Is there anything more cringe than a guy with a beard like this?

Is there anything more cringe than a guy with a beard like this?

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Yes, having a goatee

Fuck you I have a smaller version of that

are you going to keep posting this every day?

A guy with a wispy teenager "beard."

I have a beard like that and i drown in pussy

Are you Arab? Desu

You're supposed to stop at the neckline, otherwise it looks retarded.
If it doesn't look good, stop being fat.

Yeah, a thread like this

>You're supposed to stop at the neckline
What if I don't have a neckline?

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Personally there is nothing more cringe this a mustache on a younger person. A very clear attempt to try and get as much attention as possible and is very the male equivalent of "I'm so unique and quirky". This kind of behavior in a man is very sad to see because behavior it lowers you to the status of standard of a bitch bitch female.

Regarding the picture posted. It's not cringe but the problem with this style is that is looks good the first time you trim the top and bottom but then looks like shit every other time you try to trim again. Men forget to trim the beard portion and it gets very overgrown.

Also the other issue is this style can help hide a fat face but it appears the guy in the picture trimmed way to high up. He would be better off just not trimming at all and just using a trimmer to keep all the hair short.

At first, mime started growing like Henry David Thoreau's but it came to form later. Now I look like a homeless man.

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He doesn't trim his beard enough, it looks weird having this full beard that just stops at the jaw line, you need to trim it more for this style to work, that or let it grow past the jaw line so it looks more like a full beard.

Having your hair/beard styled is really gay desu.

smooth skins like you would never understand

That's just a normal trimmed beard. I don't get your point? Do you want people to have Gandalf beards?

Nearly every other type of beard.

though I personally have that beard but thicker and the quality of the hairs are much better. I have a black beard but have a bunch of red hairs and a blonde mustache.

>I have a black beard but have a bunch of red hairs and a blonde mustache.
there's zero chance this looks good and you should shave your face as soon as possible to stop people from laughing at you whenever you leave the room

beards are for tools

t. babyface smoothskin

>tfw grow out your beard so when you shave you can scratch off the dead skin and pick it from under your nails.

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beards are for fat guys with shit bone structure who need to play the dad card in order to get anything like respect from other human beings

and also for arabs, because arabs are astoundingly inbred and it makes them look weird and they need to disguise that

Fuck you OP I literally just started growing a beard and I have to put up with this shit for a month until it grows out