Post phone backgrounds

post phone backgrounds

>pic related

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Ok, here you go OP. Here's mine that I'll stop using eventually.

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Got this on /w/

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pic is from a game called Coin Masters

why do you have a shirt as your backround?

You stupid fucking idiot. Fucking idiot. I can see where the pattern is repeated. Retard. You fucking retard.

I just got the pic off Wikipedia so just download it from there if you want it

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Im not even really religious, the angel just has the same name as me

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Michael or Gabriel?

Goblin chad comin in

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pretty good choices lads

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I'm a robot so I never changed mine, I have all the shit in the next page, and I deleted google since it's a cheap huagay and I had no space

people are named after angels and saints, the yearly holiday of that saint is your nameday

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blue miku

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Mine is the most original

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I've had this for some time now, before I just had a single color wallpaper.

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Photo is the cover art to the soundtrack of Suspiria (2018).

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I like it for the color contrast.

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I couldn't find the original picture so I just took a screenshot

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dimgle snimgle

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I have no idea where the original file is so just have this screenshot

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I have been using this background for my phone and pc for years now, not sure why but it feels comfy and simple, I enjoy it

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Autumn is the best season, prove me wrong
>file is too big, have a screenshot

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I prefere dark green myself

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Good man. The red does it for me for some reason but that green is nice too

This is my phone background. And this is my original comment.

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what does it symbolise? a lgbt orgy?

It symbolizes a bunch of LEGO bricks. I don't know where you're getting LGBT from. You sound a little obsessed.

found it somewhere and thought it looked nice

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My two warrior teachers

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from the colors obviously

based and owoginal

So is a box of crayons also an LGBT thing?

Reddit logo


user, don't be dense. Obviously it's meant to symbolize the LGBT rainbow flag. You know, like all of those rainbows that aren't in the right order. And have white, grey, and black in them.

No because it serves a real purpose there to include every color

Its shitty but I like it

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good evening Echo

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Flan-chan is cute

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I have worn a watch functionally and visually almost identical to that one since 1997. I have actually called out sick to work when I can't find my wristwatch; I have no explanation for that behavior.

cool. No real attachment to it other than familiarity?

2d perfection coming in. File is too big so here's the screen

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If there is an explanation, it's going to be some subconscious thing with a weird psychological backing. I will say, I haven't owned the same one since 1997, I've actually owned four in that time period. The first was given to me when I was 12 for Christmas; I had to replace that one about four years later because it used a battery that was no longer in production. The second I had to replace my junior year of high school because the wristband broke off and I lost it in a mosh pit. The third, the rubber bezel fell off around 2013, so I tracked down an identical version of it even though it wasn't in production anymore. I ended up finding the bezel under the washing machine, so now I have the latest one I bought, plus a backup.

All of them have been Timex Ironman watches. I have an attachment to the brand because of familiarity, but I have no explanation for my frankly worrying attachment to the actual object itself.

I swear Im not that gay

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Do you feel in charge ?

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Maybe the spirit of Jocko is calling to you xd

trying to find a similar background but relating to bandits though.

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I might change it. I haven't listened to the lumerians in a very long time, and I've only listened to two of their songs. I don't think I've ever even listened to this album, either. I just like it. It's beautiful.

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>cell users
Normalfaggots out. Newfaggots out.



Have some anime shit

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>when you need a cell to communicate with people for your job so you don't die
>get called a normal
look out, true robot over here.