And yet another reminder that white men are switching to Asian and Latina women for a reason

And yet another reminder that white men are switching to Asian and Latina women for a reason.

Also white woman hate thread.

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Make it a woman hate thread or not, women are the same regardless of race.

>white woman hate thread.

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I don't know why you're pushing your "free-love" racemixing propaganda here, 95% of this board would fuck anything that would let them, they're not racially loyal.

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'ate white women. jews of the white race

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white women are fucking entitled garbage and white men get the brunt of societal hate while white women pile on, how can you not hate them

I don't know why gay nignogs are always bitching about muh oppression and shieet. You faggots are so lucky you get to actually be with someone who has all the great qualities of a good man. Us heterosexual white males truly are the most oppressed group of individuals ever.

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yet another reminder that op is a faggot, and this board is fargone and has no content anymore besides the same 3 threads everyday

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>Us heterosexual white males truly are the most oppressed group of individuals ever.
so true

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Fuck off
Allah doesn't exist only myself.

I didn't say that I don't, I hate all women equally, but I hate degenerates slightly more-so and racemixing is peak degeneracy.

>Le jew on a stick

i think you responded to the wrong person user

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>racemixing is peak degeneracy.
how so? it's actually trad

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Oh fuck, you're right, I need to go to bed.

If CEOs get ugly women, then who gets pretty women?

I think peak degeneracy would be masturbating to cartoons of japanese schoolgirls like you probably do

Not hating white women has never been the claim. Sparing other women the hate is the problem. They're all like that. Asian women do it, latinas do it, black women do it. Even Arab women do it.
They are all the same.

Every race should be kept pure, racemixing only works to slowly turn the human race into one large group of mutts lacking any real identity. That, an the only reason people do it are for purely selfish pleasure fueled reasons.

>Projecting this hard
I stopped jerking off at 14, user. And even so, at least jerking of to that shit doesn't make some more parasite mutt children to shit up the place.

>posts heavily surgically-altered asian woman trying to look as white as possible and Chad
Even if it wasn't, it's in no way Chad. Your ancestors would have flayed you alive for that. I blame boomers for normalizing this shit. I blame them for a lot of things actually, but this is one of them.

>muh ancestors
who cares lol. i'm anglo celtic they were all potato farmers. i'd be marrying up

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>who cares lo
>But somehow I'm doing this because it's trad
Nobody gives a shit if you racemix, just don't act like it's not degenerate.

>I stopped jerking off at 14
So last year then?

Wow, user, I haven't heard an insult like that since elementary school. Never would of thought I'd hear it here. Are you actually going to make an argument or keep reeeing like a mentally challenged person?

>Wow, user, I haven't heard an insult like that since elementary school.
So last year then?

Touche', user. orig

He's probably into asian women that look like actual children, so be patient, IQ can't be more than 80.

castizas are the superior "white" women

>White woman+Anything that isn't white
>White man+Anything that isn't white
>How will white w*men recover

They're both kike propaganda, but the second is appealing to lonely men and easily achievable, while the former is rather forced and easier to spot as kike influence.

White men get laid in the latter at least.

White women treat me like shit.

Black and Latina women at least treat me like a man.

But it's only because women are inherently destructive. They never want their own men anymore, they want to racemix because the Jewish magazines they read tell them about such things. They want to take dicks to "find themselves" before they look for Mr. Right, not realizing they're not meant to be Mrs. Right because they're worthless trash.

>y-you're a hypocrite
don't care roastie

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>be white woman
>Bachelor's degree in basketweaving with a minor in womyns studies
>Don't want kids until at least 40 years old
>Marriage is an antiquated patriarchal system of oppression
>Have 15+ sexual partners per quarter
>Long term commitment gets in the way of living my best life
>Prefer to date minorities as it gives me more cred in my ultra liberal hipster circles
>Domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning are oppressive and I refuse to do them

Any poster that calls another poster roastie when calling out racemixing should be gassed.

if it's jews ok but i only care about the results. white girls are trash desu. move to greener pastures

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>a-any poster that calls another poster roastie when calling out racemixing should be gassed.
don't care roastie

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The grass is always greener from wherever you are now.
You should realize that all women are like this. False hope is cruel and leads to greater pain later on.

Get in the oven, kike.

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You couldn't make it anymore obvious that you're a kike shill, like I said already, no one gives a shit, just don't push it on others.

That headline is so unfortunate, it might be grammatically correct but it looks like it's calling into question whether the murdered daughter was beautiful or not

>Allegedly beautiful 3 year old daughter killed

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>mix with my race
>pay with your face
You know the deal. It's better for you to keep to your race.

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>all women are like this
not true only white women are. look at bodycount by country.
white g*rls are what you think jews are.

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Okay whatever I guess, go for Asian and Latinas, hispanic user in Cali here

Just give me a qt white gf that looks like pic related that I can give hugs and forehead kisses to

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>delusional faggot kike says to look up a nonexistent study
>post another asian woman trying to look white
AWALT nigger.
Should have killed every asian and jew in the war. Fuck niggers. Fuck kikes. Fuck women. And fuck gooks.

boomer spotted and named

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>the ones that started racemixing in the first place

Why would a boomer be against racemixing, you fucking idiot.

based columbus

>If CEOs get ugly women, then who gets pretty women?
chad, brad, and tyrone

>Every race should be kept pure
Way too late for that, you wannabe neonazi faggot. lmfao

It's not impossible, if people would just give up their degenerate lifestyles for once in the lifespan of humanity the different cultures and race could be salvaged. If you'd rather see individuality destroyed, be my guest, but don't try to drag everyone down with you.

Nice trips so I'm giving you a chance to save the white race.
I did a genetics test and it came back 100% European, but I'm engaged to a Filipina.
If you can convince me that it's in my interests to dump her for a white chick, I'll do it, but note that I don't give a damn about my race or legacy.

Read my post jackass, I don't give a shit if individuals want to fall for the propaganda, but if you're blind to the fact that racemixing is pushed hardcore on the average person all throughout society you're an idiot.

I would prefer if people would see it but unfortunately most people are like you, no respect for their bloodline and no foresight beyond how to get your dick wet, and that's your life, not my cross to bear. And even more unfortunate than that, it's nearly impossible to sway you or people like you. Like your earlier post, I believe every race should have it's own place, yet you immediately when on the attack and called me a neo-nazi, I'm not a white supremacist I just think races are superior separate. You can't get the ball rolling if there is no ball to start with.

How ironic.
I'm not the person from before, but I am a white supremacist.
You could have at least appealed to me having to put up with a bunch of mongrel kids or something.
But yea, nah, I like smol gooks and care more about sex than wholesome lineage et cetera.

This 'evidence' can't possibly be serious

You are retarded if you hate or exclude an entire race of women just because of their race and should die.

reminder that the quality of white women is deteriorating due to ma "feminism" and obesity. thanks america

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Full Asians and full whites look best. Those two attractive people will make an ugly hapa mutt unfortunately.

This is the biggest redpill. The only difference is ethnic women make a bigger effort to hide their nature.

>ethnic men rape
>filthy savages! build the wall! muh white womens honor! NIGGERS AND RAPEFUGEES OUT REEEEEEE
>white men rape
>lol based, its just colonization bro

Nigga are you retarded? The article doesn't even say that

Retarded comparison. Black women have shit personality and hygiene issues

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