Why are men with long hair

Extremely attractive? Every girl secretly pines for one, while all the normies copy each other and look the same. That's why men can't get bitches, to busy trying to look the way women "say" they want them to.

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Haircuts are just neo slave branding in the modern age. Growing your hair wildly is a sign of being free.
Whenever I see a male with some generic buzz or worse the trendy Hitler youth cut I cringe or feel bad for em.
It's very much like the wagie vs neet paradigm. Haircut defenders will go on about the practicality of their cuts and how long hair "gets in the way" and looks sloppy. But we all know deep down there is a jealousy because they cannot or will not grow their hair out due to either intense social pressures or Male pattern baldness (often caused by intense stress).
As Alexander the Great admitted his jealousy of Diogenes, so too the wageslaves are jealous of the neets, and the buzzcuts jealous of the lion's mane.

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Hell yeah, brother! I keep my hair shaggy and glorious, occasionally a somewhat trendy cut but semi-ironically so I don't feel like a total faggot

As someone who has long hair, almost as long as the man in OP's photo, i can confirm that it does make you seem more attractive. While i'm still a KHHV, atleast now i get people commenting on my hair sometimes. And my hair has been compared to that of a greek statue. Too bad i'm a fat manlet. Long hair detracts a person's eyes from your face, and more to your hair and overall look of your head.

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>Why are men with long hair
I once promised someone I'd grow my hair out until I graduated from college. That was back in 2011. I can't remember the last time I went for a haircut and quite frankly I don't know if I'd even provide a benefit to me at this point. Should I elaborate or you good?

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im in the awkward mid-stage but i also have a receeding hairline. im gonna see if i can salvage something by growing it out

Only extremely attractive men with long hair are extremely attractive.

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i grew my hair out to hide my ugly face

>men with long hair
>extremely attractive
Clearly you haven't seen me yet

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Is that Trevor Lawrence from Clemson??



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it's some futbol guyi forgot

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can you take a picture and hide your face?

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>posts chad with long hair who would also be Chad without
Are you even trying?

just lose weight, you will get poosy i promise

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>Do not post pictures of yourself on Jow Forums.
I ain't fixing to get banned, homeboy.

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he is a cosplayer, cosplaying sephiroth, is your definition of chad his physique? because any man can attain it. look at his face, average, the hair makes people attracted to him.

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you're not posting a picture of yourself, just your hair retard, i've been browsing r9k for 10 fucking years, just post your fucking hair faggot

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that samson faggot has long hair, and he's ugly as all fuck

im obsessed with the culture of the past century, i hate the modernfag shortcuts. also i right now i have something similar to pic related but my hair is like less curly, im going for something like john travolta in pulp fiction
also its 5am in eastern europe and im trying to massacre myself mentally as much as possible so i dont have to worry about emotions when i work later that day

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if you have a receding hairline, grow your hair oly up to your neck, and slick it back or to the side, look for some hairstyles where you can style it.

don't be like this guy, and don't think that having short hair with a receding hairline will make you look good. people always look BAD because they cut their hair and have these weird fucking moon crescent images on their scalp

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long hair doesn't need to mean down your back, some pople in this thread are stupid and blind

if you look "ugly" with short hair, growing it long isn't going to make you uglier.

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NEETs aren't the only ones with long hair, Asian boys regularly have long hair, and some white boys.

But I agree with te rest of ur post

look at this guy, if he had short hair he'd look like a drug dealer

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Nice attempt at obscurity, Department of Jow Forums Security.

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Am I the only girl that doesnt like long hair or beards? To me long hair makes a guy seem
>weak/less masculine
>makes face look older
>left wing
And it's harder to run your fingers through longer hair. It makes me wet to think about making out with a guy and running my hand along the back of his head kinda tousling short strands.
Bald isnt good either. Short with short bangs is hot to me.
Slavic guys tend to have this hair because its expected of them and they think styling it is faggy. Because styling it is faggy.
Just because something is generic doesnt mean it's bad.

exactly ;)

Depends on the person who has it. Metalhead trannies look like shit.

>Am I the only girl that doesnt like long hair
No, you're the majority, roastie NPC.

nah, ur just a stuck up cunt with shit taste. if a fucking god with billion dollars walked up to you with long hair you'd reject him because ur fucking stupid

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stay mad hairlets

same. too uggo for clean cuts