his values barely exist, you pretentious fuck.

>say that it's a good thing that you have no kids
>you respond with this

>absolute loser claims to know the precise future of his interactions with every woman on earth
>i say he's not doing himself any favors
>i'm called pretentious
what do you call someone who has values and fantasies of something that literally cannot exist or be fulfilled? what do you call a tranny who thinks he's a woman?

>so what if women are sluts bro just commit to one anyways who cares if she cheats its her choice bro feminism is equality bro

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>sacrifices his entire love life because he thinks women will cheat on his dumb ass
yeah read above, this is the definition of fear of commitment.

I'm not sure if you could call is sacrifice. Maybe self-preservation is a better thing to call it.

>women are known to and in fact encourage and reward cheating
>lmao why does he think women will cheat on him?

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Then we both agree that you are better off alone.

>has a mom who works as a prostitute
>irrationally expects all women to cheat
i guess you have to weigh out being cheated on (maybe) vs being alone

Depends on where your agreement comes from. Because what I say is definitely true.

Why is the world suddenly so full of cucks?

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yep its true, stay single. or go gay.

i'm pretty sure someone with a prostitute mother would have tons of logical reasons, from experience, to never trust women at all

>yep its true, stay single. or go gay.
That's pretty one dimensional stuff that I have already moved on from. I was thinking of subverting a weak African country and making it a dictatorship.

>all white boys are privileged and also weak fatasses
>rational thinking!

if you can dream it you can believe it. just bee yourself and you can do whatever you set your mind to.

>get manipulated by someone you were supposed to trust and have your life/mental health destroyed
>stay alone and do the things i want to do, whenever i want to do them

my what a difficult choice

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>if you can dream it you can believe it. just bee yourself and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
Nice platitudes.

>want to do
so you want to stay single and have no intimate or romantic love life. sounds like an easy choice. just stay single.

You're only scratching the surface of a deeply rooted societal issue. It's pretty understandable to want reform. Especially now. Hippy niggers have been pushing reform for decades, and I think the torch has been passed. It either gets better or worse. And clearly it's not good.

I see it more like this:
>have a slim chance to end up with a good woman who loves and respects you, but a very likely chance (like 75% or more) that you will end up destroyed and hurt
>stay alone forever and be content, but with a chance of slipping into a descent of insanity and extreme lonliness

the wisest people in the world tend to be hermits

more like
>live happier and healthier for multiple years and maybe (50% if you're a poorfag and retarded, 10-20% otherwise) you live sad and heartbroken for a few months (less than 10% of the cycle) before finding another partner
>be constantly angry 100% of the time and coping with that anger by acting like you are better than the people in relationships

well I said one can be content with being alone, you can be a hermit and very wise, but it is undeniable that there is a chance to be let the loneliness get to you forever and depressed because of it

*chance to let

not "chance to be let" or whatever retarded grammar I said before

>if you're not in a relationship you can't be happy!
Oof that projection

>tfw hate every person I come into contact with

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Instead of being mad, you could get a cute trans gf OP

get some grindr blowjobs and pray that gay jesus will make you whole

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Read the OP and get back to me, champ

OP you're like 90% of the people on this board who have no idea what they actually want. I have a feeling that most of the wannabe-normies on this board grew up watching movies and TV and that's their entire image of what adolescence and early adulthood is like.

Just get a bf or go to an asian country where the women are still okayish. Or be alone. Being alone is ok if you have dear dear friends