I am around 6 inches flaccid, what about you anons? lets do a survey

i am around 6 inches flaccid, what about you anons? lets do a survey

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1 and half flaccid
4 and a half hard
Please die OP

buddy if i could i would

5" flacid
7" erect

5.5" flacid
6.5" erect

thanks for your honesty unlike all the 190 IQ 10 inch dick posters on Jow Forums

4 flaccid
6.25 erect

2.5 in. flaccid
5.5 in. erect
What's this bird from btw?

who even measures flaccid? what's the point?

.75 floppy

2.5 hard

curiosity and when i get hard its with a girl and i dont have a tape measure on hand

Literally 1 inch when soft.
6 inches when hard

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dick twin kek

same, nuts are like 70% of my package when soft, and only like 30% when hard

The new P*kemon

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I'm small, but I've found a way to use my disadvantage to deliver vigilante style justice to the city's criminal underbelly.
Now, whenever the forces of good need my help, they know to flash a giant micropenis on the clouds and hold faith that I will arrive soon, unencumbered by a girthy and weighty member.
>unlike my black friends

Absolutely tiny while fully flaccid, like half an inch, it's to the point where sometimes I piss on my balls if I pee sitting down. 5.75~6 inches erect.

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1 inch flaccid a little over 5 erect

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Is this an actual evolution or is it a mega evolution?

sirfech'd is an evolution that can only occur in the region of the new games coming out. last generation introduced regional forms which are different typed forms of (disappointingly) only kanto pokemon. now they're doing regional forms again as well as completely new pokemon that happen to pokemon only in the new region. and thankfully for
pokemon that aren't only from kanto. pic related, regional form and evolution for zigzagoon. no new official mega evolutions have been released since gen VI

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I am six inches hard. Looking into that penis enlargement patent for those extra 3 inches. Having a 9 inch dick sounds like heaven.

~2 flaccid I think
6.25 hard

Average dicked anons of this thread feast you eyes on this game changer.


2.5 flaccid
4-5 hard
1 maybe 2 when hard or soft

H-heh at least I'm Jow Forums and 6'0" tall, right guys??? (Fuck you OP you triple nigger)

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I'm 173 IQ with 3cm flaccid an 14cm hard. Why do people care about these metrics?

5" flaccid
6.5" hard

4" flaccid
4.75" hard

5.5 x 4.2 in
7.1 x 5.1 in.
Girth could be better but feels bretty gud

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