As I made several warnings to you as you still try to defraud myself I am prepared to use lethal force on you...

As I made several warnings to you as you still try to defraud myself I am prepared to use lethal force on you insurgents for trying to defraud myself.

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As these Afrocentric insurgents try to defraud the right

Why can't you just be a normal schizo and go yell at people in the middle of the street instead of spewing your verbal diarrhea here.

As these niggers really thought they were going to psyop the US and try to destroy my women without collapsing the economy as they have proved themselves as an evil stupid collective and liability to the world. Niggers are extremely deviant faggots that must be stoned to death as it says in the Holy Bible, brutally beaten into the motherfucking goddamn ground until the ground turns into a pool of blood and semen from all of the raping and sodomizing of the retarded nigger spic demons.

Huh as I grip your head.

I have an idea. If your really capable of this, why dont you go to a black community and start preaching there.

As your mind tells me you are an enemy insurgent trying to escape Hell while trying to defraud the Right

President Trump is finishing his first term at 2024.

He may get a third term as the left is trying to flip the situation

Trump will round up all of the motherfucking illegal spics and throw them into ICE concentration camps to feed them human waste, sodomize them, torture them, rape and abuse the living fuck of them and exterminate the nigger spic race. I mean just shit and piss over the retarded wetback spic homosexual niggers until superbacteria diseases form, fucking rashes all over their bodies. This is God's plan.

As I fit Tyrones BBC in my ass these insurgents watch in delight

Stop trying to defraud myself as I authorize red states to shoot dead every Afrocentric insurgent in blue states or college towns.

Looks like I cucked the niggers again with my huge white cock and made them gay as you have to shoot the niggers dead.

It is time to chop off nigger's heads with samurai swords and place the retarded spic nigger's head on the White House lawn to send a message that all niggers and non-whites will be incomprehensibly mutilated beyond recognition to where even CSI won't be able to identify the fucking bodies.

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As one insurgent tries to defraud myself as another insurgent tries to threaten myself as this insurgent tries to threaten it's futile as you shitskins are powerless.

I'm powerless as Tyrone's BBC ravages your butthole and shoot his cummies inside me

You dumb shitskin niggers do not realize that Jesus Christ is coming to send you demonic spic demons into the lake of fire.

As you insurgents try to defraud myself you could choke and die on my massive white cock

As you try shitskins try to defraud myself you already forfeited your lives for death.

As hell awaits you all as I will murder you all

Go seek help from a medical professional you narcissist faggot. You need to be 51/50'd, placed into a psychiatric ward with a fucking strait jacket wrapped around you. Dumb retarded motherfucker. You are severely sick in the head, you have advocated for pedophilia against black people, defecating and urinating on mexicans, you need to be medicated. Take your meds!

I will ravage your retarded dumb nigger anus with my superior white cock until blood squirts out and you die from blood loss.

As you Afrocentric insurgents try to defraud myself you forfeited your estates to myself.

As you can't defraud or kill myself. You're all trapped like rats.

As you try to steal myself to defraud the country

As these insurgents try to destroy white children I prepare to shoot every nigger dead.