Rate her out of 100. Describe both her positive and negative qualities

Rate her out of 100. Describe both her positive and negative qualities.

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big milkers
looks mixed

Shes the definition of a 5/10. But an alternating 5. I've seen her sometimes where shes a 3 maybe a 2 and other times where shes a 7, maybe even an 8. Her physical attractiveness is very unreliable. Her personality is alright. She has some stupid opinions but I like her aura. Shes not a normie, but I dont know if I'd want that in a girl to begin with.

she looks black

Isn't it weird how I unsubscribed to her on youtube and twitter, I start seeing this bitch here?

Begging me for forgiveness? Too bad, bitch. You fucked up now feel forsakened.

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30yo mulatta whore? idk

She was just trying to help out all the COOMERS out there. Porn truly is evil.

A 5? Come on. I'm willing to bet this is a few points higher than what you match with on the regular.

The OP picture I'd give her a 6. I honestly don't like girls that have non-white skin. She looks white, but you can definitely tell shes mixed with something. And that turns me off a lot.

why does her face remind me of michael jackson?

but otherwise p good looking

80. Nice lips and cheekbones, feminine jaw line, rockin' tits, thicc without getting into gross/fat fetish territory. As for the negatives... thighs are perhaps a tad too thunderous. Hands look kinda big. Would consider tying down overall, tbqh.

>manly tears rejected her and shes been butthurt about him ever since

KEK, also stop spamming this goblina you retarded fuck.

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She did porn? If so I need links now.

If you liked venti you should watch Mrbtfo on dlive instead, literally the same content and banter without the

>whining about men
>whining about manlets
>treating her fans like shit
>sucking up to e-celebs
>actually entertaining and funny

She legit used to steal his jokes, see She now latches onto other e-celebs but she tried to fuck manly, leafyishere and a few other jewtubers.. even that guy that's in prison who owned the pharmacy shit for aids treatment.

Shes kind of a rare case imo. I'm simultaneously very attracted to her and not attracted. Can't explain it. In my eyes shes a 8/10 and a 4/10 at the same time.

I think all in all her body really pulls her through. She has an incredible figure. I get what you're saying though, she has some pretty unattractive pics floating out there. I think that may be because shes one of the rare egirls that has actually posted several unflattering pictures with no makeup/lighting.
Just stop cooming my dude
She really plays into her "sexy alien" look. Her mom is to some degree black so that's the mix you're seeing.
>actually rating out of 100 and listing qualities
Excellent reading skills, user. I agree with your points.

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>she likes memes and has a sense of humor
>went through a shitty relationship so you know she'll respect you and not bullshit you around
>dresses nice
>can sustain herself
>big boobies (or so it seems)

>doesn't cook or clean
>kinda weird face
>too many orbiters since she's an e-girl

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She's hot
She could be hotter

100, she really needs my semen inside her womb and bear my children.

>wide nose
>far set eyes
>borderline fat
>nappy hair
>likely to have brown nips/pussy
>sorta white
>fat tits

Her personality is garbage. She's kind of cute though.

she's a whore

stop obsessing over whores

>everything else

>mutt disgusting
>weird leg veins
>dirty and used


Shes and odd looking 7/10 meaning some guys just wont be into her at all. Her milkers make her an 8.


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She's strange looking but in a kinda "I wanna fuck that" way

Around 75.
>very nice body, well proportioned, tits probably aren't saggy shit
>above average face
>kind of looks like a nigger
>weird face, even if not outright ugly
>thin hair, will probably be pretty ugly within a few years, not even a good hairstyle

This is completely ignoring personality and e-thot status.

Positives: Tits.
Negatives: Literally everything else.

She's so fucking hot but she's so fucking retarded

i'm pretty sure i live in the same neighborhood as she does here in nyc

i hope to bump into one her one day

Good: looks pretty nice, big tits, banter
Bad: professional retard,mixed,prolly unstable and from i saw her appartment is a pigsty

I like unique looking girls, and she seems somewhat self aware and intelligent. Also fat tits. Honestly 9/10 personally

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disgusting non-white

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>breedable ass and tiddies

that's it. i don't like her otherwise but i'd still inject my seed inside of her.

11/100, she loses 70 points for being a trump supporter.

IMPORTANT can someone confirm these are Birttany's feet?

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she looks hot but she's also just short of being a total imbecile so i'm pretty torn

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breast goblin