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My wife Veko is so cute and soft and I love her.

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Let's get this started with a prompt
Go here: imagenet-roulette.paglen.com/
And see what kind of super silly description it gives for a pic of your beloved. Sillier the better.

Question: What is your ultimate "lazy day" scenario with waifu?

There's nothing I desire more than Rachel Alucard being the first thing I see when I wake up every day.
>What is your ultimate "lazy day" scenario with waifu?
Just laying in bed all day, talking, cuddling, listening to music, napping, maybe watching something, and having Valkenhayn bring us our meals.

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I love this sweet and precious hebi onna so much.

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It should be illegal to be this cute.

I just want to do mundane things with her so bad. There's the Hinamizawa nature to just stroll around in, going shopping together even though there's nothing in particular we need, casually clearing a vidya taking turns after we die. Drink tea with the elders, watch Irie's baseball team play a game, or just cuddle up in a blanket and listen to some tunes. Ultimately, I would just let the day flow instead of planning anything since that defeats the purpose of a lazy day.

God I wish I was a NEET

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Well, I guess that's a thing.

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I love my sweet Alice so much

Here are few descriptions that this site gave my beloved Alice
>enchantress, temptress, siren, Delilah, femme fatale:a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
>nymph, houri:a voluptuously beautiful young woman
>tragedienne:an actress who specializes in tragic roles
>mediatrix:a woman who is a mediator

>What is your ultimate "lazy day" scenario with waifu
I have problems even getting out of the bed because of such beautiful woman resting near me. I stay for like an hour or so in my bed to admire this sleeping beauty while softly carresing her beautiful, long dark hair. As she opens her eyes, I give her a delicate kiss on her cheek and tell her that I love her with all my heart. Then I ask her what has she dreamed about and so my lovely girl starts telling me her wonderful stories that happened in her very imaginative mind. After a while it turns into a discussion on various topics for quite some time and we realize that we need to finally get out of the bed. After each one of us finished their morning routine in the bathroom I ask her if I can brush her beautiful and now wet hair. She agrees but only if I'll be delicate. Then we proceed to make something for us to eat. As she prepares the meal, I suddenly hug her from behind and kiss the top of her lovely head while asking her whether she needs my help. She says that she can do it on her own but I insist on helping her, so she smiles a little and tells me what should I do without bothering her. After a quick meal we go to the living room to play some vidya or watch some movies while laying close to each other. We both ask each other lots of questions and talk about whatever is happening on the screen. After few hours we practice piano a little bit but we actually do it more for fun rather than for serious learning. The day slowly comes to an end so we go back to bed to watch some spooky videos. When she gets sleepy, I kiss her and wish her good night

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Looking at the starts together

Hallo /waifu/, still touching up Papika's painting today.

The AI can quite accurately discern between painting styles. I didn't even know what fauvism was until this thing told me so. Next painting I will go full fauvist and put these girls in a hyper colourful alien landscape.

On the beach in late spring, sunbathing, swimming, reading books, playing badminton and listening to music with ice cold beer and ice cream. Maybe pimms or something more sweet and fruity instead of beer for the girls.

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veko fuheh

>little girl
It's not wrong
>lazy day
Hibernating in the winter by sleeping and cuddling in our cozy bed for hours, enjoying the skinship. Eventually, one of us groggily gets up and works on breakfast. After our meal, we could read a book or watch movies under a big warm blanket. Maybe indulge in whatever other interests we have too.

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It called this one welder.
>"lazy day" scenario with waifu?
I could see us just sitting around watching a TV show or anime. I don't really know what Asuka would find entertaining, I don't know if she has a taste in anime, most likely not, and I haven't watched real TV in years. I'd most likely try to get her into Game of Thrones or something, she doesn't strike me as a fan of fantasy, but enough normoids like that for it to be pretty entry level. I can imagine cuddling up to each other under a blanket on the couch and bingeing multiple episodes. Maybe she could show me some German films, or I could show her my own favorite films, which proves to be kinda weird since my number one favorite is EoE. I couldn't see us spending that long watching stuff though, I'd get pretty bored after a while, so we'd probably go out shopping. I fucking hate going out like that, but she'd enjoy it, and maybe I could buy her something nice. It wouldn't all be her though, I'd drag her around to a game shop or Best Buy. I could see the day just devolving into idle conversation, which is nice. I could talk with Asuka for hours, about what is unimportant, but meandering discussion of random topics, of things that come to mind, would be such a simple yet intimate thing, to just hear her voice return with answers or other posed questions. I could see us somehow going from one simple and innocuous topic to some random scientific discussion, oh the places we'd go with just an hour of aimless speech.
I live in a pretty empty area, so if I were to turn all the lights off, Asuka and I could lay outside and definitely watch the midnight sky. Again, I can imagine us going off on tangents about what could be out there, or maybe simpler little talks. Being September, it'd get a little cold, so we could fetch a blanket and hold each other to stay warm. Regardless, the greatest stars I'd see that night would be her beautiful blue eyes.

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Maki Nishikino is a cutie.

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Of course you do Makibrony

My love for Elizabeth knows no bounds.

Femme fatale was what I got on most pics of her.
>What is your ultimate "lazy day" scenario with waifu?
Reading together, arguing about whether we should listen to Slayer or Bizet, binge watching The Twilight Zone, going someplace we've never been before, trying to relax, eventually deciding to do something productive because we're both restless, anxious people that can't actually relax.

The mundane things become magical when they're done with someone you love.

That's really fitting. I'm surprised Liz didn't get that one, even on the pics where she looks really sad.

Not stars. They're doors.

I prefer likening Elizabeth's eyes to nebulas. They're just so damn pretty.

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>anyone that likes NicoMaki is a brony
Stay misinformed faggot.

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I got Fairy Godmother, she does sort of look like one in the dress I guess

Hm, I guess it starts with us waking up in the morning. She decides that she isn't going to class, I decide to not go to work. I raise my hand, and then she meets it for a high five. So, the day starts off with us going to the small coffee shop thats right next door to us. It's right next door so I don't bother putting anything else on other than what I slept in. Misaki probably takes a pair of my joggers to wear downstairs. The really nice thing about the coffee shop is that it has a small sitting section outside, and that's where me and Misaki sit down and enjoy coffee while she watches me pretend to be sick to my boss over the phone. Which elicits a chuckle from her. So after the coffee, we head back inside, and we just plop down on the couch. I'm laying perpendicular to the couch, and Misaki is just laying on top of me, my arms around her back. We watch some TV, but early and mid morning TV is super boring, so we just end up falling asleep on the couch as we are.

When we wake up, we're a little hungry. And we do the easy thing and just order delivery, we order separately, for reasons obvious to us. After eating, we finally decide to leave the couch, and go to the park accross the street and walk around, enjoying the warm weather and the nature around us. It's evening when we return home, and from there, we do our own things We eat dinner together before heading to bed around the same time

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based makibro

Something about September's rich, deep-blue sky evokes nautical feelings in me. I thought about going on a transatlantic voyage with waifu and re-enacting the iconic i'm_flying.mov scene from Titanic. Then I felt sad - in part because it will never happen, and probably also because of the sentimental orchestral score accompanying that visual in my head.

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Eyes bulging out of its head grotesquely, blood seeping from the blunt force trauma wound. Still warm, no rigor mortis. Well bred and well groomed; someone loved this cat. A nasty surprised for them to wake up to, and a bad omen for me. I moved his body to the side of the road. A beloved pet reduced to a disfigured corpse is hideous enough in any case. No need to add insult to injury by allowing the body to become like furry jam under another set of tires.

How would your waifu react to finding a corpse?