Under what circumstances would you not want a virgin gf?

Under what circumstances would you not want a virgin gf?

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if it was only 1 guy before, 2 is pushing it
actually, i don't even want a gf in this day and age i just want to pay hookers and go on about my business

As long as the girl isn't a whore I don't care if she's not a virgin. A girl who slept with some ex-boyfriends is fine.

I'd never want a virgin gf. Virgins disgust me. It just wouldn't be fair, at all.

>Under what circumstances would you not want a virgin gf?
same circumstances I wouldn't want a non virgin gf.

if we get along or not.

I wouldn't want a virgin gf if she had extremist religious reasons or a crazy personality

Converting a lesbian would be perfect. That way she has experience using a strapon and knows how to use it right.

I don't ever want a gf, including virgins

If she's a leftist, if she's morbidly obese, if she's a druggie

>deal breaker if she fucked or dated 1 or 2 guys
>but willing to fuck a hooker who has probably been through at least 250-300 guys

Why are all of you such dumb faggots?

>Standards for gfs should be the same as standards for literal whores
Girlfriends are more than just holes, ledditfag tourist. Theres supposed to be companionship and the idea that maybe you'll build a family together.

He's calling you a hypocrite you dumbass, why should she be a virgin but you fuck literal hookers.

men and women arent the same, literally everyone knows this

Well, first of all they're not comparable. Men aren't interested in women if they are whores, while women arent interested in men if they are virgins. Also, Jow Forums is not one person and if I had any interest in hookers I wouldn't still be a virgin.

Of course girlfriends are more than just holes you dumb nigger. But you're saying your world would be shattered if she dated 1 or 2 people but yet you're willing slide your dick in some whore who has been with a million? It's a contradiction and you're a stupid nigger. I'm perfectly fine with people having standards but that's just blatantly retarded and a complete contradiction. You're also deluding yourself like a dumb nigger if you think that you have any kind of standards if you're willing to stoop low enough to have sex with a hooker/escort.

tl,dr you're a dumb nigger with retarded "morals" and standards. Fucking hookers/escorts is probably your best bet because we wouldn't want someone like you reproducing idiot.

I wasn't even saying that, but that's another good point as well. But he's a dumb nigger so he won't actually refute any points being made, his next reply will probably just be goalpost shifting and meme buzzwords. He's already thrown out the MUH LEDDIT shit, so let's see what this faggot's next play is though.

See niggerfaggot

BPD. At least my right hand isn't a guaranteed life ruiner.

>my personal experience is fact
Once again proving how much of a dumb nigger you are. I've met at least 3 different women who were strictly interested in virgins. I don't know if it was some fetish shit, some low self esteem shit, or just their preference. There are billions of women on this planet, you'd have to be a literal tiny brain nigger to actually think that no women find virgins attractive. They just don't find YOU attractive idiot. You really think if Leo, Brad Pitt, or that one faggot from the Pirates of Caribbean movie were virgins that chicks wouldn't line up to fuck them??? And men obviously don't are if women are whores because they still date'em and they still fuck'em. They still marry'em. And guess what? The whore still leaves with half because they were too cum brain to get a prenup while she was riding his dick. Literally NOTHING you said in that post was true besides "women and men aren't comparable" you fucking idiot. Please don't bother to reply because I don't want to waste any more of my time talking to some dumb nigger.

tl,dr you're a fucking idiot and you'll remain a virgin (probably not a virgin, because you'll probably end up fucking dudes or a hooker but you won't find a partner) with that dumb ass attitude

>Men aren't interested in women if they are whores
I'm a man and don't care, I just want to fuck sometimes

I dont really give a shit anymore. I just want someone here with me that cares, someone with a lap to lay my head in and listen to me. Ive been devoid of intimate contact for so long and I cant remember the last time I had a legitimate conversation with someone and I havent spoken to my roommate in weeks.
I feel so cold and empty and its completely my fault. so many opportunities to make friends, to speak with girls, but I feel so terrible at speaking I dont even try. I know I want to but I never do.

The circumstances are now OP, but I will probably never actually take the chance.

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This is shopped pic

If she were a young widow without any kids. Anything else is sinful and cucked.

None, I make it a strict standard because it is statistically the best way to secure a stable family unit for my future offspring.

also I am one myself and refuse to fuck whores/casually hook up/ect

Honestly, virgins are just a lot of work & dissonant emotions. I've been in all manner of relationships with virgin girls and none of them were without a fair amount of effort.

Daily reminder that escorts are BASED and all women should leave all other jobs for men and just whore themselves out for cash instead.

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